March 2012

Our Savior: L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Shield with SPF 40 PA+++, yes savior because with this kind of humid atmosphere and damaging sun rays we need protection. I am not a beauty writer but i have to agree that we are all men need a basic human right beside lavish and fit underwear to have a healty skin, even someone who commited doing offshore like i did before is need it.It's all about prevent Sunburn and provides higher SPF to gives more sunburn protection. This Non-Oily, protective lotion that smoothes and brightens the skin, while protecting againts UV rays, perfect.

So Finally, March/April 2012 Issue of Men's Folio Indonesia is Out Now, yes finally. As always, there a lot of things, i mean it. Products, coverage of Fashion Week, now trends, new place to hang out, include my very first Essential which something examine about sport influenced fashion and vice versa.

In actual form, Essetial is comprising concise snippets on fashionwear, sportswear and underwear, as well as accessories such as shoes, bags, belts, jewellry, cuff-links and eyewear, the focus is on telling readers the unique selling point of each product. So I did some twist to more general this time, relations and chemistry behind this trends, so i suggest you to get your own copy now and enjoy :). Herdiana Surachman

Comment allez-vouz? I am coming with a good news for you, a culinary slash french cuisine lovers. Actualy is a good news for a busy busy uber busy business people, but no, even if you are not busy it is still a good for you. So, i am lucky enough to had this experience by tasted a master piece by Chef Florian Lamelot of ORIENT8 at Hotel Mulia Senayan Jakarta- Unfortunately I am totally forgot to take a pictures, why? First, because the food are extremely good and second it is a good moment for have a good conversation, busy with your own camera, oh i dont think so, but thank god there are still a pictures to shared to you.

So there are 3 Menu Package you can choose, at the moment, I have decided to have Dugeness Crab Salad with Granny Apple Gelee, Celery Roots Remoulade and Avocado Foam as an Appetiser - so fresh and absolutely stimulate your appetite, the crab meat was cooked so well done and blended with a some sweet and sour from the Apple Gelle plus the creamy sensation by an avovado cubes, though i expect a more firmer on the Avocado Foam, overall its freshly recommended. Then i got Braised Beef Stew in Red Wine "Bourgunion Style", Pearl Onions, Mushrooms and Carrots - while the others offers too much wine or moreover in the form of red wine sauce, this main dishes offers you a tender and juicy (from the mushrooms) with a twist of the right dose of Red Wine - or if you want to have some seafood, they have Grilled White Snapper with Ratatouille and "Sauce Vierge" like one above. Then the dessert...

What's on the spotlight? Printed and pattern in main collection and colors on its accessories. Balenciaga Spring Summer 2012 Collection is created illusion motif which looked like a string of threads of heavy fabrics on its jacket, shirt and short or even scarf. Unique shape giving some volume to its shorts and jackets, women will love to wear of those beautiful collection. But my favorite is a natural one, B colors; I playing so safe with colors, i am practicing to be color expert, but all of this catch a lot of eyes as well....

It's a summer time (i mean summer all the time here) - Instead of sea of flowers, KENZO brings us the birds and recontructed a color blocking structure. I know its not a whole complete collections from kenzo, but i saw when they held the show during Paris Fashion Week, I am fallen for the buble gum color, blocking between blue something cardigan and sweet pink on the menswear. But its all about casual, yes people here are all casual, so i put my heart to the shoes, high-waisted skirt in camel color, assymetric black dress, men's tote bag and the shoes...ok i know, dafuq pedestrian!!! and the weather just like.... syaittt. See all the rest collections CLICK

Diane Von Furstenberg Spring/Summer 2012 a week ago in celebration of Plaza Indonesia 22nd anniversary. This colections (in a frontline base) offers some sweet beauty patterns as a DVF signature style and pure or see-through white by light fabric, some of floral lace, jumpsuits, mini dress, long dress ini peach or pink pastels. Sensual and free in field of colors fibrant, she rejects the form, tectures and rules of an ordered world, transforming utilitarian cuts into seductive tools that are uniquely her own, with a stark feminity and audacity, she commands strong of some men's jacket and slip on - snipped toe loafer.

