FASHION IS GET EXCITING AGAIN - How is your quarantine doing so far? besides work from home, answering inquiries (still), and accepting cancellation emails, because I believe most of the people also canceling their travel plan (at least until June probably), there's nothing I or we can do, except hope for the best in this condition. The world is sick because of the pandemic (or exactly the opposite). I am breaking from my work routine, and back surfing on the internet to something I really passionate about; style & fashion.

At least for me, I found the old spark to enjoy fashion back to its place (although, along with a runway that offers the world some amazing looks like Dior in men's fashion, Valentino in women's fashion, and Margiela or Comme des Garcons for Avant-Garde ready-to-wear look. At least, that's my way copping with this uncertain condition, while keeping up with the pressure to earn money every month, it makes me beyond exhausting.

But we found love in a hopeless place, I decided to channel this sparks into something more useful, not only for me but maybe for you as well. I created a page on Instagram, not necessarily for fashion only, but something we are collected and experiences such as places, furniture, art, or even technology to skincare, and for me, it's all luxury. So please you can follow the page @theluxury.collect

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I know for some of you this is not important, but we live in a community that worship consumerism, I hope in the way, this page will not only glamourizing established brands and designers but somehow can mix with supporting new designer (the independent one), even supporting to reuse a vintage item. Well I know this is like two different poles, promote a new item and the old one, but I hope this page can give you the inspiration to be more aware, that not every fashion item worth to buy (like, for me, AirPods cover and Celine Perfume cover is kinda stupid).

But ya, anyway it will be a nice movement, I also will share items worth buying, discount information, inspirations, or anything really to fill your wardrobe with some good fashion stuff, and last but not least, I hope we can go back outside and everything goes back to normal again.

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