April 2011

As my phone thanks to me, because he finally have a new bed LOL and got or precisely asked for some invitation so that we can attend BSM opening party. Some of local designers taking part to enliven the Brightspot Market event, held in Pacific Place P starting on 28-1 May 2011. If you want to buy some goods with an impressive urban and unusual design, just come here. God know that what i want (need hahaha) is a pair of Seba shoes (reminds me to Paul Smith one) and that white "i can see your belly and nipple" shirt (Givenchy for this). But a thousands million billion dollar Indonesian fashion hunter come in that night and with 63kg of weight i felt so SMALL hahaha, I mean it, its too crowded, some girls might be touched illegally (i am sorry if i did that) but i believe that you are more concerned with those pants and shoes. Nah, is 3 days left, choose the best time to shop and happy shopping then.

Gilaaaaa, penuh parah bener-bener "Pasar" yang melebur menyeruak dunia akhirat, gimana gak? jalan aja susah kakak, apalagi mau liat-liat. ini mah bukan invitation lah, buset, dan gw lupa sih emang ternyata kalo lo punya CC something lo bisa masuk juga, yah gak eklusip LOL hahaha.Yup semua org memang ingin jadi yang pertama dan paling update, tp para smart shopper gak liat kesitu, tapi liat ke dompet hahahaha becanda-becanda, tp iyah lo, sekarang lagi ada beberapa diskon:
1. Ok lah sebut BRIGHSPOT 
2. MAP (topman, topshop, lacoste apapun) di Sudirman Citywalk sampai tanggal 8 mei
3. Branded Sale di Plaza Bapindo (Raoul, Gap, Banana Republic, Guess dll) itu terkakhir kayanya hari ini.
4. Bazar artis hahaha (kesan-nya kaya artis di sale) itu di Bintaro
5. Branded sale #lagi -___-" di pertigaan pondok indah - radio dalam

Check aja satu2 kalo emang niat hahahaha, kemaren di BSmarket dapet oversized leather black clucth, zipper-nya emas (warna emas sodara2 hahaha) foto-nya nanti ya, dari harga asli Rp.370rb jadi Rp.112rb, besar lohh semua barang masuk dan bisa dijadiin bantal tidur hahahaha dan udah hari jumat aja nih.

Have a blessed weekend to everyone and what would you buy to make your weekend fun? let me know ;D


Images Courtesy of Topman

Major Dem or Capital D.E.M (Damn) hahahaha, all i want from Topman men's jewelry. Future tenses with bold metalic, except the last one, maybe its like Mesopotamia egyptian megalithic era hahaha, but still stylish i love them all, Love love love....
Jacket Boy London, Shirt Topman, Pants The Executive, Clutch Playboy, Belt Giorgio Armani, Sunglasses Guess, Black Onyx Ring, Black Wood Bracelet, Watch Alexandre Christie

Enough for this week, and suddenly i have no idea of what i should and will do in the next 3 days. Some people said this is my mainstay look, ya next time i have to put a lot colors into my look for color blocking attraction. Play safe with monochromatic, black and white, grey and brown, I love classic, what else? but i won't be stuck with the past for sure.

Just wanna say happy weekend, be nice with us, really wants my mood to come back, so i can say "please bring me to some place, spend energy trying to joke and laugh" and i need some-thing to eat right now, Ok i think i could eat your Louobutin shoes...hahahahaha

#Nowplaying - Government Hooker by @Ladygaga

Pictures Via Marlene Hariman & Fashionesedaily

Nina Nikicio has brought her sexy black into Ni Ki Cio latest collection, Mixte Vol.6 "Untitled". Unisex leather legging, Unisex multiway tubular wool top, Multiway tubular hand knitted shawl, Hooded maxi dress and all the blackness that will impress you and wanted to have it. This Mixte Vol.6 might be one of your fashion fantasy, but this collection will be launched at Brightspot Market, Pacific Place on April 28th until May 1st with others local designers. Prepare for your eyes, your heart and your mental to see all the full collection later. For further information you can check the website NI KI CIO. Happy shopping in late April :) *I Wish

Here they are, Men's Folio - Men on the Street : Cycle 2, and got next three already. hehehe i will show you soon. But our doors always open for submission, there is will be a Cycle 4, and the choosen one is might be you.

