March 2015


I am trying to keep calm and keep on writing my blog... a couple things happened lately, preparing for something that soon you will see it by yourself on the blog, so give me a little time :)

Soon will be my experience stay with W Sentosa Cove, Singapore and Westin Marina Bay, Singapore. So yesss, keep calm, drink your coffee and stay read my blog
Cote Bastide Argan Grooming Kit at Montigo Resort Nongsa

COTE BASTIDE GROOMING REVIEW - Grooming brand that I was not familiar with, but I definitely one of the best amenities that I have ever tried, thanks to Montigo Resort Nongsa. At first I thought, the official bath amenity would be Malin+Goetz (that I'm also crazy about it), but we got "Argan" instead, it looks very classy like Aesop but it wasn't, and the things the brand is Côté Bastide, not Argan, so you will not find anything about this Argan on the internet, unless the keyword is Côté Bastide.

So my experience with Côté Bastide was pretty awesome. One night I was want to do my resort ritual of bubble bathing, but I didn't find any bubble bath liquid in bathroom. I called the room service to brought me bubble bath, they came to me and brought me like 6 bottles of Gel Douche (I mean Gel Douche is like shower gel, it's totally different with bubble bath - Ok I said I will use them all), but instead of use all 6, I only used 1 bottle, this Gel Douche was totally supper bubble maker, I'm impressed.

The smell is sweet, fruity like peach and pretty milky for the moisturizer. If you can imagine Sugus candy.. it reminds me of this Argan grooming kit by Côté Bastide. Me like its sweetness!

Cote Bastide Argan Grooming Kit at Montigo Resort Nongsa

Côté Bastide has been cultivated in the light of Southern France since 1992.
From her secret garden, Nicole Houques has offered us the refined sweetness of perfumed notes, the beauty of a silent gesture, and all the precious details that we consider moments of happiness.
Her inspiration has come from the serenity of the landscapes of Provence and Tuscany as well as The Orient.

Our products are about quiet mornings in the countryside and pleasant travels though Provence. It is here that the sun and spirit give rise to the subtle touches of life and the irresistible charm of nature. These unique attentions marry the simplicity and the refinement, the innocence with the authenticity, and the details with the essential.

The profound desire to reawaken the senses, to regain lost feelings, and to capture our memories. In a sense, to remind us of the simple pleasures in life. The rare yet familiar scent of an age old rose, the charm of handcrafted earthenware, the craftsmanship of bundled and tied cinnamon, and the touch of a pristine cotton sheet. Côté Bastide rediscovers the daily pleasures which are to be enjoyed and shared, and never to be forgotten.

Cote Bastide Argan Grooming Kit at Montigo Resort Nongsa

MORNING MEDITATION - I always worry about what I shared on the internet trough my writing, my words, my behavior. I worried by being misinterpreted all the time when I meet people for the first time. There were so much much much worries that what I have done will bring someone else feel bad or they will do something ridiculous ... But then I realized it must be happened, the good and the bad, it's still a life path, our life's existence in this universe has been designed to support the whole worldly life, so live it.

But of course I want to share goodness, happiness, compassion, moreover after I regularly do my morning routine in simple meditation after shubuh, I want to share kindness and love (this post is a reminder for myself to always enjoy doing this). Depress ego to get closer to my core self, to my spirit to my basic purpose of the creation of me.

Then I thirst of knowledge, I read ancient scriptures, theory of the universe, people's opinions about life, I read quotes, I started to share quotes too in my social media, I started to feel care about others (I mean, just a simple thing like smiling without worry about what they were thought about me smiling to them without any reason, but of course I'm still practicing this)... but so far meditation changed my point of view in almost every aspects, it doesn't mean change my belief, it actually strengthens it instead.

So I am trying to focusing my mind, my heart, my soul, my act, my reaction to unaffected of others' bad temper, encourage my inner peace. Initially I was skeptical, because it was look like you got your time wasted by sitting in the uncomfortable position, chanting mantra, and doing it for hours. Meditation is universal, you can do it too and feel it by yourself. You may have so many questions to ask, like I used to, but I got the basic answer by do it, then I feel the different.

There are so much more to write (but let me do a research first ;p), I would love to hear your experiences of meditation. Share Love, share kindness #TGIF

ABOUT QUALCOMM SNAPDRAGON 801Apa sih hal pertama yang biasanya orang lihat ketika memutuskan untuk membeli sebuah smartphone?

Bagi yang mengutamakan gaya tentu akan melihat dari segi desain, bagi yang menginginkan kegunaan mungkin akan melihat fitur-fitur apa saja yang ditawarkan, tapi bagi yang mengidamkan kecanggihan tentu akan melihat jenis prosesor apa yang digunakan. Prosesor merupakan bagian vital dalam setiap devices baik itu PC ataupun ponsel pintar. Salah satu produsen prosesor smartphone berbasis Android, Qualcomm bahkan menyatakan bahwa bagian yang harus diperhatikan adalah bagian yang tidak dapat Anda lihat.

