I am so happy with my giveaway, amazing impressions and it is still on going until November 16th, about 5 days left pals. Back to two years ago (yes, I know it is still too young, young blog, better be to wipes snot lol) when I started this blog with a particular purpose; no for money, no for business, no for personal exposes, but only for god sake a new job in Fashion magazine, that it was totally new for me and now, slowly I can see what's the really I want. Blogging is about positivity (hmmm set your midset) but ya sometime while I do the blogwalking and stuffs, there is always an uninvited feelings that is so destructive; Envious, Jealousy, and then you've got bored, annoyed, dejected and whatsoever, and I have mentioned earlier in Blogging Issue #1 about the Annoying comments hunter Blogger.

But it is totally up to you, sometimes you felt that you messed things up, so you like want to clearing up and starts from the beginning again. It happens all the time every weekend lately that I, I don't know what exactly happening but I think it is evaluation for me for my life. I love blogging so much, its give me so much experiences, hopes, lessons learned, friends. Then I have to put so much care about fake comments, but thank you so much guys for really drop by and actually read my writing also my junk hehe. For my own self, I always tried to open my my eyes by looking up your blog, read it and always tried to put comment box, sometimes I find its interesting but in other side I want you to see my blog too, like inviting someone to come to your own home, so I always tried to make a comment as good as inviting you to come and visit my 'home', it is not a sin.

But well it is up to you again whatever haha. I just wondering how if I had started blogging like in 2004? hahaha, well maybe I will never took a Civil Engineering Diploma then. I am so into writing, take a pictures (well maybe I should starting with a Video too), I have no idea about business but I have to try someday and all that of course in fashion & lifestyle, I am a person who only chasing his dream. I'm not even came from a fancy rich family, but I am so grateful for me in this moment. I have to upgrade everything, I want make this blog a better blog not just for me but for everyone. Oh my, its just a Quick Worry, and Slowly Recovery #Ryhme #HappyMonday

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  1. honest and straightforward. nice :)
    I also sometimes like minded. comments just to be able to see our blog.
    I've recently started a blog, too. new only get a few followers. ahhaha
    really want to be a fashion bolgger who inspired many people with my style is not pretty or feminine haha
    and also want to do a giveaway for my followers if there is a link haha
    wish you success and always inspire

  2. I have no idea about business but I have to try someday and all that of course in fashion & lifestyle, I am a person who only chasing his dream.

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