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14 DAYS OF QUARANTINE (WITH STYLE & COMFORT) - Hello world, how are you doing? for the past month, the world is shaking with the fast-spreading pandemic and some of us encourage working from home, or social distancing for at least 14 days, while maintaining sanity, our economy and the most important things is our health, mentally and physically so we can through this hard time together as one community, global citizens.

We need to be aware, don't be too much panic, take precautions and still active while at home, or it's time for the self-reflection, where you can have so much time to self-care at home, read more books, eat homemade healthier meals, and discover a new method of yoga that you can browse from Pinterest or Youtube.

I know it can be though, and you have so many time at home you can use for yourself beside working from home, like for example decluttering (especially your wardrobe) and time to change those underwears and add more shirt because you will realize there's so many old underwears and shirt which are not sparking joy anymore.

And it's time to replace some of the old clothing that you can give to charity, with more functional pieces.


Done with decluttering, as you move your body, you realize that you need to chill a bit, read some books over a tea or coffee, not rushing to go office, because you are working from home. Can I wear nice pajamas, robe, or even oversized sweaters? it's recommended, comfortable and in style. Sip your tea and listening to some good music in solitude with high-quality music.


Your home looks clean, and your wardrobe looks neat, but still nowhere to go, since gym and park and not recommended at this time, but are you have activewear to keep your spirit high for in a home exercise? From nice sneakers and comfortable joggers, you need them!


At some point, you need to go to public spaces if there's no serious total lockdown in your town or country, such as supermarket, just remember to buy more vegetables and fruits, don't forget to always keep your hand clean (so wash your hand) then you can use hand sanitizer after. Drink more mineral water, do not skip your vitamins, and alert of social distancing.

Keep it safe, keep it healthy, anytime and anywhere!

THE SPRING SALE IS ON - The global political climate is on the edge because on so many things is happening rights now, but you know what one good news that's also HAPPENING right now? SALE for online shopping at both East Dane & Shopbop, at least we have something to cheers and happy for.

There's no Spring called without nice and sleek outerwear, whether it's PS Paul Smith Men's Suede Leather Jacket or A.P.C. Surchemise Heat Shirt Jacket with more strong and heavier color. Or do you prefer softer color like AMI Twill Double Pocket Shirt Jacket? All these gorgeous outerwear you can mix the same color, black t-shirt, or even sleek shirt for some office executive statement.

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Then, complete your look with casual chinos or jeans, because you won't have enough good and high-quality jeans, and let's use this Spring Sale event to add some pair(s) of your favorite jeans to your ready-to-wear look anytime anywhere, like for example my favorite from Rag & Bone. But really you can shop any style and mix & match because East Dane offers you so many options and brands that you actually can use in your daily look, and most importantly free express International Delivery (for order more than $100)

But it's only for a short period of time, so hurry up, check the SPRING SALE asap where you can get discount up 25% for new items on the website until Saturday 3/9 4:00AM Eastern Time (New York) Zone:
  • 15% off of orders $200+
  • 20% off of orders $500+
  • 25% off of orders $800+
  • Up to 25% off full-price styles with code SPRING
Grab your favorite look and get them all! :)

Paul Immigrations Reviews: How Easy to Apply for Singapore PR

PAUL IMMIGRATIONS REVIEWS: How Easy to Apply for Singapore PR

When you are thinking about moving abroad; to pursue a better study, a better career, a better life, and future not just for you but for your own family, it must be not so easy to imagine how many hours to put some works and efforts to prepare and to actually show that you are legally eligible to get that resident status so you or (and) your family can have the same rights as an individual that born and raised in that country, although not as much as citizens get, at least it’s easier is some part of their lives that the PR holder can enjoy the benefits for themselves and their families.  Especially in developing countries, and one of them is a tiny island in South East Asia as one of the biggest economies, a multicultural society, high-quality education, the best public the service sector, and an advanced country, like Singapore.

There are no questions that Singapore is one of the best countries in the world to work, live and study. Even as an Indonesian, besides going back and forth to Singapore just for a little shopping holiday, business trip or even a weekend escape, some of our countryman that have been wanting for more prominent and secure future, the city-state is one of our choices to get Permanent Residency (PR), but how to apply the Singapore PR application effortlessly?