Dari berbagai jenis prosesor, chipset Snapdragon keluaran Qualcomm merupakan prosesor yang paling banyak dipakai oleh smartphone terbaik di dunia, jadi setidaknya walaupun tidak bisa dilihat tapi sudah banyak yang setuju dan menggunakan kecanggihan prosesor ini. Hal ini pun sempat dikemukakan oleh Mr. Benhard Siagian, Country Manager, Qualcomm Indonesia

“Lewat prosesor Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM, kami menghadirkan pengalaman yang luar biasa dalam setiap tingkatan perangkat yang ada, dengan berbagai daya tarik tiada bandingnya yang diwakili oleh kehadiran lebih dari 1,350 unit smartphone dan tablet yang diluncurkan ataupun diumumkan sebagai produk yang didukung oleh Qualcomm Snapdragon.”


Dari kurang lebih 1350 unit smartphone yang kini beredar dipasaran, ponsel pintar seperti Oppo N3 dengan chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 memiliki koneksi tercepat, kinerja terbaik, daya tahan baterai terbaik, dan terbaru dalam multimedia dan fitur kamera. 
Prosesor Snapdragon:

·  Bisa digunakan untuk koneksi cepat 4G/LTE.
·  Dapat mendukung kamera ponsel yang paling kuat dengan teknologi khusus untuk memungkinkan lebih banyak megapixel, autofocus lebih cepat, dan terbaik dalam fotografi cahaya rendah.
·  Dapat menampung 4K Video.
·  Memberikan suara berkualitas bioskop untuk video dan musik.


Koneksi 4G LTE ultra cepat

Jika menginginkan pengunggahan dan pengunduhan yang lancar, streaming video dan musik tanpa jeda, panggilan suara yang sangat jernih, dan berbagi foto dengan teman secara cepat, Anda pasti akan menyukai konektivitas yang didukung oleh prosesor Snapdragon.
4G LTE yang luar biasa cepatnya (hingga 10x lebih cepat dari 3G, bergantung pada jaringan dan operator), navigasi dalam ruangan dan luar ruangan, serta dukungan untuk WiFi dan Bluetooth terbaru, semua dimungkinkan oleh prosesor Snapdragon.
Mr Ben Siagian juga menambahkan, “Bahwa dalam area teknologi mobile, berbagai inovasi dan penemuan kami melandasi lahirnya 3G dan mewujudkan 4G LTE yang kami janjikan sebelumnya. Sebagai hasil dari keunggulan pengetahuan yang kami miliki dalam area ini, modem-modem produksi kami tercatat telah memiliki reputasi yang baik atas kinerja 3G dan LTE. Tentu saja, kami telah bekerja dengan keras dalam mendorong konektivitas di masa mendatang, termasuk LTE Advanced dan digunakannya teknik jaringan yang lebih pintar, seperti femtocells, celkecil, dan lebih banyak yang lainnya.”

Hal tersebut semakin mempertegas peran prosesor dalam sebuah ponsel pintar, khususnya chipset Snapdragon Series 800 sebagai salah satu komponen platform pendukung kinerja fitur, daya tahan, tampilan visual dari grafis yang tercipta, kulitas audio dan lain sebagainya. Penyokong inovasi dengan koneksi yang lebih cepat, semakin memperlancar tugas para pekerja bermobiltas tinggi termasuk blogger, kapanpun dimanapun ketika sedang bertugas. Kini, tidak hanya memperhatikan dari segi desain dan utilitas saja, namun juga prosesor yang digunakan mestilah yang terbaik, apapun merek ponsel pintar yang Anda suka.
(From Left to Right) Comme des Garcons | Uniqlo | Zara | Vintage

CLEANING UP YOUR CLOSET - Yous should do this and I will tell you why?

Fashion is a dynamic world full of beautiful things and clothes that frequently changes every seasons and we also tend to buy the new trend to make our style looks fresh, while some group of people already done with everything and just apply particular style that represent their personalities; colorful, minimalist, sartorial, all black, etc

Me on my latest talk at Pecha Kucha that being stylish is all about quality over quantity, at least for me. Of course you can kept you all time favorite, but to keep all your clothes without let some of them go forever, it's like eat without "poo", it's like an old Carrie's closet with a her new closet at the penthouse with Big... it's cleaning up

You probably accidentally found something cute at the thrift market, or something gorgeous at Zara.. there must be something out of your closet, I know it must be hard but keep your closet and wardrobe as healthy as possible by let some old friends go. You can sell it or just give it for charity (the easy one probably sell it half or up to 90% off price and buy something new at any store without feel guilty). But once again it's okay to keep your all time favorite like YSL jacket (because Saint Laurent is totally different style right now) or classic Burberry beige trench coat, even Chanel Black Jacket... a little things called old and sentimental.

So it's (happy) MARCH already, some of you might be ready to get the new Spring collection to fill the closet... talking about cleaning up and minimalist decor, this post inspired by all the beautiful pictures on pinterest. So why not, the new season is approaching, let's go cleaning up...