January 2014

GREETING FROM LOUBOUTIN - It says, "May good fortune come your way this Lunar New Year", thanks Christian Louboutin Hong Kong for sending me this fashionable Horse shio Ang Pao envelope. So today in Chinese calendar, this year 2014 we are stepping into the year of Horse with element Wood and Yang, honestly I don't really understand but if you google it, feng shui about this Horse year, it will be good for my shio compared with 2013 haha.

But who knows the future? start the year with goodness and happiness, always thank to universe and give positive feedback to them. From me Happy New Lunar Year, Gong Xi Gong Xi & the last thing, I need the Ang Pao :)

"When live gives you doubt, take a break, take a breath, wear COMME des GARCONS" - Deluxshionist

MY LIFE UPDATE - We are living in a form of drama, there will be a drama coming to make your life move up and down, well I hate drama, but in fact 99% drama of my life was made by myself, my bad lol. It's simply like over thinking, over worries, compared myself with someone else's life -toxic-, and too much shopping. Yes it was me,go shopping but do not ever compared yourself with someone else, you will never be like them, so were they never be like you, you never know what they have been through, so were they, but I thanked God that I surrounded by amazing people, even some of them inspired me to be a better person to live my life more simple, my old friends from college often call me for a coffee and meet me once a week, simple but it make me feel alive. This post made for my reminder that my journey is still long way ahead, I still have time to achieve whatever I want to achieve, and to always be happy.

My personal voice for my readers, thank you so much for always keep coming to Deluxshionist, which is now I like to called it my lifestyle blog, because it's kinda like about everything, moreover now I am obsessed with traveling, but still no idea for this year, I just wishing beside my own trip that I will make this year, more business trips happen to me ;DDD from my job as an editor or as a blogger. Say Aamiin..... Oh and since it's a new year, I mean we are back to beginning, starting over almost everything, I quite believe that you have at least a plan for yourself, I found, if you don't have a chic jar to collect your wishes, maybe you can send an email to future you, I believe that wishes need to be written, if you think that write it down on your wall is a little too pushy, you better to write email to future you right now. Good luck...

Photo by Togechan

BUY HERMES BIRKIN ONLINE - You might know that Hermes leather goods considered as a luxury pieces of all leathers in fashion industry, some people even need to be in waiting list to have all these bags. Do the Hermes Birkin bags is on your wishlist? perhaps yes, if you ask me I am not quite sure that I want this bag or not, but if I have an opportunity it will be a medium Hermes Birkin 35 in black color, although there is men's version of Hermes Birkin that has been shown on the runway of menswear fall winter 2011, I think the mainstream women's Hermes Birkin way more chic. It is rarely featured on the magazine, because it's doesn't need. Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton and a lot more rich socialites willing to became a free walking advertisement for Hermes Birkin, so it could be the most luxury desirable handbag of the century, yet the price ain't no cheap seriously. Maybe that's why, you need on the waiting list in the first place, and to be in the list, only God and Hermes knows what you should do first. But.....

There are some online shops that you can check, make it more possible to buy Hermes Birkin onlinePortero, Vestiaire Collective, Luxe Designer Handbag provides range of pre-owned luxury handbag including Hermes for you to purchase without need to waiting, of course with cheaper price because it's pre-loved. The book of "Hermes Temptation" wrote "Hermes Birkin is the epitome of luxury handbag, each bag takes up to 3 weeks to produce and rumor has it, that it takes up to 2800 stitches to produce a single Birkin bag. The Bag itself earned its name from the actress Jane Birkin, who surreptitiously inspired the man sitting right next to her in a plan in 1984 to create a bag for her, Jean-Louis Dumas, the Chief Executive of Hermes. Birkin had fumbled her things when she tried to stow away her straw bag in the overheard compartment, complaining to Dumas that she couldn't find a good weekend leather bag that she likes, and Dumas took it upon himself to give her exactly that. The Birkin bag was actually modeled after a classic bag, the Haut a Courroies. Today the Birkin bag is available in several sizes: 25,30,35,40,45 and 50. It comes in various leathers including exotic groups. Classic colors for Birkin and Kelly are Rouge Hermes, Etoupe, White, Orange, Gold, Blue Jeans and Black. Other seasonal colors are updated each season to keep the Hermes enthusiasts' anticipation high. The hardware on this bag includes silver plates and palladium to ensure the bag's durability." 

HOW TO BE  A STYLISH GOLFER - Once I wrote about how sport influenced fashion and fashion influenced sport in magazine (written in Bahasa Indonesia), there are a couple names in fashion such as Gucci, Hermes which influenced by equestrian sport almost in every season and sports such as tennis courts and golf which its fashion very intriguing to watch day by day.

Golf, a precision club and ball sport in which competing players (or golfers) use many types of clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a course using the fewest number of strokes. It might be a bored game, but please you can't looks boring whatever the outfit you are wearing when golfing. I have no idea who started to look so preppy in a golf course, but it's seems very usual in golf competitions these days.

They started play with color, blocking, mix and match, even pattern and prints, not only bored white, black, or grey like in a suits. My suggestion you can play enough with colors, what I try to say is you need to still look elegant, without your caddy questioning what are you wearing. But the first thing to do to become a stylish golfer is learn from Luke Donald, if you don't get it, just copy his style. I do agree with his colors selection and his choice of golf attire, sometimes he wear pattern like stripes and a cardigan too, more over his body quite ideal, so the look actually looking good on him. It's might be kinda hard to look stylish, but the key is to choose the right pieces and do not forget that some high-end fashion label released sportswear collection, or you can search online like this stylish and practical jackets from Galvin Green and you can start being stylish.

Images Via Vugolf

WHAT'S YOUR INNER ANIMAL - I swear to GOD it's a Horse, I took the quiz last year and the result was a horse, because I am chill, easygoing, I have a straight neat hair and I am quite social, but I am not share it because I want something like cheetah or black snake or something edgy lol but the site down and went to maintenance, now it's back and I am not horse anymore, I am a red river dolphin. Hmmm I don't know what happen, maybe they are trying to say that I am a seahorse lol. Take a quiz just for fun.