June 2011




These are some images captured by my amateur camera at the annual ESMOD Jakarta Graduation Night 2011, in the name of merciful GOD, this amazing event is so bloody hell crowded. ya i know, i am late but get real, you need more than just a tent and 'that' space for a such this crazy event, this is fashion graduation and i love to see all the students collection. By the way, good luck for graduated students, hope you will bring Indonesian fashion to the next level

For you guys, enjoy the pictures and wish all week long ahead will be nice to us :D

Painted Pattern Shirt Pierre Cardin, Washed Jeans Esprit, Parachute and Knit Gilet Mango, Boots Shoes Dr.Martens, Clutch Playboy, Foxtail Keychain The Little Things She Needs

Hello all my fashionable readers :D ( i will give a lot and heavy kiss for you all) hahaha, after holding breath for nearly 24 hours, because a very uber good news about Versace for H&M (and i have to hold it again for next 24 hours because is Indonesia and H&M store doesn't exist here #blaaaaaaaaah but it is still a good news by the way). The other stories are, almost done with all deadline and 2 days ago I went to ESMOD fashion festival at Pasific Place and after first show (Danjyo-Hyoji, Hapa and Jeffry Tan) i was in the random interview by one of "My Sudden Amnesia" media who asked about what gadgets you want the most right now?

She: Hello, can i have short interview with you?

Me: Oh of course

She: Ok, tell your name, occupation, and age!

Me: Herdi, Fashion Editor, 22 years old

She: (Tend to grin smile) what gadgets that you really want the most right now?

Me: May i have a better and rebelious DSLR camera?

She: Such as?

Me: Canon, 70 D (i dont even know whether Canon has released this series or not? hahahaha)

She: Why camera?

Me: ya, because i am a Blogger (hahahah serious) and i think, new camera is a good thing

She: oh really, what is your blog?


She: Ok thank you for your answer, can i have your pic?

Me: (Get real, take whatever you want) Ok, over here?

her photographer took my photos third time and then i just realized that i need more super ablity in photoshop than a new camera and instead of all, i need walking closet which can provide me the latest Dior Homme collection automatically (that is a real GADGET) and after then i asked my friend

Me: Wait, did you hear something? from which media she is?
My Friend: No i did not, i just heard that you want new camera
Me: Ok lets grab some eat
hahahaha stupid or funny, but the point is join this ESMOD fashion festival is so much fun for me, see fashion people around, yaa you know it is little fashion week and fashion week is always brings excitement
PS: sorry for that Martens over and over again, I'm on CSC (catasthropic shoes crisis)

Images Via Cision

GOOD DAMN NEWS... Get ready for this fashion attack, after Lanvin, Jimmy Choo, or even Elin Kling, this is time for Versace to have intimate design colaboration with Swedish brand H&M. Versace as one of the most leading Italian fashion house will intervene in H&M design for Fall/Winter 2011 collection. Oh my can't wait, i wish i will get the list of items and its retail prices, and i will straight talk to my mirror that i deserve to have one :D, saving your money and Good Damn Luck
Basic Shirt Topman, Jacket Salvatore Ferragamo, Short Wood, Clutch Utee, Boot Shoes Dr.Martens, Fox Tail Keychain The Little Things She Needs, Sunglasses Unbranded, & Silk Scarf Vintage

Hello blogsphere, i have collapsed, my mood collapsed handling something stupid with stupid people and now i become one of them, let sing Stupid song and Foolishness anthem #of the gods level of upset# <== MAKSA

Ok that my short upset story, I can not stand it anymore, so I'd better express here. hehehe this is my others photoshoot, wear my Ferragamo crop jacket, i love something crop nowadays but actualy i love everything as long as its FREE hahahaha #terGAGA-GAGA

Because some people sometime wonder if i wear some of designer items, honestly i can't afford latest collection, but i dont mind if i can have some of vintage items belong to my uncle aunty or my mother father or even my grandma or grandpa, its timeless and have meaning for me personally, besides I do not need to spend lots of money, this is what i call Hereditary fashion Recycles and dont forget about END SEASON SALE #thanks, but for other purpose of being fresh, fab and you name it, you still need retail therapy.

I use this look when I interviewed one of the young rising and promising Indonesian fashion designers, Nina Nikicio. its fun moment, i will tell you soon, right after the magazine hit the book store ;)
Basic Tee GAP, Leather Jacket H&D, Denim Jeans Levi's, Sunnie Guess, Tote Bag Affairs, Boot Shoes Dr.Martens

HELLOOOOOOOOO, I'm back after my 3M (Major Marketing Mission) and I'm seriously tired right now, After all fashion luxury, grooming products, liquor, resort, watches that i have tried approaching - all that i need is Balinese Massage hahahaha. Wish everything going fine and smoothly >.<

I have took some photoshoot and this is one of them, i will show you the rest, later on and for now i just wanna say thank you for "watching" and supporting me, I am happy people if you guys happy too, but if you are not happy, i am still HAPPY people hahahaha

I wish, and i wish for your fun weekend bicth and bitches, be a good bicth dont be tired bitch ;D #bitchessong

OK, see you all next Monday, i will do something fun for tomorrow, so do you, what will you do???
Sweater Esprit, T-shirt Reply, Jeans Levi's, Shoes SNEC for Deluxshionist, Oversize Clutch Utee, Bowler Unbranded

Oh god, hello guys, I'm back into blogsphere with my, my what? my photo #insignificant LOL oh and my complaints, whole week complaints hahaha. ohhhh is like forever im not open this blog, and now, I trying to remember *remember what should i complain* (time is 3:02 AM right-now) and I'm still forcing my brain #complain. I don't know, it is kind of useless hobbies or making me sleep sick because #another-complain of i have a lot to think?

i think, i need some-thing (change the thing into place or one or maybe Money) hahaha. Another thing that i have to think beside my dreams, my job, my life and lately i try to talk to myself that i have to make a change  in my life, but i need help. Last week is full of plan, short term plan or long term plan and my eyes opened about the opportunities that I've got is so big and i should be able to use it best as my best. Oh god i need sleep, i will write on the next post maybe, about my plan and my complaints hahahahaha

June, be nice with us. Amin

PS: oh ya this picture taken by @okinice and edited by @febrinahanisha, ehmmm ya im sorry to gave more work for you guys hahaha or actually i need tripod? i prefer you all lol