DELUXSHIONIST BEST OF 2015 - There were good times to remember as December is the right time to reflect and look back. 2016 is only in counting days away and as I am entering the New Year, I also put some wishes and hopes in it. So how your 2015 was? How had they treated you? Mine was pretty awesome, I had so many times to think deep about what’s going on in my life, even it was not exactly I had planned to, but life had given me its surprises to the core of my soul in my own perspective.

I started my blog with my story as a keynote speaker at Pecha Kucha Vol. 20 Fashion Nation, which I talked about blogging and men’s fashion and my year end trip to Singapore and Batam. My 2015 best moment only when I visited Japan in Spring season in April and #ExploreBali sponsored by Pepsodent Travel Smart because they have chosen my travel hack tips and my travel itinerary, also followed by my luxury resorts hoping trip with my best friends around Bali, literacy trip to Ubud Writers and Readers Festival.

7 hours flight to Japan sponsored by Tokyo Rail Days Indonesia, where I went to Niigata to visit Gala Yuzawa Ski Resort, and Yamanashi Prefecture to visit Mount. Fuji. At that time, because I believe there is no coincidence in life, I was studying myself about the Angel Number and it leads me to know more about Earth Chakra. I have seen so many 11:11 number everywhere almost every day, and it also happened in Japan when in actuality I had missed a scheduled train to Gala Yuzawa, so I need to wait for the next train, we decided to stop in unknown station when the screen at the Peron told that the train will come at 11:11 and will go to the next station which was Gala Station, and I was like “Ohhh, so the angel follows me here, absolutely”, because If I didn’t change the station, I have no idea where the hell I would end up.

I was nervous for the next trip to Yamanashi because I need to access the Shinkansen at Tokyo Station. I was freaking out because it was so many people in Ikebukuro Station that morning (of course, what do you expect?). But the ultimate fear was I need to change 3 stations to reach Kawaguchiko Station, but all were good. I and my brother took the bus to see Mount. Fuji closer, but, unfortunately, the top of the mountain covered by dark clouds (very unfortunate) but I believe it was the sign for me to come back, in this trip I found about Earth Chakras and what’s the Mt. Fuji represent in it.


The Beauty Center represented by Mount Fuji as a Gate 9 from 12 Gates all over the world, that’s why the Zen wisdom was born here.

“Devote yourself to seeking the most beautiful truth. When you find this most beautiful truth in this Universe, become that beauty, incarnates that truth, and remember Fuji-san.”

Still no coincidence that I finally revealed the truth about myself, the beauty of the truth was the highlight; I suddenly got the truth about my life experiences from a couple years back. I might be delusional but to be actually sum up everything in one conclusion of life, the questions have been answered and it felt so much releasing. It was spiritual things that no one could understand but me, and that’s totally enough to actually understand. Lucky enough for me for the special mention from who listed me as one of 10 Top Bloggers From Indonesia, thank you ASEANUP :)

In August, Pepsodent Travel Smart brought me for the first time to travel to Western and Eastern Bali, left the Northern Bali as the only place in Bali I never been to. We are so lucky that Bali is only less than 2 hours flight (from Jakarta or Bandung), and back to Earth Chakras that Bali is the Gate 7 and represents The Purification Center, with the most Holy Spring surrounded by four mountains, Tirta Empul in Tampak Siring, Gianyar, Bali. How interesting is that? So it’s not too much to say that Bali is a holy land for humanity, when the positive and negative vibes vibrate in harmony, and I suggest you if the holy land of Mecca or the holy city of Jerusalem/Vatican seems too far, Bali is the choice to purified your heart, mind, body, and soul, very spiritual though ;p


From of those experiences, it was opening my mind of my travel direction, but it means I need to travel the world, but just don’t be so rush, your own life is a travel itself, the road you need to understand. There are so many hidden truths to reveal by yourself, and being the truth just to be your true self. Travel becomes so essential as I am aging, and craving for more real experiences in life.

2 month later, I spent a full week of luxury leisure trip with my friend and in November, stay for the first time in Ubud for Ubud Writers Readers Festival 2015 brought to me by the help of Tripanzee and Gagasmedia team, thank you so much it was a very different experience that I am so grateful to had it. Start the year by reading the Dan Brown’s Book of Inferno, that really mind-opening and closed by the Anthology of 17.000 Islands of Imagination from Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2015, I only have finished 4,5 books, not so meet the standard, because once said that at least read 10 books per year. I love books, moreover, 2015 is the year for me to back read a book because I have so much time to do so, we'll se next year ;p


You may see all those best moments were travel related, I think it is why people love to travel because it gives you memory, it gives you experience, it gives you a lesson to learn, whether you are a traveler, adventurer, tourist, pleasure seeker, travel volunteer, etc. My advice, just because you are an avid traveler who had visited so many places, it’s not your place for you to judge the first-time tourist. Whether you went to Mt. Bromo or Mt.Fuji, every travel would be different every time. Whatever you may choose to be, being responsible to it, do good, be good. WISH US VERY A GOOD LUCK IN 2016, I am writing a list of material possession I want to have and achieve in 2016, because a “New Year New Me” most of the time is an illusion and definitely bullshit LOL.

Special mention to that compiled the 9 most liked medias on Instagram in 2015.. even I don't own some of them, the pictures are owned by their respected owner. So see you soon 2016, start to live your life and good luck!!!


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