September 2012


Sweater - Calvin Klein | Shirt - Comme Ca Ism | Jeans - 347 | Leather Purse Case - Calvin Klein

MEDIUM MONOCHROMATIC & WORK ETHIC #1 - Sweater anywhere and everywhere, I'm drooling to see so many kind of sweater on the window display in so many stores or online shop. For the safest choice is a black and white, like i was wearing for this Balcony Shoot lol, he is from Calvin Klein FW 2012 collection, love how the elastic collar wrapping my neck, also with the grey leather purse case, very suitable for Ipad or use as a clutch instead and mirror shade sunglasses.

So today, this morning I was upset with someone else what? laments about how suffering she is every morning facing this silly traffic because the distances between her home and her office, how she actually need this and that, want this and that, with only hearing about what actually happened to her just only made me pitty her.

Like hey, you are driving a nice car, with air conditioning on it while the other have to walking for 15 minutes to the bus stop with sweats all over the face, hair, body and have to waiting for the other 15 minutes? and you still asking for more? what? a kiss?
WORK ETHIC #1: TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, if you still complaining about what you get, find the other way. In this case if you feel so sad because your home far away from your office, ask your mom to build an office next to your house or buy a Helicopter. thanks xx LOL


DELUXSHIONIST INTERVIEW WITH ZALORA - Another exposure for deluxshionist and this time is from Zalora. Since you know that Zalora banner is freaking everywhere, I am more than happy to share my experiences through the interview. I always over excited to tell a story about my background before fashion, a lot of lessons learned; the good, the best, the bad, the worst, I consider my past as my pride. So you can check the interview here and do not forget to SHOPSHOP, there is a Big Sale up to 80%.
FEATURED ON AMICA INDONESIA 4TH ANNIVESARY ISSUE - This is my first time featured on a magazine, thank you so much Amica Indonesia for this opportunity and your appreciation to me, to us Indonesian Fashion Blogger. If you saw this shot's spoiler, hahaha this is the result and good for you to hurry and get a copy, because this is their 4th Anniversary Issue, out now in store with 4 different covers; Anggun C. Sasmi, Dian Sastrowardoyo, Dewi Sandra & Monday Michiru.

So fun (look into my face) to be in one scene with Cindy Karmoko, Marcella Caroline & Ario Achda and see you guys in the next scene on magazines lolololol.

and GUYS, GIRLS thank you so much for your respons in my latest blogpost about Numbers & Fake Comments, so i guess you guys having some concern on blogging issue, so lets us share, and if you think you have some questions, do not hesitate to drop some comment. see you...

I was wearing 2-Buttons Jacket - Ralph Lauren | Blue Dotted Monogram Shirt - Marc Jacobs | Beige Shorts - D&G | Sunglasses - Louis Vuitton


Shirt - Topman | Jacket - Maison Martin Margiela (fashion treasure ps. Gedebage) | Pants - Tommy Hilfiger | Sunglasses - Tom Ford

BLOGGING ISSUE #1 : NUMBERS & FAKE COMMENT - This is my bad, and maybe you too. We live in an era that everything see something by the numbers, everything is in counts, but one thing countless is blesses from God for all of us *cieeeee*. Because nowadays, people actually judge us from numbers, often for them to only see by the comments of every post, then the conclusion is more comments are better.

We are all already knew how to make some comments explosion for everypost, so that people will actually see the post is good or not only see the comments on that post? it is up to you sih, but for me, honestly I did that fake comments such as "WOW AMAZING", but come on people, I don't put any respect to that people who wrote "WOW AMAZING" comment to another 1000+++billions bloggers and the worse is, the comment is waiting for approval on my spam box, such a blacklisted bloggers.


Shirt - Comme Ca Ism | Shorts - D&G | Shoes - Davu | Sunglasses - Gian Marco Venturi | Bowler Hat - Unbranded

HOUNDSTOOTH SHIRT - That lately I wear for daily wear, lunch, dinner, magazine shoot hahaha everywhere, not to mention that September is a January in fashion (because everyone already knew it ha), but seems everyone in fashion industry got their own busy including.... me? hahaha no no busy at fashion week but busy to think how can I become a fashion survivor. I need a gun or what?

SPOILER: BLOGGER SHOT 0.2 - An Honour came to me again, but this time gave me some new fellow Indonesian Fashion Bloggers, Chacha Raisha from Free Magazine have contact me to do some studio shoot with Arum Dimitri, Ario Achda, Bethany Putri, Genu and bloggers from @skinnymarie & @lapetitross. Since Free Magazine is wowness everywhere, hahahaha my blog will everywhere toooo, sooo please send me to Fashion Week? Please? Please? hahahaha

So actually they will be out in October Issue, I will let you know if you wanna know. Oh btw it was funny when I, Ario and Arum wearing the same green army look and I was asking for bethany's eyes make up to applied to my eyes too, but i only get the LOL from the make up artist, ok fine, next time.

ALL THE PRETTY BIRDS - Spotted Michelle Harper (2nd from left), Miroslava Duma (middle), Anya Ziorouva from Tatler Russia, J'ADR Anna Dello Russo Director Vogue Nippon, and Giovanna Battaglia. I think, looking at such this picture taken by Tommy Ton for is just simple happy energy on my all-day-monday-all-time-in-front-of-not-so-beautiful-PC-screen. Everyone seems to be happy also hectic on fashion month, that is why I'm not often to update my blog, come on, fashion people #BIGlolDRAMA

Okay people directing their attention to New York fashion week for Spring/Summer 2013 Collection, crazy talking about the glow in the dark things on Alexander Wang with GORJEEZ (oh gorgeous, oh Jesus) laser cutting. Looking forward the see all the collections and for now I just wish for this fashion epidemic actually happens in Jakarta, OH COME ON
"Fashion is fade, but style is eternal", said uncle Yves Saint Laurent.

"Fashion is fade, only style remains the same", said aunty Coco Chanel.

"Fashion blog is fade, only new stuffs spinning on my mind", said people behind deluxshionist

I am not busy related anything, but recent blog update was like a week ago??? but okay I am busy making money to buy fashion, something that is FADE. But everyone shopping for their satifashion, like 2 two times a month, 1 shoes every month, 1 bag every quarter and suddenly they need a big room, then extra bills to pay.

What a lifestyle that I live in??? I need more income, then other extra something to think, how the best way to run fashion blog with a lot of stuffs but always money ready?. What? prostitution? hell no, I was trying that way, it was not that easy LOL, no just kidding.

This is a business of fashion, when your blog is only selling the words, I think I need to jump to the real buy/sell things. I am not going to be a fashion designer (at this moment), because with my soul, my heart, I really appreciate fashion, so I will never create some ugly skirts or ugly pastel outer-wears with irrational price kinda thing. But if you trust me, how to becoming a "private shopper" for you guys and girls?

While Re-Seller Online Shop is everywhere, I wanna know, do you often to buy re-seller online shop stuffs?
and what do you think about their quality?
Which one the best to shop? China? Thailand? Vietnam? Hongkong? Malaysia?