SPOILER: BLOGGER SHOT 0.2 - An Honour came to me again, but this time gave me some new fellow Indonesian Fashion Bloggers, Chacha Raisha from Free Magazine have contact me to do some studio shoot with Arum Dimitri, Ario Achda, Bethany Putri, Genu and bloggers from @skinnymarie & @lapetitross. Since Free Magazine is wowness everywhere, hahahaha my blog will everywhere toooo, sooo please send me to Fashion Week? Please? Please? hahahaha

So actually they will be out in October Issue, I will let you know if you wanna know. Oh btw it was funny when I, Ario and Arum wearing the same green army look and I was asking for bethany's eyes make up to applied to my eyes too, but i only get the LOL from the make up artist, ok fine, next time.

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