January 2013

THE MOBILE STYLISH: ASUS VIVOBOOK S200 - Almost a month I am using my newest gadget ASUS Vivobook S200, the latest ultrabook generation from ASUS, honestly it suits me a lot, since I do judge something by its look, especially something that I carry in my hand, this laptop upgraded my look too. Yes I carry this in my hand, from one meeting to another meeting, one presentation to another presentation, starts a 2013 with a touch screen laptop? I am continuing impressed my client with ASUS Vivobook S200.


I need less than a minute after unboxing to fall in love with ASUS Vivobook S200; The look, the color, the weight, just loved it, then I started to explore what's ASUS Vivobook S200 provides. So far, I am enjoying my experiences using this Ultrabook. Pumping up your confident while writing on my article in coffee shop like the other mainstream Writer or Journalist, I am quite comfortable with the keyboard. Sometimes I scroll the screen not to show off, but it was catch so much attentions because I was scrolling the screen and flipping my hair at the same time just to make more dramatic situation, lol just kidding.

What the term that represent our relationship, me + ASUS Vivobook S200? While I carry this in my hand - it would be "The Stylist Mobility", wherever whenever. With the thin, light and carry-able also grab-able gadget, it provides me major portability, with only 11,6 Inch screen and 1,3 kg weighing, it's quite light for me and still gives a comfortable sense not only when I am writing on the desk, but also while I used to relax on the couch when I'm working on my writing or just jump to the blogsphere to look around.


My other mobile style must be involving shorts and a soft colors; D&G beige shorts with denim-ish shirt and the real denim gilet (DIY just remove the sleeve part), sunglasses, silver chain detail, old Vogue & all the things are match with ASUS Vivobook S200)

Moreover, Inspirations could come without warning, for some people include me, I need to write it down right away, and well, I'm still love to type on the keyboard. With Windows 8 as an Operating System and high performance with intel Core i3; easy, practical and of course improved my productivity. After all, my ASUS Vivobook comes in Luxury Silver, but you may choose another personality to match yours, you could be as strong as a Steel Grey or you could be as dynamic as a Hot Pink one? as you may see them here and then tell me your experiences with them.

WHAT NOW ON: PITTI UOMO 2013 - Winter is still winter, even in Florence, Italy. But now in here, it's become the place for the most stylish men on Earth (oh hell yeah). My point is I love this picture and I want this on mu blog lol, even there are not many colors appears in the street, include this guy who only wear the classic suit with yellowish details on his tie and scarf, but love his camel coat & of course his fashion gesture. I need to be there someday and I will take a photo as much as I can, yes I wish... I don't really know who have captured this picture, maybe Tommy Ton? But I don't now, I checked GQ website to see what Tommy Ton did for them, but there is the other photos but this, like I said, I love this one.

GIVENCHY SPRING/SUMMER 2013 AD CAMPAIGN - I Love the styling choice from its dress, accessories and the gesture of this ad, although it's seems less drama, No I think it's full of drama, I like I was said earlier; The dress, the eyes and of course the baby. 

"Riccardo Tisci has opted to feature friends in Givenchy’s spring advertising campaign. These include Kate Moss, Marina Abramovic, Mariacarla Boscono, José María Manzanares, Jared Buckhiester and Francisco Peralta. All but Boscono are appearing for the first time for Givenchy."

“They are people I love and who love me. It’s about family — something that is difficult to find in today’s world. It’s about real people, only taking the best of their personalities, with no effort,” stated Tisci.

Overall I only fallen for the first picture with the baby, but here is some behind the scene from Givenchy Spring/Summer 2013.

THE CORNER BEST SALE FALL/WINTER 2012 ON NOW - It may not one look sale, but if I have those money for buy this sale stuffs on it's price (most of them more than 50%), I'm sure I will buy it all haha. The online shop called The Corner, providing you with a range of high brand products, if you explore the site maybe you'll find whatever you are looking for, including my first six choices, and they are;

3. MUGLER | Long Sleeve Sweater, $698 (Available in Black too)
6. Filippa K | Beanie, $44

I love them all, and personally I love Mugler White/Black Sweater the most, loving the cutting and there will no probs if I committed to wear them in the street, but well I need my skinny body back first LOL

PIERRE BALMAIN SPRING/SUMMER 2013 LOOKBOOK - Finally after boring stairs scene of Balmain lookbook for 2012 collection, I think Pierre Balmain did it better, now in Spring/Summer Parisian Men chic comeback, simple lookbook images and absolutely nice look and not that boring. Based on these pictures I want them all, and that's lookbook all about. I love the matching polkadot suit, just very right, and look so good, I don't mind to wear them both on the street :) and they are already available here, here and here.