There are so many reasons why someone interest to have permanent residency in one country, you fell in love living in the country for so long, you love the society, how people living their life, the business opportunities, or something more personal like you have been married with local, you are running a local business, you have been in the country with your family and thinking it’s better to step up your status among locals and you are feeling like being part of the community. So, are you thinking to apply as a Singapore PR already? And do you think you are eligible?
As a foreigner, you may be eligible to apply for permanent residence if you are a/an:
      Spouse of a Singapore citizen (SC) or permanent resident (PR)
   Unmarried child aged below 21 born within the context of legal marriage to, or have been legally adopted by, a SC or PR
      Aged parent of a SC
      Holder of an Employment Pass or S Pass
      Student studying in Singapore
      Foreign investors in Singapore.
After you stated to be able and eligible to apply, then what’s next? The work and papers you need to do and prepare are probably will be so stressful, hassle and time-consuming. It’s better to handover the adversity and all distress to the one that can handle and expertise in this field. A team of professionals that understand the state regulations, the proven works that have been helping so many foreigners to get their Singapore PR.

Not only this tiny island country is fastidious and particular in term of giving the foreigners its PR, but the process can be exhausting and frustrating, that’s the time you need a helping hand, a professional team at Paul Immigrations who’s ready to help you with your application, whether you are the first time applicants or for those who are re-applying but now want to make it easier and stress-free.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: How Easy to Apply for Singapore PR

Paul Immigrations Reviews: What can they help with your Permanent Residency status?

As an immigration consultancy firm which established since 2016 in Singapore, their expertise and comprehensive knowledge of Singapore’s immigration law by providing foreigners with professional assistance and valuable insight has been delivering help to over 15,000 satisfied clients to reach the objective to get Singapore PR with a high success rate over the years. As a permanent residence (PR) even you are still foreigner but the benefits you get as a PR in one country that you can call home, where you can live, work, your children can pursue their study and dream and have a proper future in the city-state without old and boring bureaucracy, and feeling a sense of welcome as a part of the community.

As you know that we need ID, papers, permits, visas, countless papers and money as a foreigner that’s living and do business in one country. As a PR in the Lion City, these documents will no longer be a necessity. In addition, there is a myriad of other benefits you will enjoy as a Singapore PR such as:

   The ability to apply for Singapore Citizenship in the future, which will offer you the same rights as citizens who were born in the country.
      No need to apply for additional visas if you are traveling in and out of the city-state.
     You already want to settle in life, but not with your current job. As a PR, you will be able to change jobs without the need to submit another application for a work permit each time. 
  Thinking about housing or property investment, you have the ability to buy certain properties, including those under the public housing programme by the Housing & Development Board (HDB). In addition, PRs who wish to purchase a private property can enjoy lower buyer stamp duty.
  The business and investment and you need some loans. You can have access to a greater variety of loan schemes as well as a higher likelihood of loan approvals.
      For your family, as your children start to enter the school age, they will be prioritised before non-residents, thus enabling them a higher possibility of acquiring a place in their preferred schools.
      About your own secure future and retirement, as you devote most of life in the country, you will be entitled to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) – Singapore’s pension scheme – which will provide you with financial security when you have reached your retirement period.

There are 6 steps that Paul Immigrations will help you grant your permanent residency status from the beginning;

  1. Telephone Interview
    It includes the information to ascertain that you meet the eligibility criteria for Singapore PR status, such as the type of work pass you are holding, whether you have family relations with citizens or PRs in the country, whether you have any pending application with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), your age, duration of stay in the country, salary, and tax report.

  1. In-Person Appointment with Client
    Passing the first round interview, sales representative (SR) of Paul Immigrations will set up a face-to-face appointment with you to verify your work pass. Your profile will be reviewed by the SR, also will go through on the factor that will affect their success rate of your PR application, include your education qualifications, industries you are employed in, and if you have admirable merit and so on, ICA’s annual quota of approved PR application, the political climate in Singapore at the point of your application, and the difficulty of having your application approved. Then you decide whether you wish to engage the company’s services to increase your likelihood of having a successful application.

