TWENTY FIVE & I SURVIVED - I just got my little time to write to myself a very happy 25th birthday, you know I have been busy helping some else's dream to come true, so busy, but I really hope there is a part of their dreams that is also my dream, so it was one shot at a time.

Even thought it was not an Oscar moment, but I would like to thank everyone in my life.
For those who made me what I am today; typing in my Asus laptop, feeling grateful after checkout some stuffs on ASOS & searching online for a Comme des Garcons wallet, feeling happy but little bit sick and headache (I'm flu and I am tired working lol) and lol at my phone screen.

For those who does not believe in me, for my potential, you give nothing but (actually I am pretty frustrating facing these people but... thank you) thank you, it will actually be a chance for me to show how good I am, although you doesn't want to see me to (in fact that I could) be better than you.

Fomehow 25 make me so afraid of myself, I saw so many example that if you playing with your life you will be nothing, in the same if you take it too seriously you will be the same nothing, it might be the same empty, but the thing, it has not happened yet, most of it is tense, unpredictable, and mysterious, but over all I thanked God for who I am today. That's why, I just can say that I am 25 and I survived and I am ready to make a lot of story, very very happy story...

PS: thank you my sweet friend Febrina Hanisha for this super good looking silhouette 

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