Hanya untuk yang berdomisili di Indonesia, Good Luck ;)

Another rock pile background photo and what i wanted to show you is my GMV vintage sunglasses with an oval frame. Still looking for BO-BO-HO rounded glasses hahahaha and did not know my face shape would be like, something LOL. Late update bad internet, 2 articles bad mood, hahaha no no im kidding, back to work, see you tonight for "Men on the Street: Cycle 2" and this is very late. Have a nice day guys girls - HS

Pictures Courtesy of Streetfsn

He has conducted an almost perfect "color blocking" attraction. Love the striped jacket in 2nd picture, his look overall too. I saw red, blue but not with yellow, for perfect combination of basic colors. and i love the way he did with his hair, something like you used more than 2 colors but you still looks like Asian Mafia, LUAR BIASA.

Jadi inget pas jaman awal2 kuliah di tahun 2006-2007 di Bandung, pas adu tabrak warna seperti ini sempat menyerang menjadi trend. Hampir semua cewe bandung dengan rambut lurus item abis rebonding pake 3 warna utama; Merah, Kuning sama Hijau - celana merah, t-shirt hijau plus kardigan kuning, itu ada dimana-mana, walaupun beda paling cuman rubah posisi kardigan jadi hijau atau t-shirt jadi merah.

Karena hanya bisa iri, ya setiap liat cewe dengan dandanan gini, termasuk temen gw sendiri juga, ya paling cuman bisa nyanyi, "TELKOM FLEXI BUKAN TELEPON BIASA" ;)

Well, how should I start? LOL, see the news about AFX fashion blogger competition this MORNING and i've got myself like this ----> :D :D :D ME aka Major Exciting, although there are many Indonesian bloggers are more popular than me, there is no harm in trying and dreaming. In office hours and this AFX is all I'm thinking off, but TGIF *thanks GOD is Friday* and i have my work done after i have my lunch, well done? ask my manager about that, hahahaha, OK ENOUGH about me, let's start what should and i will gonna do now!!!

It's a BIG BIG fashion event in Singapore or maybe in South Asia region, involves many people from this Industry, hundreds thousand million billion world US Dollar Megabyte/sec (please tie me right now) hahaha LOL, see how that BIG ehhh??? ya and they make a competition for fashion bloggers from four countries, Singapore as a host of this event, Thailand, Malaysia and of course their brother/sister, Indonesia. You can check the details here ===> MSN - AFX Fashion Bloggers Competition 2011
and today is a last day, but at least you still have time to register and participate.

This year is their second time, after in 2010 successful to hold this event. will take place from 13-22 May 2011, there will be four AFX series of events in this time, namely the Audi Fashion Festival, Star Creation, Blueprint, and Fashion Asia Summit.

The Audi Fahion Festival (13-19 May 2011)
Opening by Missoni and Closing by Ungaro *DYING*, but hold on, who is willing to miss Vera Wang and Prabal Gurung as Asian fashion heroes, Raoul and Alldreesedup will also take part in this series.

Blueprint (19-20 May 2011)
this is time for more than 100 international brand presenting their creation, and for Indonesia there are 10 young local designer who will participate on this series, they are:
Some Are Thieves, Danjyo + Hiyoji, Geulis, Isis, KLE, Monday to Sunday, STAB, Kaligula, Seba Shoes dan Soe Hoe. And of course international cruise collection.

