March 2014

Boots - BOEMOS 1961

HERE'S THE ITALIAN BOOTS - Italian leather shoes are the best, yes I do agree with that, when you looks something durable, strong and genuine, you can look at Italian leather shoes. Yes, Linea curated some of the best Italian shoe names in their boutique, there are a couple names of 'Made in Italy" shoes that you can choose as your own personality.

And now I am into semi-boots like this or this Boemos Chelsea boots (if only darker like black and black), ankle boots with some street and dapper spirit. I love the fastener detail with buckle, looking so perfect in black color... and yes I need more black in my life right know, because I feel mess so mess in color right now. And we are the people, never said enough to a good shoes... here we go again ;)

TWENTY FIVE & I SURVIVED - I just got my little time to write to myself a very happy 25th birthday, you know I have been busy helping some else's dream to come true, so busy, but I really hope there is a part of their dreams that is also my dream, so it was one shot at a time.

Even thought it was not an Oscar moment, but I would like to thank everyone in my life.
For those who made me what I am today; typing in my Asus laptop, feeling grateful after checkout some stuffs on ASOS & searching online for a Comme des Garcons wallet, feeling happy but little bit sick and headache (I'm flu and I am tired working lol) and lol at my phone screen.

For those who does not believe in me, for my potential, you give nothing but (actually I am pretty frustrating facing these people but... thank you) thank you, it will actually be a chance for me to show how good I am, although you doesn't want to see me to (in fact that I could) be better than you.

Fomehow 25 make me so afraid of myself, I saw so many example that if you playing with your life you will be nothing, in the same if you take it too seriously you will be the same nothing, it might be the same empty, but the thing, it has not happened yet, most of it is tense, unpredictable, and mysterious, but over all I thanked God for who I am today. That's why, I just can say that I am 25 and I survived and I am ready to make a lot of story, very very happy story...

PS: thank you my sweet friend Febrina Hanisha for this super good looking silhouette 

LEFT: Topman shirt, Uniqlo cargo pants, Pedro sandals, Isabel Marant x H&M hat, Hypebeast magazine
RIGHT: Comme des Garcons shirt, Vintage peacoat, 347 trouser, Davu shoes

BLACK & WHITE SEASON - In the beginning of 2014, I personally want to change the way I dress, for this year I will go with more black and white outfit, why? Because I want dressed up more simple, choose to more stylish than fashionable, but we’ll see how is it going to be because black & white always make appearances in every season (obviously), for some people it may be boring but for me this time, simplicity is equal all problem solved.

Black & White is something essentials that need to be in your wardrobe, for example at least you need to have 7 black t-shirts or shirts, you need more white t-shirt for a weekend and crisp white shirt for a date, I can’t imagine if you only have one, it’s going to be disaster. Talking about problem and disaster, some of this might be happen to your clothes, more over… yes black & white clothes. The white clothes for example, it’s easy to get dirt on the collar because of dusts and sweats, more problems happened in the armpit, it’s like everyone's problems.

But it will not happen again, since some of product innovated available to protect us not only from bad smell, it also protects from yellow stain and white marks which would be happened in a black clothes. It can totally ruin your look and of course your confident, that’s why you need to stock a lot of white and black shirt but it’s not going to be effective, if you chosen the wrong product.

Thank god there is a new product from Rexona, Rexona Invisible Dry, I personally use Rexona all the time since ages ago, and their new product is make me excited and I hopefully I have no worry anymore with all my black & white clothes. Rexona Invisible Dry with optimized active substances and the new technology called Invisible Dry who reduces reaction between sweats and substances in its deodorant. With the new technology and optimized formula, the last thing to do is the proper way of usage; use the right dose and wait for it to dry before putting on your clothes, so that will be no worry, complete with refreshing scent both for men (black) or for women (white). 

Now, I think you are ready to wear your on Black & White outfits without any worry, it will be prove that Rexona Invisible Dry will protects from yellow stain and white marks. Show your black & white style with your full confident to Rexona Fan Page to accept this challenge or you can go straight to ( to win and get some prizes. Good Luck fellas!


Images by Deluxshionist & Baniamir