April 2013


THE NIGHT AT W HOTEL BALI FOR TIMO WEILAND - Coming to Bali for inspiration trip with Timo Weiland & Alan Eickstein (, the very first report from my room at 4th floor directly ocean view (although I said I will show you 360 degree view at my room in fact it was not 360 lol and heavy hallucination by saying have a good day, I mean for tomorrow). I want to show you the room but for now just enjoy me talking random :).

INSPIRATIONAL TRIP WITH TIMO WEILAND + W HOTEL BALI + CFDA - My working trip after one year finally, and so excited that I will meet one of CFDA designer, Timo and Alan from Timo Weiland, one of young talented New York City designer. Meet the young New Yorker, working as a fashion designer in an inspiration trip in Bali? Interesting combination right?

I barely can't wait to exploring the trip and talking with them, and I just realized that Timo (the guy with the beard) is one of 50 Most Stylish New Yorker in 2011 by Style Caster, ok I need to see the rest :), but for now I am listing the question for them, do you have any question for them? see their work in their website and of course so happy will enjoy W Hotel Bali for a couple days.

Here's the video


GUESS WATCHES SPRING 2013 EVENT - Join me for tomorrow Guess Watches event at Senayan City for The Spring Collection Product Preview. There will be a Fashion Workshop, Trunk Show and also Mix & Match Styling games for you... If all the things goes on plan, I will be a blogger speaker for fashion workshop :). Sooooo guys, girls, ladies and gentlemen see you tomorrow at Guess Watches Spring Collection Product Preview event only at Guess Accessories, Senayan City.
KATE MOSS Smoking in Balmain and still look GORGEOUS

I DON'T WANNA BE A SMOKER, BECAUSE - (This post as a reminder for me for not smoking too often) As simply as.... IT WILL DRAINING MY SAVINGS. So today I bought maybe my 6th box of cigarettes, and start feel that I am addicted to those thing and it makes me worry because this is unusual for me. Let me tell you that I have some history with a cigarettes, smoking, smokers etc, by the way who doesn't? and but the worrying part is I never felt like this (addicted) before. Do I really need to smoke? ok I am starting ask a stupid question...

So I was starts knowing about smoking of course from my father and other family member, but I was not really curious about what they are really doing the with the paper, weeds and all the stuffs, until I saw the one left on our bathroom also with the lighter and that day was my first day I met the cigar, I was swallowing the smoke and my throat is hurt as hell, after that day, I never give any of my attention ever on a cigar, I am good boy then, never smoke, or drunk, or fighting, but I do the other stuffs, such as.... marbles?

Even after my high school, but when I start my first job on the offshore, that was my first day met with my field staffs and the first thing they have offer me is a cigar. Well, after more than 15 years traumatic of a cigar that hurts my throat, what do think I will say to them? I said NO, but I saw their face a bit disappointed with my rejection. They told me about the culture and lifestyle in offshore etc etc, so I was thinking about politics and my positions too if I still decided to not smoking at all, so here they are my first professional day as a smoker and it's happened for almost 7 months, because I decided to resigned, not a about smoking thingy but more that, let's skip that part.

So as easily I stop smoking, but in certain times, I do smoke again or as society called a social smoker (if you watching Mad Men show video in Kemang, they caught me in tape when I am smoking oh why) but it rare to happened until two weeks in a row a bought a box of cigarettes by my own money, and starts to worry about what I did. So I became a regular smoker? I don't want to be one, really :(, but I keep looking for cigar, especially in the morning before my shower and it is happening lately, four cigars a day, and I think I need a help already. SO this post as a reminder for me for not smoking too often

Why I don't wanna be a regular smoker, because:

  • SAVINGS: I started to saving my incomes early this year, if I became someone who spent a box of cigars a day? hmmm I am too poor for that, even-though I will not get a Prada either, but I don't wanna afford that in my life, everyday, even in my professional 7 months as a smoker, I was not bought any single cigar because it was included on the jobs budget. But how if you have a free cigars for the of rest of your life? see the next denial reason below!
  • SKIN FACE: No budget for this too, I am using a cheapest skin product in the entire universe (except it is sample for the review :p) for my skin treatment, but do I looks like 24 yo guy? do you think so? How if I too often smoking and look uglier than when I didn't smoke? - Placenta Facial, Gold, Coffee, Mud, Blood, Glass, no? what else Laser, Botox, Face Surgery, crazy stuff, well that's absolutely more money.
  • OTHER HEALTH REASONS: Great white smile (although I still drink coffee), red lips, good sense of tastes and smell, better blood flow, no bad breath or mouth odor etc etc... But why is Kate Moss looks still so damn gorgeous? I need more research!!!

Once again This post as a reminder for me for not smoking too often... Wish me luck


HOW TO WEAR PINK A TROUSER - on #AskDeluxshionist hmmmmmmm exactly like the picture above? lol. A friend of mine asked me after he saw me wearing the yellow mustard pants on the street "How could you wearing such a bright pants like that?" and I was like, boy...... just wear it and walk. I was wearing it with my green army jacket. It's cliche and (most of) men in this country are experiment-less with mixing colors, fabrics, cutting and then make a good looking proportion. In this case pink is soft, sweet and feminine dreamy colors whatever kind of pink it is, because there are more than 20 shades of pink in its color spectrum. So if you think that wearing the same color is too risky, then put something rough for the top and the rest.

Me personally, I am  not really into fuchsia, I love pink almost white at Givenchy or the lightest form of rose pink; for trouser or shirt that I am looking for at this moment (like this Dolce & Gabbana Pink Shirt). Because I have a lot of blue/navy clothes and an outerwear, I think they are a good combo, but you can see other alternative, even the classic twill jacket in brown is suits perfectly, then think about grey too. Add also some masculine details like cuff-link and watch with strap in black patent leather. It is also applies too other colors, like yellowish or greenish (in my opinion so far).

That is for jacket, for single shirt, white shirt is essential, if soft blue is too mainstream, trying flannel shirt in same ambiance or basic black & white stripped t-shirt. As my perfect example in the picture below, and also the type of shoes he is wearing, is worth every pennies for this spring... Sooo you may asking me anything about anything too and see you next time on Ask Deluxshionist ;)


Images via Trashness