August 2012


Polkadot Shirt - Jean-Cox | Floral See-Through Shirt - Vintage | Pants - Tommy Hilfiger | Oxford Shoes - Davu | Watch - Gc | Sunglasses - Gian Marco Venturi

UNDER THE SEE-THROUGH - I'm not saying that I'm obsessed with polkadots, but this pattern stealing my attentions. Since LVKusama, the polkadots project between Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama take over so many LV stores windows displays and some high end boutiques, we are already know this polkadots are fully supported to shining again.

SEA OF BURGUNDY - Fall is coming over there, but don't forget that we have Puncak etc etc kinda cold places here, so we still need a bunch of fall collection and now how about the color for fall?. Black? absolutely, Grey? check, brown? ok and please do not NEON, it will scare people around you, ya perhaps. So it always fun to see what's coming up, and realized that fashion always dinamic is more more fun, and now Mr.Porter present to you this rich burgundy to boost up your fall look. I have to say that Burberry Polkadot Shirt is my perfect favorite, swear to God we need that Alexander McQueen Leather Monk-Straps Boots & Ipad Case, I will not suggest you to wear head to toe burgundy, but it will always remain rich and vintage (for darker burgundy). Moreover Lanvin Velvet Bow Tie, Alexander McQueen Brushed Cotton Blend Jeans, Maison Martin Margiela Wool Cardigan, Anderson's Elasticated Woven Belt,  Illesteva Sunglasses, they are all, at least will save your fall look.
Absolutely need more holidays after Eid Mubarak's 10 days off, simply because I just need something new in my life, not as shallow as I need a new shoes or a leather goods, I need something bigger than that, a definition of a NEW HOLY.

So they says that, we will back to holy again after a full month of fasting, did I was back to holy? well, I don't think so, but I kinda feel like want to reset everything, OMG it is drama, so there is a point if we want or wish something that we better write it down, it could be like a resolution but you can say it's sort of self encouragement.

  1. I really wish and beg for forgiveness from all you my readers, if I have mistaken by anything I have said, I have written, I have showed to all of you or even the ugly look in my outfit posts lol.
  2. I wish for the good and the best for my fashion future, I will say to you God, that sometime I love surprises, I do, but sometime not everytime and I wish for your inner and outer blessings in every way for me, for my family for all of us.
  3. I wish for the improvement of my writing skills and my English proficiency both written and oral. Because I love my readers, I love to see them read my blog and share their ideology on every comments on my blog, ya you know "Wow Amazing" sometime is not enough, it's not even a comment, it's a copy and paste.
  4. Since I wished to be the next muse of Christian Dior ad campaign is absolutely joke, I have decided to pursuing Prada (?) ok I am kidding. I wish for the healthy me; mind, body, and soul - so I wish for you too.
  5. Last but not least, WORLD PEACE...


Scarf (as a Top) - Nazareno Gabrielli | Cardigan - Zara | Shorts - D&G | Sandals - Market in Yogya | Watch - Gc Watches | Sunglasses - Unbranded

A TOP SCARF - Can't wait for the not so long holiday in the end of this month, nowhere to go, but at least i will see my family then, I am still fed-up with Ms.Words thingy today and I really decided to write in blogger draft lol instead of Ms.Words. Feeling upset is just so bad, my body suddenly aching, my eyes hurt, totally the worst feeling.

But then I saw the other draft, other outfit post and it is so holidayyyy, with short, sandals and sunnies. So want to on vacation and shopping, OMG i just don't have any goal in life beside vacation and shopping? hahahaha evaluation i need evaluation, not only for this objection but the whole things in my life.

MESSY BED IS ALL THE WAY BETTER - Messy bed is acceptable than a messy hair or a messy look, but just right now, is a messy mood, shit always happens like I'm writing, although I am not sure what I'm writing about and it was a deadline, but come on, I just want to finish my works, words error or disconnected from server, ohhh I'm gonna... done with this.

it is so funny, I just need less than 10 minutes to blogging, to actually publish one post, but heyyaaaaa, when I moved to Ms.Office to finishing all my that works, it didn't works. So I just thinking that, blogger draft is better than - this post is dedicated as a complaint post to my error fucking Ms. words, my messy bed is 1billions better than this messy computer system etc etc.

MULTI LAYER METAL BRACELET - Happy Monday everyone, how was your weekend? I was having my full rest, just lying in my room and absolutely my laziest time, but at least it's recharged every monday morning. This is what I bought back in Yogyakarta like 3 months ago hahaha ok i know it is reversed, this post should be appears before I even wearing this on outfit post, but what I want to tell you is, men's accesories are boring and freaking expensive, but can't be denied the extra-something like this boosted your mood-look.

While your wrist of course bigger than a Venus, I am so glad that my wrist small enough to this stuffs and just like now, I am looking for this in the neck version and maybe need more than 50 layers, so gonna need custom jewelry made from Indonesia. EXOTICAAAAA FUTURISTICAAAAA

Peacoat - (from Korea) | Printed Shirt - Vintage | Jeans - Calvin Klein Jeans | Shoes - Davu | Sunglasses - Unbranded | Yellow Socks - Topman

INSIDE A PEACOAT - So this is Friday again, and it's time to revealed the Outfit Post, so I am wearing my dark purple wool peacoat, which is making me look slimmer, I have no idea its because the cutting or because its kind of double breasted jacket, but anything that makes me look like a Christian Dior muse or something Hugo Boss model campaign, absolutely will be my obsession. OBSESSION

TOP 3 REASONS: WHY YOU SHOULD DO A THRIFT SHOPPING - Voilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, this is it, the old vintage Maison Martin Margiela Army jacket that I bought only for Rp.55.000 and because it was rare to happens, i will share with you, that flea-ing sometimes not bad at all. Like finding a pearl in the mud full of rocks, this is a supreme challenge in the shopping, there are one or two, but i think my finding is not that bad.