  1. Request For Document for Client
    You decide to apply and it’s time for you to submit your documents to the immigration specialist, you can schedule a meeting or scanning your document and send it via email. The document you required to submit includes: Audited form submission (form 4A), correct compulsory documents (required by ICA), and essential additional documents that reflect your participation in charity work, community involvement and etc.

  1. Completing the Paperwork
    Here’s the team from Paul Immigrations will help you complete the PR application form based on the details you have filled in in your documents. The company’s in-house writer will also write a customised cover letter based on the questionnaire you were required to complete as well as the application form. Three factors that will be included are your commitment, contribution or skill set, and your profile assessment.

  1. PR Application Submission
    After everything is completed, you will go ahead with the application’s submission on ICA’s electronic Permanent Residence (e-PR) portal, whether submit the application remotely or schedule an in-person meeting with the client to submit the application. These steps sometimes take an average of one or two months.

  1. Outcome of Application
    ICA’s assessment of each PR application generally takes around four to six months. Depending on whether your application is approved or rejected), the specialist will advise you on the next step to take.

In the unfortunate event that you receive a rejection letter, do not let it shake your belief and put you off from making Singapore your home. Instead of filing a resubmission right away, take the time to work on improving your submission. Easy, not easy, but if you insist to get a PR, let’s work on it and be patient. Some submissions might get rejected based on the duration of stay in the country, and its timing could really play a part, but with help from the expertise at Paul Immigrations which can help you a lot with a higher chance of approval and your goals can become a reality.

Deluxshionist - Paul Immigration Reviews to Apply Singapore PR

KENZO LEATHER CORD EMBROIDERY BUMBAG (Unfortunately, it's Sold Out already)

BAG OBSESSION: 5 SMALL BAGS FOR MEN - The trend amongst shoppers always has it, can change the doubt in me into an obsession, waiting for almost a year to finally purchase a small bag into my leather collection, and finally, the choice fell for Kenzo, a leather bumbag in Prussian blue with logo cord embroidery details with a hint of yellow and black color (loved it).

Unfortunately, this bag is sold out everywhere, so if you fell in love with this bag as same as me, it's mean no chance except there's someone change their mind and want to sell this beautiful bumbag. The reason I love this bad is the color, the size suits me (not too small and not too big), and the logo even it says KENZO,  I felt it's not tacky at all (bye the tiger one that I feel so done with lol).

But still, the obsession continues, I want more small bag, bumbag, shoulder bag, you name it. I have been wanting to buy a Prada shoulder bag (maybe later) but I compile the best small bags for men from East Dane, in case you are looking for a small bag to accessorize your look.

Maison Margiela Waist Bag
  • Maison Margiela Waist Bag
    Love the simple design of Maison Martin Margiela waist bag, with the four side staples that's so iconic with contrast and huge white leather tag, the only thing I wonder, why it's not leather?

Coach New York | Signature Blocking Rivington Utility Pack
  • Coach New York | Signature Blocking Rivington Utility Pack
    Love the blue and subtle monogram leather in the back, so definitely not tacky, this is my second choice after Kenzo Bumbag, moreover, I already have Coach New York as my travel duffle bag, but the color and combination for the whole bag are nice.
WANT Les Essentiels | Mini Epps Roll Top Bucket Bag
  • WANT Les Essentiels | Mini Epps Roll Top Bucket Bag
    Love the uniqueness of this bag, it's unique, simple, classy and all black with silver metal accent. I mean, totally mini-bag obsession. I feel this bag is quite versatile, you can use it as casual accessories even it's giving me little sporty vibes to me.
Porter | Force 2 Way Waist Bag

  • Loveee the military green color and eye-catching orange lining on the inside, the vibes of masculinity but cheerfull makes me obsessed with this small bag for Tokyo based label, Porter. I was planning to purchase this bag, but it's too big for me (in my opinion), but still, I want this to be my go-to hang-out bag.
MCM | Fursten Monogrammed Leather Small Belt Bag
  • MCM | Fursten Monogrammed Leather Small Belt Bag
    It's luxury, the color is shining and splendidly gorgeous, the subtle monogram is a good move, and look at it paired with navy blue color #Stunning and pop up. The size is enough, simple but still screaming MCM. Good to be added on your small bag collection.

