Painted Pattern Shirt Pierre Cardin, Washed Jeans Esprit, Parachute and Knit Gilet Mango, Boots Shoes Dr.Martens, Clutch Playboy, Foxtail Keychain The Little Things She Needs

Hello all my fashionable readers :D ( i will give a lot and heavy kiss for you all) hahaha, after holding breath for nearly 24 hours, because a very uber good news about Versace for H&M (and i have to hold it again for next 24 hours because is Indonesia and H&M store doesn't exist here #blaaaaaaaaah but it is still a good news by the way). The other stories are, almost done with all deadline and 2 days ago I went to ESMOD fashion festival at Pasific Place and after first show (Danjyo-Hyoji, Hapa and Jeffry Tan) i was in the random interview by one of "My Sudden Amnesia" media who asked about what gadgets you want the most right now?

She: Hello, can i have short interview with you?

Me: Oh of course

She: Ok, tell your name, occupation, and age!

Me: Herdi, Fashion Editor, 22 years old

She: (Tend to grin smile) what gadgets that you really want the most right now?

Me: May i have a better and rebelious DSLR camera?

She: Such as?

Me: Canon, 70 D (i dont even know whether Canon has released this series or not? hahahaha)

She: Why camera?

Me: ya, because i am a Blogger (hahahah serious) and i think, new camera is a good thing

She: oh really, what is your blog?


She: Ok thank you for your answer, can i have your pic?

Me: (Get real, take whatever you want) Ok, over here?

her photographer took my photos third time and then i just realized that i need more super ablity in photoshop than a new camera and instead of all, i need walking closet which can provide me the latest Dior Homme collection automatically (that is a real GADGET) and after then i asked my friend

Me: Wait, did you hear something? from which media she is?
My Friend: No i did not, i just heard that you want new camera
Me: Ok lets grab some eat
hahahaha stupid or funny, but the point is join this ESMOD fashion festival is so much fun for me, see fashion people around, yaa you know it is little fashion week and fashion week is always brings excitement
PS: sorry for that Martens over and over again, I'm on CSC (catasthropic shoes crisis)

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  1. I love the Pierre Cardin shirt! so different~

  2. awwww...kece amat mas? how was danjyo hiyojiiii???? love the clutch PLUS the foxtail! all the things she needs beda sama little things she needs ya, di?

  3. oh thanks (:
    I'm in love with your bag *-*

  4. Great photos, and interesting interview!!

  5. love ur pattern shirt , so cool :)

  6. Ahahaha , see, it was twice that we got the same "FABS" beside our birthday Herdi, so you're Fashion Editor??? no wonder great taste u have man! such a fun interview and great look as ever ^^

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo

  7. greta hat & shades! & the print on that shirt is really cool.x

  8. I like your clutch and I like the end of this story. lol :D

    Lucca Yoga

  9. Great style and your clutch is a must have!
    lee x

  10. You look amazing, love your clutch !


  11. Love the foxtail keychain and the pattern of your shirt kak! You just too cool!