"Fashion is fade, but style is eternal", said uncle Yves Saint Laurent.

"Fashion is fade, only style remains the same", said aunty Coco Chanel.

"Fashion blog is fade, only new stuffs spinning on my mind", said people behind deluxshionist

I am not busy related anything, but recent blog update was like a week ago??? but okay I am busy making money to buy fashion, something that is FADE. But everyone shopping for their satifashion, like 2 two times a month, 1 shoes every month, 1 bag every quarter and suddenly they need a big room, then extra bills to pay.

What a lifestyle that I live in??? I need more income, then other extra something to think, how the best way to run fashion blog with a lot of stuffs but always money ready?. What? prostitution? hell no, I was trying that way, it was not that easy LOL, no just kidding.

This is a business of fashion, when your blog is only selling the words, I think I need to jump to the real buy/sell things. I am not going to be a fashion designer (at this moment), because with my soul, my heart, I really appreciate fashion, so I will never create some ugly skirts or ugly pastel outer-wears with irrational price kinda thing. But if you trust me, how to becoming a "private shopper" for you guys and girls?

While Re-Seller Online Shop is everywhere, I wanna know, do you often to buy re-seller online shop stuffs?
and what do you think about their quality?
Which one the best to shop? China? Thailand? Vietnam? Hongkong? Malaysia?

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  1. so, you talk about side-job maybe? this thing also haunting me recently..
    the best shopping venue? hong kong, maybe?


  2. ya i think so girl, Hong kong based on location is nearest china, but i have no idea there will better quality on not, for sure i have to directly prove by jump my body there :).

    since so many fashion brands have their clothing production in china, any costs related production is should be cheaper

  3. Hmm, so we always have to get a lot of money to have a fabulous style? Is that true?