SLEEPING WEEL - 6 TIPS FOR FINDING THE BEST ACCOMMODATION DEALSAre you going on an adventure? Well, you’ll be particularly budget-conscious, then! Right now, you’re battling your bank account at the same time as fighting your bucket list, and these two things are supposed to work in harmony! Alas, they do not always work that way, but that doesn't mean that you can’t find some spectacular deals on accommodation before you go.

Between the rise in travel apps and accommodation apps like PropertyGuru, finding the right place to sleep is getting easier and more accessible. There are plenty of online services available for you to find thousands of homes to stay around the world - all you have to do is go hunting! It’s so easy to get online and get a deal, but we’ve got some fantastic tips to ensure that you are making the most of them all. Shall we take a look?

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Tip 1: Book Early!

Everyone knows that the earlier you book your accommodation, the cheaper you can get it. The best deals are released far in advance, and there are so many more discounts and special offers floating around that skip the high-season price hikes. If you know you’re heading to a particular place during the most popular season, then you need to book as early as possible and sign up for email lists that tell you when the cheapest prices are released.

Tip 2: Look, Look, And Look Some More

You cannot just book the first offer you come across. It’s not that it’s wrong to do it, but if you can find the same thing just cheaper, then why wouldn't you? All you have to do is search to compare the best offers. When you do this, you will come across the voucher codes that you can use when you make those reservations. You can even find bonuses and freebies and you may even find hidden upgrades to the best rooms.

Tip 3: Pick A Rental

Your main goal should always be to save some cash, and a big way to save cash and get more space is to go self-catering and find a property that you can book that has more than one room. You can often get far more for your money when you go for a holiday rental than when you go to a hotel room. Luxurious villas come at incredible rates compared to hotels when you book at the right time of year. Sites like this often also use discounts at certain times of year to attract their guests, and this means you can save a lot more cash in the process.

Tip 4: Flip It! Book Late!

Okay, so this goes against our previous tip, but hear us out! There are a ton of last-minute deals of which you can take advantage, and these are going to be the type that you can book whenever you want. Plenty of hotels and airlines will be looking to get rid of their empty spaces ASAP, and if you wait until the last minute, you can get an awesome deal. Of course, you’re running the risk they won’t have the space you want, but still! Often, the last-minute deals are available for the same day you’re looking to travel. 

Tip 5: Go Secret!

Oh, this is a good one. There are so many different apps that offer secret deals. You’ll get to book a room in a hotel, but you have no idea which one! They come with fab discounts around the world, so if you’re looking to bed down for the night and you want a cheap deal, then seeking these out is a great idea.

Tip 6: Just Ask

Lastly, why not just call the accommodation of your choice and ask if they have deals? Sometimes, you can strike it lucky and there are offers going that haven't been advertised online or in apps, and these are the ones that you can really use. Traveling solo can also mean that you’re able to negotiate a better rate, and this means that you need to shrug on a little courage and call them up!

These tips aren’t exhaustive: there are plenty of ways that you can ensure that you get the very best accommodation. Shopping around for the right deals and asking for help is the first step, and you can prepare to save yourself a lot of money while you are looking for your travel dreams to come true. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts, either - it’s important if you want that coveted deal!

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