Well, how should I start? LOL, see the news about AFX fashion blogger competition this MORNING and i've got myself like this ----> :D :D :D ME aka Major Exciting, although there are many Indonesian bloggers are more popular than me, there is no harm in trying and dreaming. In office hours and this AFX is all I'm thinking off, but TGIF *thanks GOD is Friday* and i have my work done after i have my lunch, well done? ask my manager about that, hahahaha, OK ENOUGH about me, let's start what should and i will gonna do now!!!

It's a BIG BIG fashion event in Singapore or maybe in South Asia region, involves many people from this Industry, hundreds thousand million billion world US Dollar Megabyte/sec (please tie me right now) hahaha LOL, see how that BIG ehhh??? ya and they make a competition for fashion bloggers from four countries, Singapore as a host of this event, Thailand, Malaysia and of course their brother/sister, Indonesia. You can check the details here ===> MSN - AFX Fashion Bloggers Competition 2011
and today is a last day, but at least you still have time to register and participate.

This year is their second time, after in 2010 successful to hold this event. will take place from 13-22 May 2011, there will be four AFX series of events in this time, namely the Audi Fashion Festival, Star Creation, Blueprint, and Fashion Asia Summit.

The Audi Fahion Festival (13-19 May 2011)
Opening by Missoni and Closing by Ungaro *DYING*, but hold on, who is willing to miss Vera Wang and Prabal Gurung as Asian fashion heroes, Raoul and Alldreesedup will also take part in this series.

Blueprint (19-20 May 2011)
this is time for more than 100 international brand presenting their creation, and for Indonesia there are 10 young local designer who will participate on this series, they are:
Some Are Thieves, Danjyo + Hiyoji, Geulis, Isis, KLE, Monday to Sunday, STAB, Kaligula, Seba Shoes dan Soe Hoe. And of course international cruise collection.

Star Creation (16 May 2011)

"Star Creation is a fashion design competition which uncovers aspiring young Asian talent and grooms them to become the fashion stars of tomorrow" - AFX
Who will win this competition? winners to be revealed at the Audi Gala Night

Asia Fashion Summit (18-20 May 2011)
Fashion Confference, who will and should be there?
-Owners / Management of Retail Brands / Fashion Label Companies
- Business Leaders
- Retailers
- Brand Managers
- Designers
- Buyers
- Entrepreneurs
- Creative Directors
- Retail Suppliers
- Manufacturers
- Fashion Consultants
- Retail Innovators
- Fashion Authorities
- Trade Associations
- Retail / Fashion Councils & Advisory Boards
- Management Consultants
- Buying Houses
- Fashion Publications
- Fashion Experts
- Fashion Research & Development
- Educational / Design Institutions

oh God i just hired as a AFX's spokesperson LOL I'm kidding ;D for more info ---> AFX

and Jeng... Jeng...Jeng... ┐('⌣'┐) (┌'⌣')┌ \(´▽`)/ *haha emote alay*

10 big reasons why you, you, and you should kick me from Jakarta to Singapore:

1. I was an extraordinary exhibisionist fame-hungry (˘ﻬ˘), but unfortunately what I was doing in the last 22 years is ending grief, there are nobodies know me. haha im kidding, im only 22 years old this year and creating fashion as my life six months ago after i decided to quit from one of world multinational oil services company.

2. Almost frequently attended the fashion show in Jakarta, because of my job and for it thanks to my job. Upgrade to the next level, its sounds good haiyaaaaa

3. In fact I've never been to Singapore, shoot me please ҂ `з´ ).︻╦̵̵̿╤── (°▽°l)" and according to fashion research at Harvard University that 22 years old guy who never been to Singapore will do his excelent job if win AFX blog competition :) #thanks

4. And for the sake of fashion pope Anna Wintour, my blog was 6 months old plus 7 days, and for your consideration this is a sign from the almighty, hehehe ok don't take seriously, i love fashion and writing, so this blog is created.

5. Is always be my fantasy to attended fashion week with my own outfits, head to toe, you know what i mean, Jakarta with the weather and the spot sometime not support me to dressed up like what should i dress up. That's mean i still kept some fashion items in my wardrobe hahahaha, wait for right moment to wear them.

seems to only 5 reasons...hmmm hahahaha ok next

6. Love to see new fashion people and "battle look" with them, like people say, "you can buy fashion, but not with style, style is a gift"

7. Are you already sure would choose me? hahahaha, what i have to say, i love this competition and i love you hehehe and have my physical and spiritual health :), trust me.

8. Hmmm maybe about 6 months this blog exists, my most visiting readers coming from US, beside Indonesia of course, its give me a chance to show what Asia had.

9. And if you choose me, i think in my mind that i will wear some of local designers creation, jakcet, shoes something mix with Italian, Parisian, Japanese, everything, hahahaha of course i have to show what Indonesia had.

10. I tweeted this, posted this on my FB page and for everyone who participating this competition, good luck yaaa all

Salam ulat bulu (°͡▿°”)͡ː̖́)ː̖́)ː̖́)ː̖́)ː̖́)ː̖́)ː̖́)ː̖́)ː̖́>


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  1. Wow,I hope you can win it! Kesempatan bagus yang langka! Semangat~

  2. seru amat deh those made-up-reasons! hahahaha...

    cihuy cihuy cihuy! se ma ngaaat!

  3. The best of luck!!!!


  4. AmaZing

  5. Good luck - I love your posts!

  6. Good luck, hope you do well :)

  7. Good luck!
    I hope ypu'll win :)

    Davide - D&G Fever

  8. Thank you for the comment...isn't Grace Coddington just the best!! Best of luck with this competition...I hope you win. xx Stay Stylish....

  9. hope u do really well in the competition :)

  10. Good luck!

    Love, Sanja

  11. Almost died myself when i read - PRABAL GURUNG. Is he gonna be there? OMG!!! I hope you win this and i am sure you will, i hope you post pictures and, AND dont forget if you come face-to-face with Mr. Prabal Gurung, can you have a picture taken with a note that say I LOVE PATTIETA? hahaha that's too much to ask i know but i do pray that you'll get this.

    All the best :)

    Love, Pattieta

  12. Good Luck!
    xo The Haute Collection

  13. u do it !

  14. wowwwwwwwwwwww.. thanks all, hehehe

  15. Good luck & great blog!!!

  16. astaga, kenapa harus ulat bulu sih, kakak? (=___=) geli deh ah. but I support you a lot!!!! as your blogger junior (haiah), I should to support you!! and moga-moga saya ketularan juga ke Singapore, ke Thailand, dan ke UK setelah mensupport kakak. amiiin *dikeplak*.

    chaiyoooo!!!! >___<q

    anind ^^v

  17. Hope you win it! then see you there!


  18. I wish you the best of luck.