November 2012

BAROQUE SLAP - Imagining myself in a skinny body, wearing slim fit black blazer, black and white plaid classic trouser and without shirt or t-shir but this Gold Baroque necklace. I am not that obsessed with baroque, but to actually applying this trend and in the same time the cheap find accesories, I just loved this. This is something you won't found in any men's sartorial fashion kinda thing, but well, I think it makes fashion more fun than average style or in a daily basis. All you need if you committed to put no t-shirt or shir is a smooth chic hair free chest like VS's angles (?).

I cut my face in this post because it's incredibly looks like a derp in 9gag, watch my self taking picture in this new necklace only with blazer, what do you expected. I saw a lot of gold touch lately, on Lyst on Pinterest, on jewelries on accesories, even on men's stuffs. No need to think too far, this golden baroque all over in Dolce & Gabbana FW2012 and for all those baroque pieces, now I'm obsessed. My only hope is this gold baroque necklace is the real gold, that's all, moreover it will be your fashion investment.

GREEN PRACE - It's gonna be my dream look for this holiday, it could be one whole green-ish look or if they're all too green for you, you may change some piece into more silvery or even back to black. The look is quite masculine (well of course), even with Maison Martin Margiela double cuff. So the idea was come when I saw Givenchy blazer then Alexander McQueen slipper, I am obsessed with slipper shoes, I put my lace up shoes and prefer wearing slipper shoes, and I think, I need more slipper shoes in my life. Everything is like perfect shopping dream, when I browsing through my LYST (you may follow my Lyst :)) and I found this Mihara Yasuhiro trouser in camouflage print, suddenly everything are green. This green look completed by Dolce & Gabbana belt with gold buckle detail and we all excited with Chrismast, right? then I put J.Crew silk scarf in red floral detail as an accent, and last but not least the pretty Wildfox green mirror shade with classic frame, they are so desirable, aren't they? *chanting* "I need more slipper shoes in my life, I need more slipper shoes in my life, I need more slipper shoes in my life"

When he said that line to get a new sunglasses, it just so cute (btw i love the sunglasses too) but it's only because he is 4 years old kid, well he is quite smart, but when he getting older? I think all the sunglasses is quite timeless :)

What do you think? Stylish kid? I think it was too much at the begining, but when I see again and again and try to relate everything into one you called a family blood (God blessed his mom), well, that's nothing wrong with Alonso Mateo. We can call him as a kidswear expert nowadays, while a bunch of luxury labels has started their kidswear; like Gucci, Burberry earlier then Versace, Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana and many more. Compared with the most male populations on Earth who acctualy lost in style, this stylish kid totally put a big smile for me personally and I trust you will do it too.

This is my future son and I will cry in joy everytime he looks like this lol. He is even under 5 years old, very young fashion, you can believe it? He is blessed with style in very young age, but this is something which involving process and environment too. You can see him and his mother Luisa via Instagram (@Luisafere), even his mom has very genuine street style, I was impressed by Kenzo, Balenciaga that worn by her, chicest look combo between white long dress or skirt with black leather jacket and check it by your self then hapiness crying following.

Although I don't really know what's this kid doing in his daily basis (since his age maybe only 4) he quite good at posing, smiling, styling, it is so good, makes me less talented than before. What I'm gonna say is thank you to Mateo and his mom to give us spirit and stay beleiving that someday it will worth to having kid, I'm kidding, but most of time I see a lots of spoiled brat little kid in something roller on their shoes and yelling each others in Mall? I want stylish lavish smart fun obedient children on my own lol, no robots.

What I am trying to say is to form a good personality and attitude inside and outside to your children; How to talking, to interact, to solve the problem, even the basic things of being good looking outside, oh the apple not falling too far from its tree, right? Just hope he is still having a humble and t smile in his every way.

GIVENCHY X H&M FOR NEXT COLLABORATION? - What? you can imagine that? Well if the rumor about next H&M fashion collaboration is gonna be with Givenchy, it will be so Givenchy x H&M. oh fashion god I beg for the HM store is actual open here. When I hear about this fashion news, I was like imagining about all the exotic prints since Ricardo Tisci make the edge cutting and (like I always said) all most recognizable prints in whole seasons started from the bird of paradise, rottweiler, all the stars and more over his religions influences into Givenchy fashion images forever stick in our mind. So nothing but excited about this fashion news, fashion collaboration between Givenchy x H&M is huge, but I really hope the HM store is will open soon here, that the most important part, oh and of course a bunch of money to purchased everything in the collections.

