Hello everyone, this is 3.26 in the morning and I'm still wide awake and suddenly have desire to write something on my blog and kinda felt that I have more than one personality *LOL for that statement*. What do you do if you can't sleep? stay online or pushing your eyes closed and hope in the next 5 minutes you will fall asleep? I always try the second one and always made it but not this time... oh god what should I write? Dual Personality, ohhh for the Fashion God sake I am Pisces. Oh ok, Pisces tend to indulge in fancies like all the time, ya girl's magazines said that, and I have to agree, but I have to say that it's not include having dual personality, although it can be so interesting. But whatever is that, wish your other personality is (close) equally as good nice chic as you. 

Some people are having sleep problem when they are falling in love, because reality is better than a sweet dream? or they are waiting for a big day like wedding, graduation, reunite or it could be they are to worry about their life? in the end of the day we are all only a human being, such feelings is so humane. But this is what I hate, sooner or later I will fall asleep and woke up in the next couple hours in a headache, headache because too much dreams in my head, headache because a lot of ideas but merely stuck in ideas, or headache because too much stalking? No, I'm not stalking person, some of my friends are a good stalker, so I just need to listen to them carefully lol.

Oh I am thinking about making Q&A tag on my blog, I don't know if there is anyone out there want to ask me something like anything; Style, fashion, manly stuffs, world issues, economic problems, or random things like "Do you eat carbs?" or "How many times you commented 'Wow Great Style' on the others blog? even the blog is an erotic sex blog" . It can be serious yet also fun depends on your questions, you may submit your special questions on the comment box, or my twitter or email. So maybe next time if I find it difficult to fall asleep again, I will do a Q&A blogpost tag... See You 

*52655363 years later*
Where is the questions? guys? girls?

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  1. should i type all my question in this comment box? LOL

  2. i've been having sleeping problems too, that's why i've been sleeping in my parents room these couple days. I tend to think about whatsoever things that make me either upset or sad when i'm about to go to sleep. Just relax kak Herdiana :) i have to agree with Fahmy about typing all my questions now! :))

    Pudding Monster

  3. I also like this!! (when I read this post.lol) I want to go to sleep but my eyes keep popping... and yeah...I also want to write something on my blog but I don't have any interesting topic so far, so rite now I'm spamming on your blog.lol.
    so, it means I also have dual personality? I quite often thinking about it..hmm.. or maybe I have triple (the other one is the lazy girl... oh no, I also named it!)
    well, what's your other personality name? lol