2016 TOP NOTES - As I am looking back to my previous year on Deluxshionist Best of 2015, I feel (or I wish to be exact lol) that 2016 will be so much excited than I can imagine. I realized that I had pulled myself out from the hype from most of the offline events in 2015, not really because now I am based in Bandung, but more to know who really exactly want to support me so I can support them back, but that’s all about advertising and money. How about the other thing? Did I need to make a plan to be a better blogger?

Everyone knows that most of Indonesia’s Top Blogger have been monetized their blog since a long time ago, I also started it in 2012 (2 years after my first post) and it becomes something crucial for me to keep writing the content. Fashion, at the first place, is not a cheap topic, moreover, my background of experience were close with the luxury lifestyle industry. I had played with IDR 500 million Bottega Veneta briefcase bag made of genuine crocs skin, very fragile silk Gucci double breasted suit that once there was stylish accidentally been tearing it, scratched Giorgio Armani patent leather moccasin, almost pay compensation for some tainted Alfred Dunhill leather goods. All those nightmares, but thanked God, I worked full of responsibility, in short words that were my world, even though I prefer said a very good quality but yes that’s luxury.

But then I realized that I had limited myself in the word of luxury itself. I can make my own definition of luxury, even Offline is now the new luxury, and so you know that I love to be invited for dinner without bringing my camera or shot what I had for dinner, or very slow and quite times in the middle of rice fields without care so much about taking pictures, and today’s offline is a new luxury. But do not get me wrong, I love taking pictures, be presents in all the social media channels I am handling myself and note to myself that I should spread it more real-time.

It is Luxury to have a chance to visit new places, gain your knowledge, read more books, meet with genuine people, do new things, more good and deep conversation with family and friends, you never truly can count your blessing right, but there are goals to make and reach, so here they are my material possession wish and strategies in 2016 in blogging, here we go…

1.    New Camera
I still blank whether it would be a mirror-less camera or another DSLR, whatever it would be, it must be produced instant good photos. I always practice to use the camera since the first day of blogging, to look back to 2010, I still remember that I need to buy middle up DLSR to support my career in the blog sphere. Now in 2016, I need to change it, so this will be my priority on material possession wishes in 2016.

2.    New Destination
Even though there is no fixed schedule and I want the Universe to surprise me, it will not be hurt to wrote down my bucket list so I can remember why at the first place I want to visit them, although everything can be change depend on situations. Let’s says that I will choose 1 inside the country which are so many options, 1 inside the region of South East Asia, and 1 outside the region, and it would be; Bangka Belitung, I want to go back to Thailand (Hua Hin – Bangkok – *the bonus if I can pass the border to Siem Riep, Cambodia*), and Turkey. So we will see where I will go this year because I actually wrote them all in my notebook and hope everything is in one frequency.

3.    Content Creation
I consider to make a Youtube video, it would be travel related, so wish me luck. I know it will be very time-consuming, so I open the widest door for collaborations, calling all young videographer who want to add their portfolio or let’s creating something together, I am very welcome to contact me at [email protected] ;)

4.    Local Brand
I was thinking to work more with local brand, or, at least, will create a special page for them on my blog, but again will see, because there are a lot of difficulties work with local because sometimes it wasn’t mutualism relationship, they are struggling with budget marketing, but that’s all on my mind, I can figure it out, and will see if the readers like it or not, because why I try to focus on travel-related content, because it gives me more sessions on the blog, the market is in travel frenzy, even the fashion things that I need to feature must be when I travel, so it looks totally relevant.

5.    More Giveaway
Another travel related wish inspired by another blogger and social media celebrities. I think it would be a very good idea not only to share the story but also to share real experiences. It’s a good idea that worth to work on it, so the lucky readers and followers will actually have the same experience I got or just a little piece of the place I have been visited, so I wish the budget for this will always be there for this aamiin.

I don’t think it will be as easy as writing it down, but it’s definitely worth to try and from what I believe that when you write down everything the universe will work the rest, so we’ll see and good luck. If it’s all too much, I just wish for a better me who truly enjoy the ride of 2016 and to meet a bunch of good and caring people along the way, please dear God, aamiin.

Pic via Shesaidbeauty

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  1. definitely get a mirrorless camera as it is lighter and produces images just as good as dslr :) an happy new year!

    VVEEKEND 101

    1. Thank you Alita, I think so, I am researching about it lately
      oh happy new year for you too :)

  2. Fully support 4th point! its gonna be very hard but pretty sure it a big help and opportunity for the local brand / start-up :). Glad that there're people thinking about this

    1. Yes, I am happy to support them, support who actually ready to compete within the indusrty