Absolutely need more holidays after Eid Mubarak's 10 days off, simply because I just need something new in my life, not as shallow as I need a new shoes or a leather goods, I need something bigger than that, a definition of a NEW HOLY.

So they says that, we will back to holy again after a full month of fasting, did I was back to holy? well, I don't think so, but I kinda feel like want to reset everything, OMG it is drama, so there is a point if we want or wish something that we better write it down, it could be like a resolution but you can say it's sort of self encouragement.

  1. I really wish and beg for forgiveness from all you my readers, if I have mistaken by anything I have said, I have written, I have showed to all of you or even the ugly look in my outfit posts lol.
  2. I wish for the good and the best for my fashion future, I will say to you God, that sometime I love surprises, I do, but sometime not everytime and I wish for your inner and outer blessings in every way for me, for my family for all of us.
  3. I wish for the improvement of my writing skills and my English proficiency both written and oral. Because I love my readers, I love to see them read my blog and share their ideology on every comments on my blog, ya you know "Wow Amazing" sometime is not enough, it's not even a comment, it's a copy and paste.
  4. Since I wished to be the next muse of Christian Dior ad campaign is absolutely joke, I have decided to pursuing Prada (?) ok I am kidding. I wish for the healthy me; mind, body, and soul - so I wish for you too.
  5. Last but not least, WORLD PEACE...

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  1. I gotta say something for you too.
    1. I'm so sorry if I have mistaken too, if I had a bad comment or even "copy paste comment" (but if it was a compliment, that came from my heart, seriously)
    2. I wish god bless you, me and everyone in this world. And good luck for ur fashion future. (Even I knew that you're the most "hits!" Fashion editor) :P
    3. At this point I wish it for me too, I need to incrase my writting and oral skills in english.
    4. The reason I loves read ur blog is... You always makes a jokes like this one LOL. But I wish for your Healthy; body, soul and mind.
    5. Ooh GOD! The major point was taking! I expect for this too.

    Ps: think that I went too far, but if my comment too much, you can go delete this. :)

  2. seriously fahmy, i am smiling now :) - thank you so much for always coming and actually read, should i give you something after all this? lol