I love the scenery, I wish to make some this images in the future, deeper wish I want to do this in Paris lol, well even you can do this in Jakarta, chic collection no more, love Pierre Balmain SS2013. You can see the rest at The Fashionisto

Afternoon with heavy sun light exposure, enjoying my coffee while I'm writing, I need something cool, a big city retro cool to protect my eyes. Absolutely versatile, with a small wayfarer frame and small classic dark shade. I need new sunglasses, and I met him and he is unbranded, we fall in love LMAO. Classic things is an eternal beautiful, although in my first plan, I want something modern, bold, mirrored, like Wildfox Sun Classic Fox Mirror Sunglasses in Cream - Cream for my new sunglasses, but cheap? like ASOS or Urban Outfitters, well I will try again next time and for now this is enough for me.
ASUS VIVOBOOK S200: THE NEW BLOGGING WEAPONMeet my new blogging weapon: ASUS Vivobook S200. When it comes to gadget, maybe I am one of the people who judge the look first, well you know. After that love at the first sight with this Vivobook, there are a lot of suprises more than just a look.


Comes with 11,6" wide in grey aluminium silver color (also available in two different colors), this gadget is perfect combination of being high tech, portable and stylish in a whole one package. Let me explain the ultimate excitement in this ASUS newest Ultrabook; The intuiftive touch screen laptop that I am so in love with, it's not just about lifestyle or keep update with new releases gadget but also make your work & performances to the next level and even more efficience, it's fast, flexible and fun, I am sorry but I tell you you need this one. Moreover, it's equipped by Intel core i3, triple higher performances than previous generation also the latest windows 8 as a supporting operating system.


If you need one of the latest chic high tech gadget, this Vivobook absolutely a 5 star and perfect with my needs. Why not with touchscreen laptop, when the other gadgets such as smart phones, cameras, tablets have applied this technology, not near from now (maybe) we will live among the heavy touchy world; one touch and be happy. So in a short words, the very first excellence from this ASUS Vivobook S200 is "Windows 8 with Intuitive Touchscreen", you may ask me some questions regarding this blogging weapon, you can put some comments below and I will share my deep impression if you want to know more about this ASUS Vivobook S200 touch screen laptop, also I will reveal the other exciting things about this Ultrabook in the future post. All I have to do know is exploring more and more, touching, working on it and again be happy.

Nothing but HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 for all of us, wishing the blessed best year ahead. So how was your year? For me 2012, of course one step a head to reach my dreams, too many obsessions but I'm so glad I'm still survive. So much wishes and hopes for this 2013, but whatever it is I want everything I do is for the good for me, for you, for us and I want more accomplishment will come from what I do.

Beside all the things for my life, my brother going to graduate high school this year, I hope I can cover his tuition costs (amin) but the most important thing is he knows what he want for his future, so good luck for him, I will be here to see him chasing his dreams while I am chasing my dreams too :).

Sooooo wake up everyone, thank you for be there for me and Deluxshionist for whole 2012, I hope you still support me for 2013 :))) - HAPPY NEW YEAR & BE HAPPY

I spent a NYE with Ojan, Dira, Nick, Tia & Anam also Delano & Draco, I have no plan for any party so I was spending the night with Poker, Eating a lot, a bottle of white wine and snacking, we have tried to get closer with center of NYE party in Bundaran HI but it was impossible, so we go back to Tia's place and we saw a bunch of fireworks and we were yelling because it's make us happy lol. Poker time was awful for me, I had drunk 9 glass of mineral water (wooooooooo mineral wooooooo, of course mineral what do you expect?) because it's sort of rules for the loser and it works make me non-stop pee until 5 AM... Dafuq