When he said that line to get a new sunglasses, it just so cute (btw i love the sunglasses too) but it's only because he is 4 years old kid, well he is quite smart, but when he getting older? I think all the sunglasses is quite timeless :)

What do you think? Stylish kid? I think it was too much at the begining, but when I see again and again and try to relate everything into one you called a family blood (God blessed his mom), well, that's nothing wrong with Alonso Mateo. We can call him as a kidswear expert nowadays, while a bunch of luxury labels has started their kidswear; like Gucci, Burberry earlier then Versace, Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana and many more. Compared with the most male populations on Earth who acctualy lost in style, this stylish kid totally put a big smile for me personally and I trust you will do it too.

This is my future son and I will cry in joy everytime he looks like this lol. He is even under 5 years old, very young fashion, you can believe it? He is blessed with style in very young age, but this is something which involving process and environment too. You can see him and his mother Luisa via Instagram (@Luisafere), even his mom has very genuine street style, I was impressed by Kenzo, Balenciaga that worn by her, chicest look combo between white long dress or skirt with black leather jacket and check it by your self then hapiness crying following.

Although I don't really know what's this kid doing in his daily basis (since his age maybe only 4) he quite good at posing, smiling, styling, it is so good, makes me less talented than before. What I'm gonna say is thank you to Mateo and his mom to give us spirit and stay beleiving that someday it will worth to having kid, I'm kidding, but most of time I see a lots of spoiled brat little kid in something roller on their shoes and yelling each others in Mall? I want stylish lavish smart fun obedient children on my own lol, no robots.

What I am trying to say is to form a good personality and attitude inside and outside to your children; How to talking, to interact, to solve the problem, even the basic things of being good looking outside, oh the apple not falling too far from its tree, right? Just hope he is still having a humble and t smile in his every way.

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  1. Beneran berkaca-kaca loh aku kak baca tulisan & foto2nya. OMG!!!!!
    Like mother, like son <3
    Gonna check her instagram and liking her posts from now on. thanks for sharing :D

    1. seeeeee, so far he's so cute, literally cute dan keliatannya kalem sih hehe