Yes little monsters, @LADYGAGA will be here on June 3rd 2012 and she will brings us to her Born This Way Ball Tour. I can't more excited to faced the reality that lady gaga finally choose Indonesia as one of the BTW Ball Tour schedule. The guy behind all this is @bigdaddyid, thanks to their team. The concert will be so huge, Stadion Utama Gelora Bung Karno, its like the biggest spot to held a concert here in Jakarta, its often to use by our national soccer team for a big match. So for those who never been to watching concert in a big stadium, like omgomg pleasure chaotic.

The ticket is quite affordable, even for high-school student. Festival (750K) - Tribun (450K - 750K) - Golden Circle (2,250K) - there are even for ladies only (1,250K) you can check more at BIG DADDY official website. There is one thing and I'm quite sure that this is spinning on all little monsters head - MONSTER PIT (monster pit is a special area which is made for people who dressed up like gaga), if I'm not mistaken, the people are 'selected people' from the golden circle area *damn it* hahaha but its more than worth to staying and watching Gaga performances right in front and close to the stage, the good news is Big Daddy will giving us free ticket to monster pit spot for anyone who can give their best performance to get the look like Gaga. "Best Dress", yes a good reason to have fun, i wish Big Daddy will give a lot of free tickets to us right???

Unfortunately, the bad news is our Big Daddy did not give much time for us, the pre-sale ticket will be held on MARCH 10th which is 5 more days left, no saving ohemgee, no preparation ohemgee, but if you still want to dress up like celebrity gaga, I will give you enlightenment, here they are......


1. BOLD SHADES - No, it's not Ian Kasela, stop it. A lot of unique and edgy shades showed up, oke MORE showed up after lady gaga always seen to wear almost all edgy sunglasses.

2. DESIGNER CLOTHES - Wear Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter collection, voilaaaa, make sure your hair is Kawakubo style.

3. UNBELIEVABLE BRA - Seriously, get the idea, please don't let Jupe as miss bra in a concert anymore after her "Hot & Cold Bra" in Katy Perry Concert, ok she is not invincible, forget it.

4. TOWERING PLATFORM BOOTS - Ask Dwi Andika to make some of Armadillo for you hahahaha, you are not even can walk.

5. BREATHTAKING HEADPIECE - Anything, you can put a tons of spoons & forks? Christmast tree? lamp? hahaha Philip Treacy is the BEST

6. MAJOR LATEX - As you seen so many latex that wear by gaga, even on her Born This Way Grammy performance, so effective ;).

7. HEAVY LACE - Havier is better, i mean bolder, covered up your face, your body, the easiest way you can do - look cool without much efforts but so gaga.

8. STUDS & LEATHER - Going rock star with leather, metal stud and fringe detail. Get your own inspiration, check out the Telephone or Judas Video.

9. BODY MODIFICATION - Totally awesome effort, if you want to more simple is great make up on eyes, call your make up artist NOW.

10. CANDY HAIR - it must be candy colors hair, blue green-ish mint? faded pnk? black and white and a bit of bloody red? call your hair dresser NOW, include eyebrows? or nose hair? EDGY
Combine all of this essentials, see you at monster pit and meet with GAGAAAAAAAAA *tendang*

Credits: Big Daddy Indonesia, Fanpop, whosdatedwho, amonstercloset, ilovegaga, tattootattoosandtatto

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  1. amazing!!!!!love that song so much!!!

    a kiss from the

  2. can't wait to see the reaction of Indoneisan people when lady gaga come to Indoneisa... hehehe :)

    Hei Echa!

  3. omagah! anticipate! anticipate! anticipate! anticipate!!!!!!! kemana aja gueh bisa ktinggalan info sepenting ini???? *SPANK MY SELF

    PS : missing ur blog after a looooong hermitage

    love, http://benyricardo.com/itsme!/