#DELUXSHIONISTREADING INFERNO BY DAN BROWN BOOK REVIEW - I just finished this book, and again reminds me how much briliant Dan Brown is. Still on the area of his expertise; symbolism, world biggest conspiracy, art, history, and bit of religion. I can say you people need read this book, not only can give you a goosebumps but moreover mind opener, because we could be in it, even no, we already in it, in the problem (or we are the problem), the global issue.

The story took a Robert Langdon (yeah you know), Professor of Religious Iconology & Symbolism at Harvard University, unconsciously travel to Venice Italy with his memory loss. The story really unpredictable at first, even the whole story unpredictable, very clever, stimulate me to think and guess the condition, the words really got myself travel behind the Langdon's back.

But the for me, although it's brilliant and made me speechless, the ending was quite anticlimax, but I think he hold the dramas. the anti-climax happened because the kind of the virus, yes the story is about Virus, but like I said earlier that it could be the one that you can't think of at first, because I think my brainwashed mind told, it could be the virus like in Hollywood-zombie-war movie. But the plot, how Dan Brown's picturing Venice and another great place in the end of the epic story, and all the details, I enjoyed reading this book.

642 pages in Indonesian Version, I read that Inferno will be filmed (or maybe released?) in 2016, the book thought me in spiritual way, very enlightened for my insight, the way I see humanity, and how I am so thankful and greatful for whatever I have now, but let me tell you, the core story of this book, could be happen to us, to your friends, to your family, to people to all mankind, or it's has been happened a very long time ago! #HappyReading

RATE: **** (4/5 STARS)

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