4 THINGS TO THINK ABOUT BEFORE GETTING A TATTOOWhen you think about it, a tattoo can sometimes be a bit of a fashion accessory. Certainly, many people look a lot better when they have a tattoo or two. It’s a big life decision, but one that might work for you.

There are good tattoos and there are bad tattoos. To make sure you don’t end up in the second category, here are the things to think about before getting inked:

Will a tattoo work with your look?
What’s your own personal style? One of the exciting things about fashion is that everyone has their own unique style. As a result, yours may suit tattoos - or it might not. The clothes and outfits you wear could look stranged when placed against a tattoo. Of course, if the ink is in a place nobody can see, then it’s not a big issue. But, if you get something like a sleeve, then you need to think about whether or not it suits you. 

Does it make sense?
Be honest, will your tat make sense? There’s nothing wrong with getting tattoos that are meaningful. Some of the work by artists is insane! But does it makes sense to get something put on your body if it’s a joke or meaningless? Sure, places like www.counterpunchlaser.com offer laser removal to get rid of bad tattoos, but you’d rather avoid that in the first place. Stop and ask yourself if you really like the tattoo idea or if you’re just doing it because you’re bored. You’ll be amazed at how many people think something is a smart decision until their eyes open a few weeks later.

Is it suitable for people to see?
Realistically, you might get a tattoo that’s perhaps not suitable for the public to see. It could be an x-rated image, something quite graphic, or it could contain bad language. Can you walk around with this thing on your arm for people and kids to look at? Probably not, so be cautious of this when you’re getting a tattoo - think about the placement. If you want to show yours off, then it needs to be somewhat decent.

Is it colored?
Again, this can relate to the first question about if it suits your look. You may look really cool with a colorful tattoo as it goes well with your fashion sense. Likewise, you could look awful. If you wear a lot of blacks and greys, then it might make more sense to have a non-colored tattoo. This will blend in better with your style and becomes more of an accessory to your look rather than something that stands out. It’s up to you, and you can always ask friends or the tattoo artist for some help.

Getting a tattoo is a massive decision as it can alter the way you look forever. Ask yourself these four questions to figure out if it is a good idea or not. Also, they help you decide on what type of tattoo to get. This way, if you do get one, it will enhance your look!

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