LW Design’s latest endeavor, St. Trop, is an amalgamation of transformative motifs that double as daytime R and R ambiance and a nighttime clubbing scene.

LW'S DESIGN FOR ST. TROP TRANSFORMS BETWEEN DAY AND NIGHT - As guests step onto the teak deck and into the rooftop expanse, they’re blown away by the vibe that the St Trop bar exudes, but even the vibe varies between night and day. St. Trop is a unique pool bar on the rooftop of the Waldorf Astoria Dubai International Financial Center.

The inspiration behind the design is the luxury yacht scene of the Cote d’Azur, and the aim was to develop a space that could serve different needs at varying times of the day.

During the day, the pool’s blue hues, along with the sunshine, would highlight feature birdcage hanging chairs on the upper deck. Similarly, bright lime and turquoise cushions calm the senses under a bright blue sky and lofty clouds. These features make for a soothing and refreshing space that alleviates stress and strikes negativity.


At night, charcoal tones in the modular seating for the lower lounge complement the night sky. The monochromatic- colored lounge chairs adapt to the club-like environment that takes over the pool bar at night. Meanwhile, bright lights under the stars make for an enigmatic aura. Behind the bar, the dark finish of the basalt stone with ribbed detailing seizes the audience’s attention.

But of course, some elements, such as the teak deck, stand out no matter what time of day. Similarly, the St. Tropez-inspired murals on the walls show off captivating greenery that stands out during the day, and subtly adds an edge to the area at night.

The rooftop-based pool deck has a laid-back and contemporary feel, thanks to the LW Design team’s seamless execution. When the sun is out, guests can bask in the sunshine, soak up some warmth beside the pool, and relax while sipping on some iced tea. After sunset, the mesmerizing lights, coupled with fast- paced music creates a new world where guests can enjoy drinks in front of the bar and on the deck until the early hours of the day.



HOTEL DEALS: THE EDITION BARCELONA - This winter, Ian Schrager’s The Barcelona EDITION invites you to soak up the Catalonia rays with an exclusive winter sun package. Until 31st March 2020, guests can stay in one of the property’s state-of-the-art signature rooms or suites – all of which reflect the extraordinary style that EDITION is renowned for, from custom-designed furniture, sophisticated Spanish leather headboards to grand windows revealing breath-taking views of Barcelona’s skyline - for three nights or more and receive one night complimentary.

Start each morning with a delicious breakfast at the hotel’s spectacular lobby bar, Bar Veraz, for a complimentary buffet made from the freshest seasonal ingredients. Bask in the sunshine, with a visit to The Roof, located on the 10th floor of The Barcelona EDITION, it offers faultless city views over Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, Santa Caterina Market and the district of El Born. Food and drinks are served all day, including small plates of light, flavourful dishes designed to be shared amongst friends and families. Enjoy innovative seasonal drinks as well as healthy juices and smoothies at the travertine marble-fronted cocktail bar.

Perfectly located in the heart of the city, The Barcelona EDITION is just a stone’s throw away from main city beaches, Las Ramblas and main luxury shops as well as Gaudí buildings on Passeig de Gràcia. After seeing the area from the hotel’s rooftop bar, guests can explore the landmarks of the iconic Gothic Quarter, including the famous Barcelona Cathedral or the Roman Wall.

Rates start from 285 EUR per night plus tax. Reservations are prepaid and non-refundable 24 hours after booking time. Please note this offer is subject to availability and cannot be combined with other special offers, promotions or discounts. Penthouse and Studio Terrace categories excluded.

To make a reservation please call +34 936 26 33 30 or email
For more information about The Barcelona EDITION, please visit
Avinguda De Francesc Cambó 14, 08003 Barcelona, Spain