"When live gives you doubt, take a break, take a breath, wear COMME des GARCONS" - Deluxshionist

MY LIFE UPDATE - We are living in a form of drama, there will be a drama coming to make your life move up and down, well I hate drama, but in fact 99% drama of my life was made by myself, my bad lol. It's simply like over thinking, over worries, compared myself with someone else's life -toxic-, and too much shopping. Yes it was me,go shopping but do not ever compared yourself with someone else, you will never be like them, so were they never be like you, you never know what they have been through, so were they, but I thanked God that I surrounded by amazing people, even some of them inspired me to be a better person to live my life more simple, my old friends from college often call me for a coffee and meet me once a week, simple but it make me feel alive. This post made for my reminder that my journey is still long way ahead, I still have time to achieve whatever I want to achieve, and to always be happy.

My personal voice for my readers, thank you so much for always keep coming to Deluxshionist, which is now I like to called it my lifestyle blog, because it's kinda like about everything, moreover now I am obsessed with traveling, but still no idea for this year, I just wishing beside my own trip that I will make this year, more business trips happen to me ;DDD from my job as an editor or as a blogger. Say Aamiin..... Oh and since it's a new year, I mean we are back to beginning, starting over almost everything, I quite believe that you have at least a plan for yourself, I found, if you don't have a chic jar to collect your wishes, maybe you can send an email to future you, I believe that wishes need to be written, if you think that write it down on your wall is a little too pushy, you better to write email to future you right now. Good luck...

Photo by Togechan

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  1. wow skrg toge-chan jd fotografer personal kamu bgt ya !


    btw i just noticed that i'm using the same template as u are, tapi ya kamu jauh lebih berhias sih! lol
    kebetulan deh kl gtu aku sekalian tanya ya
    sis aku mau tanya dong, itu yg bar di bawah header gmn editnya sih biar bisa jadi "about, contact" dll"
    aku udah mentok bgt

    niat mau komen malah konsultasi