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YOUR OWN LABEL - Brand or label that I want to talk about here is something that you creating for your existence in creative industry. Not only about making clothing, accessory or jewelry but you as a creative person, just like today I am a writer, writer for my blog, magazine, some website, so that my label is a writer.  As a writer I do not want to be specific to certain subject, I writes about fashion, food, travel, this is how I expressing my happiness expressing what I really interested.

Based on what happened to me, I basically was live in a two world; magazine and blog, they gave me different experiences, friends, party & glamour that's I don't fucking care, and off course money to pay the bills. Magazine is a professional place for a writer, and how about blog? Can you really living as a professional only by a blog here in Indonesia? I am not really sure, you need to do something for your live, however I want people know me as a writer for Deluxshionist - Indonesia Based Fashion Blogger than the other place, except one day I'm working for Vouge in New York City, kidding, I mean to standing for your own label is something more precious than for a lifetime you sit under someone else's brand, except you can get whatever you want as equally as you work by yourself.

But journalism is about teamwork, creates and delivers information to people in appropriate way, while personal blog somehow very specific to individuality, it will never can win competition and beat conventional or digital media with the teamwork inside. The question is, be my teamwork???

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