ALL THE PRETTY BIRDS - Spotted Michelle Harper (2nd from left), Miroslava Duma (middle), Anya Ziorouva from Tatler Russia, J'ADR Anna Dello Russo Director Vogue Nippon, and Giovanna Battaglia. I think, looking at such this picture taken by Tommy Ton for is just simple happy energy on my all-day-monday-all-time-in-front-of-not-so-beautiful-PC-screen. Everyone seems to be happy also hectic on fashion month, that is why I'm not often to update my blog, come on, fashion people #BIGlolDRAMA

Okay people directing their attention to New York fashion week for Spring/Summer 2013 Collection, crazy talking about the glow in the dark things on Alexander Wang with GORJEEZ (oh gorgeous, oh Jesus) laser cutting. Looking forward the see all the collections and for now I just wish for this fashion epidemic actually happens in Jakarta, OH COME ON

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