HAHAHAH so I made this video to announced the winners of my latest Giveaway. This is my very first Video Blog, sooooooooooooooooo I am so sorry for the volume, the quality etcetc because I still not good for making a video, but well congratulation for the winners and I hope you enjoy the prizes. What you need to do now is sending me email to, give me your postal address and your mobile phone, ok I wait for your email then. Once again thank you all and congrats!!!


The Amyris Femme Perfume - 10. Yudith Manggiri
Thomas Sabo Bracelet - 7. Lucca Yoga
Thomas Sabo Necklace - 105. Sausan Hanifah

Don't Forget to contact me via email! See you soon in another #BlogGiveaway
Deuxshionist, Herdiana Surachman, Fashion Blogger Indonesia

DELUXSHIONIST SEEN IN FREEMAGZ #17 - Back like 2 months ago maybe, when Raisa from FreeMagz contact me for do a photo shoot for her and freemagz, and now with a lot of new Indonesian fashion bloggers friends. It was absolutely fun, you know new experience, one more publisher who appreciated with what we all do & with all the make up on my face lol kidding. Btw I looks not really fashion that day I think, I just wearing jacket, shirt. I was trying to make some detail on my neck with Christian Dior green tie, but it was not as I expected.

Second look I was wearing my unbranded two fabrics peacoat, which you have never see the back detail - It's cropped with wider collar, which is quite nice for fall or rainy day HA!?!. So thank you so much for FreeMagz team; Caca, Moti, all make up artists and everything, I love the result although there are still hanging something in my cheek & thigh lolfat overall thank you, you may check and downloads FreeMagz in Pdf at

Oh yes honey, for the giveaway thingy, I will announce the winner latest by this weekend I promised, please be patient yaaa :)

Deluxshionist Herdiana Surachman Fashion Blogger Indonesia
Deluxshionist Herdiana Surachman Fashion Blogger Indonesia

Hello everyone, this is 3.26 in the morning and I'm still wide awake and suddenly have desire to write something on my blog and kinda felt that I have more than one personality *LOL for that statement*. What do you do if you can't sleep? stay online or pushing your eyes closed and hope in the next 5 minutes you will fall asleep? I always try the second one and always made it but not this time... oh god what should I write? Dual Personality, ohhh for the Fashion God sake I am Pisces. Oh ok, Pisces tend to indulge in fancies like all the time, ya girl's magazines said that, and I have to agree, but I have to say that it's not include having dual personality, although it can be so interesting. But whatever is that, wish your other personality is (close) equally as good nice chic as you. 

Some people are having sleep problem when they are falling in love, because reality is better than a sweet dream? or they are waiting for a big day like wedding, graduation, reunite or it could be they are to worry about their life? in the end of the day we are all only a human being, such feelings is so humane. But this is what I hate, sooner or later I will fall asleep and woke up in the next couple hours in a headache, headache because too much dreams in my head, headache because a lot of ideas but merely stuck in ideas, or headache because too much stalking? No, I'm not stalking person, some of my friends are a good stalker, so I just need to listen to them carefully lol.

Oh I am thinking about making Q&A tag on my blog, I don't know if there is anyone out there want to ask me something like anything; Style, fashion, manly stuffs, world issues, economic problems, or random things like "Do you eat carbs?" or "How many times you commented 'Wow Great Style' on the others blog? even the blog is an erotic sex blog" . It can be serious yet also fun depends on your questions, you may submit your special questions on the comment box, or my twitter or email. So maybe next time if I find it difficult to fall asleep again, I will do a Q&A blogpost tag... See You 

*52655363 years later*
Where is the questions? guys? girls?
I am so happy with my giveaway, amazing impressions and it is still on going until November 16th, about 5 days left pals. Back to two years ago (yes, I know it is still too young, young blog, better be to wipes snot lol) when I started this blog with a particular purpose; no for money, no for business, no for personal exposes, but only for god sake a new job in Fashion magazine, that it was totally new for me and now, slowly I can see what's the really I want. Blogging is about positivity (hmmm set your midset) but ya sometime while I do the blogwalking and stuffs, there is always an uninvited feelings that is so destructive; Envious, Jealousy, and then you've got bored, annoyed, dejected and whatsoever, and I have mentioned earlier in Blogging Issue #1 about the Annoying comments hunter Blogger.