Star Creation (16 May 2011)

"Star Creation is a fashion design competition which uncovers aspiring young Asian talent and grooms them to become the fashion stars of tomorrow" - AFX
Who will win this competition? winners to be revealed at the Audi Gala Night

Asia Fashion Summit (18-20 May 2011)
Fashion Confference, who will and should be there?
-Owners / Management of Retail Brands / Fashion Label Companies
- Business Leaders
- Retailers
- Brand Managers
- Designers
- Buyers
- Entrepreneurs
- Creative Directors
- Retail Suppliers
- Manufacturers
- Fashion Consultants
- Retail Innovators
- Fashion Authorities
- Trade Associations
- Retail / Fashion Councils & Advisory Boards
- Management Consultants
- Buying Houses
- Fashion Publications
- Fashion Experts
- Fashion Research & Development
- Educational / Design Institutions

oh God i just hired as a AFX's spokesperson LOL I'm kidding ;D for more info ---> AFX

and Jeng... Jeng...Jeng... ┐('⌣'┐) (┌'⌣')┌ \(´▽`)/ *haha emote alay*

10 big reasons why you, you, and you should kick me from Jakarta to Singapore:

1. I was an extraordinary exhibisionist fame-hungry (˘ﻬ˘), but unfortunately what I was doing in the last 22 years is ending grief, there are nobodies know me. haha im kidding, im only 22 years old this year and creating fashion as my life six months ago after i decided to quit from one of world multinational oil services company.

2. Almost frequently attended the fashion show in Jakarta, because of my job and for it thanks to my job. Upgrade to the next level, its sounds good haiyaaaaa

3. In fact I've never been to Singapore, shoot me please ҂ `з´ ).︻╦̵̵̿╤── (°▽°l)" and according to fashion research at Harvard University that 22 years old guy who never been to Singapore will do his excelent job if win AFX blog competition :) #thanks

4. And for the sake of fashion pope Anna Wintour, my blog was 6 months old plus 7 days, and for your consideration this is a sign from the almighty, hehehe ok don't take seriously, i love fashion and writing, so this blog is created.

5. Is always be my fantasy to attended fashion week with my own outfits, head to toe, you know what i mean, Jakarta with the weather and the spot sometime not support me to dressed up like what should i dress up. That's mean i still kept some fashion items in my wardrobe hahahaha, wait for right moment to wear them.

seems to only 5 reasons...hmmm hahahaha ok next

6. Love to see new fashion people and "battle look" with them, like people say, "you can buy fashion, but not with style, style is a gift"

7. Are you already sure would choose me? hahahaha, what i have to say, i love this competition and i love you hehehe and have my physical and spiritual health :), trust me.

8. Hmmm maybe about 6 months this blog exists, my most visiting readers coming from US, beside Indonesia of course, its give me a chance to show what Asia had.

9. And if you choose me, i think in my mind that i will wear some of local designers creation, jakcet, shoes something mix with Italian, Parisian, Japanese, everything, hahahaha of course i have to show what Indonesia had.

10. I tweeted this, posted this on my FB page and for everyone who participating this competition, good luck yaaa all

Salam ulat bulu (°͡▿°”)͡ː̖́)ː̖́)ː̖́)ː̖́)ː̖́)ː̖́)ː̖́)ː̖́)ː̖́>


Uwo uwo uwo WOW goods news come from our country, INDONESIA, when last night i heard that one of the most promising young designer (he's only 26 years old) from Indonesia, Tex Saverio, tweeted like this:

"@texsaverio it's official Lady Gaga in Tex Saverio Harper's Bazaar :D :D"

That is his 10th tweets, what a proud and suddenly its give me a goosebump test >_< CONGRATULATIONS for Rio (Tex Saverio)

In some interview, he said that acctually this gown is for BORN THIS WAY album, and because there was a problem of shipping cause Gaga cancelled to wear this gown. its started when perez hilton in his fashion blog "COCO PEREZ" wrote after saw one of tex's gown which is from LA GLACON collection and its reminded him to Alexander Mcqueen masterpiece, it as a starting for him among Hollywood celebrity so that more aware to Asian avant garde designs.

