As my phone thanks to me, because he finally have a new bed LOL and got or precisely asked for some invitation so that we can attend BSM opening party. Some of local designers taking part to enliven the Brightspot Market event, held in Pacific Place P starting on 28-1 May 2011. If you want to buy some goods with an impressive urban and unusual design, just come here. God know that what i want (need hahaha) is a pair of Seba shoes (reminds me to Paul Smith one) and that white "i can see your belly and nipple" shirt (Givenchy for this). But a thousands million billion dollar Indonesian fashion hunter come in that night and with 63kg of weight i felt so SMALL hahaha, I mean it, its too crowded, some girls might be touched illegally (i am sorry if i did that) but i believe that you are more concerned with those pants and shoes. Nah, is 3 days left, choose the best time to shop and happy shopping then.

Gilaaaaa, penuh parah bener-bener "Pasar" yang melebur menyeruak dunia akhirat, gimana gak? jalan aja susah kakak, apalagi mau liat-liat. ini mah bukan invitation lah, buset, dan gw lupa sih emang ternyata kalo lo punya CC something lo bisa masuk juga, yah gak eklusip LOL hahaha.Yup semua org memang ingin jadi yang pertama dan paling update, tp para smart shopper gak liat kesitu, tapi liat ke dompet hahahaha becanda-becanda, tp iyah lo, sekarang lagi ada beberapa diskon:
1. Ok lah sebut BRIGHSPOT 
2. MAP (topman, topshop, lacoste apapun) di Sudirman Citywalk sampai tanggal 8 mei
3. Branded Sale di Plaza Bapindo (Raoul, Gap, Banana Republic, Guess dll) itu terkakhir kayanya hari ini.
4. Bazar artis hahaha (kesan-nya kaya artis di sale) itu di Bintaro
5. Branded sale #lagi -___-" di pertigaan pondok indah - radio dalam

Check aja satu2 kalo emang niat hahahaha, kemaren di BSmarket dapet oversized leather black clucth, zipper-nya emas (warna emas sodara2 hahaha) foto-nya nanti ya, dari harga asli Rp.370rb jadi Rp.112rb, besar lohh semua barang masuk dan bisa dijadiin bantal tidur hahahaha dan udah hari jumat aja nih.

Have a blessed weekend to everyone and what would you buy to make your weekend fun? let me know ;D

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  1. OMG, the Blackberry Bed was so cute and YES! smart shopper look at the budget! aaahagahah *becanda

    Beny Rucardo Sadewo

  2. I'm buying some shoes at right now. Gotta be a great weekend that way ;)

  3. good times with the beautiful people. great post.

  4. this looks like so much fun. great pics
    Lydz xX

  5. your blackberry sleep in a HTC bed!!!! that's a cheaaat! -_____-" hahahahaha

    can i take a look of that clutch u bought? i ran out of money that day. no cash nor in bank. huft. so i just took a walk, slow walk, shoved many times, watched, and drooled.

    too bad we didn't bump into each other.

  6. ooo, i love those round glasses! looks like such a fun time (: