February 2013

DELUXSHIONIST'S CHOICE - Gucci Animal Leopardprint Calf Hair Pumps
NOT LEOPARD, NOT INTERESTED - This sexy Gucci animal leopard print calf hair pumps shoes is just sexy. Leather-covered heel measures approximately 115mm/ 4.5 inches. Black and gray leopard-print calf hair. Cutaway side, pointed toe. Slip on. Come with replacement heel tips. There is a thousand maybe a million impressions and reinterpretation of leopard prints, but only a few that caught my attention, including this Gucci with the darker marks and white based skin. This will give a women extra strength and the power of seductivity. See the other Deluxshionist's Choice on #DeluxshionistShop


Sweater by UNIQLO | Necklace by Mika

This is a little sneak peak of my latest outfit post, it is a beautiful necklace that I bought more than a month ago at Mika store, Mall Ambassador. In the first place I loved it, then I don't know what to do with this at all lol, it's simply because it is a women's necklace. I will wear this both item in my next outfit post, I am in the mood to wear something with feminine touch in a total look although my weight is gaining. Well, try something new for my own style references. Also love the Spring color of UNIQLO sweater, very light and warm.

Latest update from me is that I am busy with "something" but somehow I wanna do another something, another level with my skills, but we'll see. Because somehow I see dark side of fashion even it is full of something bright and shine, the dark side that I avoids all the time, well because I am often feel something by my instinct, but I just hope whenever those dark side coming to me, I always can handle it and it will never stop me for doing what I love and taking inner peace inside of me.


I have explored this ASUS Vivobook S200 deeper and deeper; I use this also for communication, yes skyping with HD laptop camera. Remember when Jakarta attacked by flood and everyone stuck in their place and going nowhere? I was not canceled all my business meetings, but I told them to meet me on skype and thank god, it’s really safe my jobs.

Other than that on entertainment side, ASUS Vivobook S200 has a great sounds, even thought you may see this as a thin and small Ultrabook, but with SonicMaster, Asus Vivobook S200 produce a sounds that equally as great as bigger laptop and also The Instant On 2 Seconds? You gonna love it. So here they are my 10 Things I love from Asus Vivobook S200, more you explore, more love for and from Asus Vivobook S200.

Well, excellence result for ASUS Vivobook S200, you will get almost everything in this little gadget; high performs with affordable prices, but here they are 10 Things I love from ASUS Vivobook S200;

  • The Look
    Like I always say, I am absolutely into something simple and futuristic when it comes to gadget. High tech look with 11,6”, lavish design with comfortable typing keyboard in black color. Perfect look from the front or side view just so good.
  • The Color
    Available in 3 different colors; Luxury Silver, Steel Grey and Hot Pink, and I am going with the silver one. It’s just a matter of taste, but Asus Vivobook S200 knows exactly to present the certain color to be really good looking.
  • The Weigh
    I carry this almost every day and everywhere; serious problem like writing inspiration or just for communicate online, this gadget is crucial in needed. With less than 1,5 kilos in weighs, there is no complaint.
  • The Windows 8
    Updated operating system from Microsoft gives the new experiences with your work or your daily internet activities. Starting from visual, music, images, news, a lot of applications, you gonna to love it.
  • The Intel Core i3
    People hates slow, so do I, with the upgraded Intel Core i3 everything so much fast, no lag no buffering. It’s depends on what is your activity and what you are going to do with the laptop, but this Asus Vivobook S200 really can handle my work as a writer and journalist.
  • The Touch Screen
    One of the most effective feature on Asus Vivobook S200, not only a cool stuff to do but how it makes your movement faster and efficient, it’s a really really good point from Asus Vivobook S200.
  • The Sonic Master
    When the first time I clicked music to play, I was amazed with the sound, so strong and clear. The speakers are in the both side and it will give you eargasm.
  • The Instant On
    Love love love how I hates waiting like forever to see my laptop is ready to go, but Asus Vivobook S200 instant on in 2 seconds is save my time, soul and my lifeJ, only 2 second seriously.
  • The HD Webcam
    Skyping or recording, remember with the first video I made? Not that so good. This is sample of record quality and the sounds are so clear. More money to come, with this HD camera J I did a lot of business meeting, thank you.
  • The reality that I own this ASUS Vivobook S200 lol
    Yes, I love this part – You may grab your own here.

Found a good video about ASUS Vivobook S200 review, take a look, seems everyone love it :)

Masion Martin Margiela Untitled Perfume - Deluxshionist Grooming
Masion Martin Margiela Untitled Perfume - Deluxshionist GroomingMasion Martin Margiela Untitled Perfume - Deluxshionist Grooming

MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA - UNTITLED First released in 2010 and made a limited edition in 2011, and in 2013 this fragrance is still mysterious so far, for me. Untitled by Maison Martin Margiela features notes of galbanum, green boxwood, herbs, cedar, musk and frankincense, well said that this perfume is green freshness scent and versatile both for men and for women. In Asia only available in Japan & Hong Kong.

