LUXURIOUS ESCAPES : MAGNUM PLEASURE SEEKERIf you still remember about my last post about the “I’m in the Mood of Travelling”, yes I am. As you know that recently fashion week was held in Paris after New York and Milan. Although I am not directly attended the fashion week because I am struggling with my deadline in this fashion month, yes indeed, major deadline make me want to escape. And the perfect place I want to leave all behind except if I have “it” trunks – Welcome to MALDIVES

No questions everyone, it is absolutely the Heaven on Earth, let me swim and byeeee. Seriously, who doesn’t need this experience? As soon as possible, you will feel like free from everything, I really need beach so bad and honestly in my opinion, Maldives is one of the greatest places that you have to see before you die.
You see the video, oh my god it is make me so excited, beside  far away from home and works, you also can feel the breath of nature, and refresh your mind, yes indeed pleasure seeker, is a luxury experience, and you are one step closer to it and it’s all in. So what are you waiting for? They are all waiting for you.

What about Paris, Milan and New York?
The Capital city of luxury fashion. The Romantic of Paris, the classical warm of Milan and the concrete of jungle New York and what are you wish for your soul approach, Lanvin in Paris? Versace in Milan? Or Alexander Wang in New York? Your heart will be full of satisfaction with this kind of shopping pleasure.

Or even - LA? Yes, you, pleasure seeker, act like one, this is Hollywood baby! Enjoy the city of course still with the retail therapy, shopping shopping shopping but don’t forget to pose pose pose.

I always wanted to spent a lot of my time with my lovely small family, my dearest friends and of course my partner, moreover it’s been a one year I am not going anywhere for vacation. Honestly, never thought I need fancy places, beautiful beaches, great cottages, big size swimming pool, breathtaking views and great foods, until this Magnum National Promo to win unforgettable Luxury Shopping Experience comes to me giving me hope and chance to have it all …

What you should do? Be like me. (Get your own Magnum like NOW because this promo ends on 18 March 2012) And what you will get? Click

See and now, to tell you the truth, I want it all, from now on I need Milan, Paris, New York, Maldives and even LA, because of what Magnum will give you;

1. Holidays Package to Milan, Paris, New York, Maldives or LA valued at $5,000

2. Transportation and accommodation; 4 days 3 nights’ stay at the holiday destination (valid for two person)

3. Rp. 20.000.000 shopping package in Jakarta for 100 winners

4. Other great experiences that allow more people to win rewards.

Ok guys a week left, get your Magnum now 

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