My Courtesan and La Glacon
Once again, what a proud moment for him and for Indonesian Fashion :D

Ok im gonna cry now, bye....... hahahaha lebayyyyy, tp bener loh merinding disko pas tadi malem liat twitter dan besok paginya which is hari ini pada heboh ngomongin Lady Gaga dengan rancangan Tex Saverio untuk fashion spread Harper's Bazaar US bersanding dengan gaun-gaun sekaliber Dior Haute Couture, Versace, Alexander Mcqueen and of course Mugler, dengan harga $3,885 dan bisa dipesan di Pluit Barat (mana suaranya Pluit Barat) #sodorinmic #ditoyorpentunganhansip #lopikirdangdutkeliling

Ya pokoknya semoga Indonesia bisa sedikit dilirik ya untuk pasaran Asia bahkan dunia, tidak hanya rancangan tingkat tinggi tapi juga yang ready to wear-nya juga bisa membahana di luar sana. Aamiin

Pictures Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar and Fashionlover

Done with this editorial photoshoot, we've got Y3, Armani Jeans, Guess Jeans and Raoul. hmmmm i dont know, i have my own imagination about this X10 pages. But for now ya can looking at those cutie pink suede leather shoes from Raoul hahahha, perfect spring/summer look from Raoul, use all this Raoul thing at Paris or New York fashion week, you will be worshiped all accros the street and you will be on the sartorialist for sure LOL

by the way siapa yang berani pake Raoul ini, naik kopaja tapi??? hahaha, kalo Anda seputih dan semenjulang Chris Evan, atau sehitam manis dan semenjulang (lagi) Kamga tangga, boleh lah. tapi kalo gak? jgn sampe lo dikira celengan babi model baru ya, jiahahahaha hehe maaf2 bercanda, tp serius (ini serius apa bercanda sih woyyy) koleksinya bagus dan gw suka, tp apa cukup berani pake? masalahnya kalo sepatunya diganti malah jadi gak bagus, itu tuh udah sepaket (asumsi gw aja sih) dan sayang kalo kotor, tp bagus, tp takut kotor, apa gw pake di-KEPALA aja ya? ide brilian luar biasa maha dahsyat. #Kabur atau dipake dikaki tapi dibungkus plastic bag warna item #mintadilempartabungLPG3kg

Good news come from IWC, because they will launch new collection, Portofino Collection, its automatic classy with crocodile or alligator strap and there is one called "Milanese" because the strap made of like wire-mesh material (the shape), that the IWC, wait for the launch event, oh ya and this Portofino campaign involves a lots of artists, the do photoshoot and make some video campaign special for IWC Portofino collection. Portofino is a place in somewhere in Italia, but thank you, i wore that YSL silk scarf but my single button jacket was enough to reflect the Italian style right? *GAMPAR*

Hari yang sama di mana acara ulang tahun Gucci ke 90 yang penuh itu berlangsung, jadi ya bajunya sama hahahaha, selesai photoshoot buat MF next edition nih hari ini, gambar2 nyusul yah, jaketnya bagus mampus, punya duit aja gw beli deh LOL *PINGSAN* #bangunterusmuntah #menerimakenyataankosong #dompetdanrekeningyangKOSONG -___-" hahahaha

First of all, happy 90th anniversarry for our great Gucci for their beauty and luxury, keep on track and always victorious. ahhhhhh (-_-)" too bad, lady hell and lady cemetery blocked my way at that moment, and i could only captured this photo, I do not know where they bothwhile i succeed took this picture, maybe their feet stepped on and fainted. hahahahaha

Sedikit agak kesel nih pas acara Gucci berlangsung Kamis kemaren, penuh banget, dan gak bisa ngambil gambar jadinya, karena dihalangi dua wanita yang entah datang darimana itu hahaha. alhasil cuman gambar random aja, plus seperti biasa ada cermin, foto narsis biasa hahahaha. Tapi keseluruhan koleksi Gucci bagus-bagus, color blocking dengan bahan-bahan yang halus dan ringan.