IF I WERE 40 SOMETHING - I guess he is Italian, for sure. Do you ever imagine how do you looks like when you 40 something? well, I did not until this I saw this picture, he was not wearing something weird, for me this is just so nice. 16 more years for me to be 40, and I hope everyone are still individuals-unique.

Shirt - Tea pot / Denim Jacket - Marc Jacobs / Short - DIY / Shoes - SNEC / Sunglasses - Unbranded

This is not white or blue, this is white blue lol whatever. I am so happy that finally my first outfit post in 2013 lol again, blocking the blue and the beige more lol. Today was a  longgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg day, both happy or unhappy, that's all I can say. There is something irritating me until now, something crazy aimless feeling, my faith distracted hahaha, no seriously, I told some of my friends about this uncertain feeling? What is really happening? and see, now I'm telling this via Blog.

They said I am bored, I need something new in my life (what's that? new partner lol), men's period??? SERIOUSLY  Is it true that people really can feel if something bad could be happen to them? Well this is more than that, I feel like 'giving up' something that precisely happened to me back in late 2010, when I decided to work in fashion, it is biennial cycle? biennial period? Well, this is quite scary for me, because it is happening without any reasons.

This feeling absolutely evil, it's killing me inside, I really need the power of moon to beat this now. I want living in passion, in grateful, surrounded by happy people and Prada bag.

Seharusnya berbagi hal yang positif dihadapan publik, tapi mencurahkan hal yang negatif untuk dijadikan pelajaran yang positif? seharusnya sih bisa-bisa saja kan. Beginilah kenegatifan saya yang tiba-tiba jatuh abstrak, sebenarnya jarang terjadi bahkan ketika tidak punya uang pun saya masih bisa tersenyum, tersenyum lalu minta transfer. Tapi rasa ini jauh lebih naas daripada tidak punya uang, lebih memilih mana; tidak punya uang atau tidak punya passion? Kalo saya lebih memilih untuk punya passion lalu menghasilkan uang, dan terlihatlah bahwasanya saya tidak mau kalo tidak punya apa-apa. Uang bisa dicari dan datangnya sudah diatur, kita mungkin tidak tahu detail rencana-Nya, tapi kalo passion? yang ngatur siapa sih sebenernya?

Kalau dibilang jenuh, jenuh kerja terus begitu? Selama ini saya menikmati sekali apa yang saya lakukan, kan ceritanya menjalani hidup yang lebih bermakna, jadi kalo bosan mungkin bosan yang lain sih. Kadang ingin bertanya "Dosa saya apa ya?" oh tentu saja banyak, jadi ya tidak perlu ditanya juga. Jadi istilahnya mungkin 'What Goes Around Comes Back Around' ya? Kau yang menanam kau pula yang menuai? yang makan siapa?. Entah gara-gara dosa atau memang mungkin banyak maunya, dan gabungan keduanya malah justru membuat kekacauan internal, ini semua mesti diakhiri, walau masih  belum tau juga pun caranya ya.

Diakhiri dengan Alhamdulillah? Ya sudah seharusnya... seterusnya...


Saint Laurent Paris Label - Deluxshionist Fashion Blog

Yves Saint Laurent Paris Black & White Leopard Shirt new menswear collection on webstore

YOUR OWN LABEL - Brand or label that I want to talk about here is something that you creating for your existence in creative industry. Not only about making clothing, accessory or jewelry but you as a creative person, just like today I am a writer, writer for my blog, magazine, some website, so that my label is a writer.  As a writer I do not want to be specific to certain subject, I writes about fashion, food, travel, this is how I expressing my happiness expressing what I really interested.

Based on what happened to me, I basically was live in a two world; magazine and blog, they gave me different experiences, friends, party & glamour that's I don't fucking care, and off course money to pay the bills. Magazine is a professional place for a writer, and how about blog? Can you really living as a professional only by a blog here in Indonesia? I am not really sure, you need to do something for your live, however I want people know me as a writer for Deluxshionist - Indonesia Based Fashion Blogger than the other place, except one day I'm working for Vouge in New York City, kidding, I mean to standing for your own label is something more precious than for a lifetime you sit under someone else's brand, except you can get whatever you want as equally as you work by yourself.

But journalism is about teamwork, creates and delivers information to people in appropriate way, while personal blog somehow very specific to individuality, it will never can win competition and beat conventional or digital media with the teamwork inside. The question is, be my teamwork???

Deluxshionist's Choice - Bag - Givenchy Medium Antigona Bag

EXOTIC SKIN: GIVENCHY ANTIGONA BAG - The good way to start the day in February by wishing something to be your own, like this Givenchy Medium Antigona Bag made by Croc embossed calfskin leather in brown rich color. This is a women's bag and I do not have any hesitation to carry this to work or for meeting appointment and in medium size I trust. To be exact why I love this bag beside it's size is the fact that I imagine something playful in a look of a man that doesn't looks silly by carrying women bag. One of the most common relationship issue in Indonesia that some men willing to carry his woman's bag in a public place as a proof of caring and self-sacrifice, and I'll tell you now, make sure that your woman's bag is a nice-good-looking bag.