And whaayyyy you should do a thrift-shopping?

BEST ON SALE : Maison Martin Margiela - After happy result on my last flea shopping in Bandung, I was checking into their website and found this jacket on sale directory, is EUR 1.065 50% off - EUR 534. Love the structure, their edgy-ness on its collar, slim fit arm, and how the way they play and put the main zipper, exactly like mine, only mine is not a brand new. Perhaps i will wearing this in the morning, walking around the town with shorts and slipper and cat eyes sunglasses, grab my morning coffee, with my dog, carrying Vogue magazine, feeling happy, ok that's enough, that's Carrie's life not mine LOL. So happy shopping my dear stylish people

DUKAS : THE MOTHER OF HEELS - Mamamiaaaaaa, this is showed up on my desktop right when i need something to make me taller lol. The thing is, I am not wearing heels or not yet, but look at this shoes, it have to be "Must Have" item for you girls. Came from Greek designer Dukas, all their collection are collectable items; started from various kind of heels, wedges, colors selection etc. Unconventional heels always stole attentions, at least your own attention to details make shoe designers spur their creativity to amaze all shoe lovers.
Top - Vintage | Sunglasses - Gian Marco Venturi | Purse - Playboy | Scarf (tied up in the hand) - Yves Saint Laurent | Shorts - DIY

EVERYTHING NEW - Here I am again, act like I am Sicilian with Dolce-ish top that I borrowed from my friend but my lovely sunglasses make me looks like a Chinese "koko koko" with the gun in the back. The top is looking so heavy but in reality it is so comfortable, quite cool and mild, great fabric, but still, there is no hope for Jakarta.

It's almost two years I lived in Jakarta, run this Blog, feel very blessed and stressed in the same time, thank God to lead me this way. Even my spirituals level seems decreasing during this years, doesn't mean God not loving me any more (I wish not, maybe)

BLOGGER SHOT - Just a quick spoiler from Deluxshionist, had so much fun doing some shot with other Indonesian Fashion Blogger Ario Achda from Mybrainmalfunction, Cindy Karmoko from Hippie Gone Mad and Marcella Caroline from Footloose & Fancyfree - very very good to see them and very nice to be in one frame with them, and since seems everyone taller than me & Cindy's feet are blessing, I am considering to have at least one hundred Jeffrey Campbell's platform (just in case), ok you are free to laugh ;p LOL

We will be on Amica Indonesia Anniversary Issue, so don't forget to get a copy on September 2012, I decided to looks only with basic shirt, basic jacket and basic shorts - we'll see, hope the results are good and all readers happy to see us act like super super blogger. Where is my Jeffrey Campbell???

Ps: Picture taken by Ivan Victor Lucas (Cindy's BF) - Thank you ivan :)

TO SEE & TO READ - Yaaaaaaa I know ok this is so late, but to found this in a real pattern, Houndstooth Pattern (no prints) and moreover no floral prints for a while, just so refresh me, although the pattern's size is too small and actually i need them to be larger, twice or triple larger must be good. So how was your weekend?

ME? I went to Bandung and made a thrift shopping and found 55.000 Rupiahs (actually i lost 5000 Rupiahs from the seller, and please dont judge me, it couldn't be any cheaper) Maison Martin Margiela Green Army Jacket HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - sorry, I am happy ;p.

Nothing so much to write on Monday, still on drafts box, while I am so agree that picture tells you everything, but it's still I want my visitors to be my readers, what should i do then? make a joke or something, No, just write, ya I am learning day by day to write and to deliver my message in english by this blog. Sometimes it's hard, the message will be different and your personalty sometimes doesn't show, ya english writing skills, i need that now.

Visit my blog, happy to see the pictures and read the writing, I will be happy as I won the bidding war to get the Maison Martin Margiela jacket, but wait, is it Masion Martin Margiela? o-owwwwwww, i will show you in the next detail post.

Jacket - Brooks Brothers | See-Through Shirt - Vintage | Shorts - Wood | Jewelries - Various Market | Silk Tie as a Belt - Celine

Another playing game with the new stuff and wear them inappropriately, no belt, there is a tie to use, so i use it. I don't know about this look, but i love the way I put those metal cuffs and bracelets all together; flat one, emboss one, classic chain one and multi layer one and one big ring was enough. Another friday has come, and about less than 20 days left to go untill the big day of Ied Mubarak, so for you, how is your fasting day so far?

AGNES B HOMME : PRINTS NO FLORAL - So my current obsession is all printed shirts but floral, whether abstract, monogram, classic, etcs. New In is Agnes B Homme, still thinking how to wear this, but most of them will covered by outerwear. Since it is full printed shirt, it will be cute if I wear the same printed trouser, but unfortunately, there was only its shirt, oh indeed I am prints lover, at least for now. How about you, what is your current obsession, share with me, please?

BEST FROM PEDRO FALL/WINTER 2012 - Wondering a very chic shoes that complement your sleek appearance than black leather shoes, oh and Pedro coming with this electric blue ankle boots this FW12. Not only act different, but also very neat with the 'well-dressed' look and of course took so much attention,  I mean after all that words, they need to be on my two feet ;P. *Oh he is damn good* *you know - the shoes*