But it is totally up to you, sometimes you felt that you messed things up, so you like want to clearing up and starts from the beginning again. It happens all the time every weekend lately that I, I don't know what exactly happening but I think it is evaluation for me for my life. I love blogging so much, its give me so much experiences, hopes, lessons learned, friends. Then I have to put so much care about fake comments, but thank you so much guys for really drop by and actually read my writing also my junk hehe. For my own self, I always tried to open my my eyes by looking up your blog, read it and always tried to put comment box, sometimes I find its interesting but in other side I want you to see my blog too, like inviting someone to come to your own home, so I always tried to make a comment as good as inviting you to come and visit my 'home', it is not a sin.

But well it is up to you again whatever haha. I just wondering how if I had started blogging like in 2004? hahaha, well maybe I will never took a Civil Engineering Diploma then. I am so into writing, take a pictures (well maybe I should starting with a Video too), I have no idea about business but I have to try someday and all that of course in fashion & lifestyle, I am a person who only chasing his dream. I'm not even came from a fancy rich family, but I am so grateful for me in this moment. I have to upgrade everything, I want make this blog a better blog not just for me but for everyone. Oh my, its just a Quick Worry, and Slowly Recovery #Ryhme #HappyMonday

THE AMYRIS & THOMAS SABO GIVEAWAY - After the review of Amyris in a post below (read the review) and here they are that I promised you earlier, a blog GIVEAWAY!!! The prizes are one Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris AMYRIS pour femme worth to 2 millions IDR or US$ 185 at Neiman Marcus, so this is might be for women, but if you are d'homme you also can join, maybe it is for your girlfriend or for yourself, it is no problem at all and I have one Thomas Sabo Necklace from their new collection "Sweet Diamond", it is a cute light accessories and very suit for your casual occasions and last but not least is a Woven Men's Thomas Sabo Bracelet with an iconic sterling silver ball.

How to get them? Follow the steps below, make sure you do this:

1.  Follow my blog via Bloglovin & Google Friend Connect
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After that, put it down your 1st entry link on the comment box below with your name and your twitter id
(example: 1st entry - Herdiana Surachman - @HerdianaHS -

You can submit your another entries as much as you want after your 1st entries; for example in your Blogger, Wordpress, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Google +  or anything, then submit its links in the comment box below. Then submit your other entries as much as you want...

(2nd entry - Herdiana Surachman - @HerdianaHS -


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4rd entry, 5th entry, xxxth entry, whatever you want as long as its unique link.

 So every entries will be a unique links that absolutely I can check. The AMYRIS femme giveaway is open worldwide and Thomas Sabo Jeweleries only for who reside in Indonesia. I will pick them up randomly via and good luck everyone.

The GIVEAWAY will be closed on 16 November 2012

THE HEAVENLY AMYRIS - Maybe this is your first time hearing the name of Francis Kurkdjian, but let me tell you that he was a man behind a lot of best seller perfumes. He did for Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Dior, Acqua di Parma, Salvatore Ferragamo, Lanvin, and so many more, the latest might be Le Parfum for Elie Saab.

Basically the Amyris collections are the newest from the line of Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris, I see this as Francis's idealism to create and also presenting a root of the perfume house and So me, the AMYRIS pour homme version is Amazing with big A, all I can describe that this scent is very versatile, that is mean that you may apply this anytime at day or at night, very soft, sweet yet so fresh and I tagged this as a must have fragrance. The compositions of this Amyris Homme are the top notes are Moroccan Rosemary and Sicilian Mandarin so the scent will hit you with some freshness, the middle notes are Jamaican Amyris, Coconut, Coffee, Chocolate, Florentine Iris, very flowery yet at the same time give you a hit a scent of sweet and a bit powdery and the base note are Brazilian Tonka Bean, made it so, you know very chic masculine. But anything on it, trust me I just love it.

The AMYRIS pour femme, this is absolutely very beautiful, if I spray them out, I am in a middle of comfortable, peaceful and gorgeous France garden. Similarity between these two Amyris is of course Jamaican Amyris and Florentine Iris as a middle notes, so that is why is quite fresh flowery, the top notes are fresh area, because a hint of Lemon Leaf and California Orange and the base note are Haitian Vetiver and Musky Amber so it creating a warm and earthy, top choice too.

And talking about top choice, that all these perfumes is became the 111th Anniversary of Bergdorf Goodman top choice fragrance and one of the top 5 best selling perfumes on Neiman Marcus with price at almost 2 million IDR or US$ 185, and for who reside in Indonesia, this Maison Francis Kurkdjian Collections (including their previous fragrance such as Aqua Universalis, Oud, Absolute Pour Le Soir, Lumiere Pour Homme etc etc) can be found exclusively at The Paplion Duo, Pacific Place, you may follow their twitter here.