I love listening to her song, especially "Born to Die", she did OK with the song, she offered us a different kind of pop music, with the way she sing the song and her expression, totally new. Her image that I saw is representing 50's Hollywood celebrity beauty, when you know the time when "black pearl" are still rare or restricted. Excellent fit with fashion magazine, but it is too much when you say that Lana will be the next big thing, she can sing but she is not a performer, at least from this video that shows us, and the top rated comment who said that she a bit nervous but she extremely good in any beautiful designer dresses, waiting her for acting debut???

And I just found an interesting illustration from the one and only Achraf Amiri - and as you can see, her upper lip is being stung by a bee. Yes, some people complaining about her lips, some people said that its about her surgery, and like "look, what's wrong with her lips?", but she is Lana, she is look stunning, and i love her lips and no offense I love this illustration and i wish she will not committed any plastic surgery - keep up the beauty.

LUXURIOUS ESCAPES : MAGNUM PLEASURE SEEKERIf you still remember about my last post about the “I’m in the Mood of Travelling”, yes I am. As you know that recently fashion week was held in Paris after New York and Milan. Although I am not directly attended the fashion week because I am struggling with my deadline in this fashion month, yes indeed, major deadline make me want to escape. And the perfect place I want to leave all behind except if I have “it” trunks – Welcome to MALDIVES

No questions everyone, it is absolutely the Heaven on Earth, let me swim and byeeee. Seriously, who doesn’t need this experience? As soon as possible, you will feel like free from everything, I really need beach so bad and honestly in my opinion, Maldives is one of the greatest places that you have to see before you die.
You see the video, oh my god it is make me so excited, beside  far away from home and works, you also can feel the breath of nature, and refresh your mind, yes indeed pleasure seeker, is a luxury experience, and you are one step closer to it and it’s all in. So what are you waiting for? They are all waiting for you.

What about Paris, Milan and New York?
Lusting list is longer now. Since i only can dreaming about all of this creations, but all these accessories by Alexander McQueen are highly desirable. White dress shirt complete with metal silver color skull cufflinks, quite epic. In other side, you don't need to overdress, simple black with futuristic metall bracelets, leathers, chains around your wristy and the this party box clutch in embroidered black satin - its gonna be perfect. Black umbrella with skull handle - When almost all guy here in Indonesia prefered to be wet than using umbrella, i will use this even in day light. In spring, enjoy the sun light at 8 in the morning, letting your skin to breathe, give it to your feet too, slip-on black velvet shoes is my selection. How i use this red flower skull pin? I rather to use it with basic white shirt, brown-ish full patterned silk scarf, grey one button jacket and same color pants and dark brown car shoe, another effort is red tote bag.

Yes little monsters, @LADYGAGA will be here on June 3rd 2012 and she will brings us to her Born This Way Ball Tour. I can't more excited to faced the reality that lady gaga finally choose Indonesia as one of the BTW Ball Tour schedule. The guy behind all this is @bigdaddyid, thanks to their team. The concert will be so huge, Stadion Utama Gelora Bung Karno, its like the biggest spot to held a concert here in Jakarta, its often to use by our national soccer team for a big match. So for those who never been to watching concert in a big stadium, like omgomg pleasure chaotic.

The ticket is quite affordable, even for high-school student. Festival (750K) - Tribun (450K - 750K) - Golden Circle (2,250K) - there are even for ladies only (1,250K) you can check more at BIG DADDY official website. There is one thing and I'm quite sure that this is spinning on all little monsters head - MONSTER PIT (monster pit is a special area which is made for people who dressed up like gaga), if I'm not mistaken, the people are 'selected people' from the golden circle area *damn it* hahaha but its more than worth to staying and watching Gaga performances right in front and close to the stage, the good news is Big Daddy will giving us free ticket to monster pit spot for anyone who can give their best performance to get the look like Gaga. "Best Dress", yes a good reason to have fun, i wish Big Daddy will give a lot of free tickets to us right???

Unfortunately, the bad news is our Big Daddy did not give much time for us, the pre-sale ticket will be held on MARCH 10th which is 5 more days left, no saving ohemgee, no preparation ohemgee, but if you still want to dress up like celebrity gaga, I will give you enlightenment, here they are......