Comment allez-vouz? I am coming with a good news for you, a culinary slash french cuisine lovers. Actualy is a good news for a busy busy uber busy business people, but no, even if you are not busy it is still a good for you. So, i am lucky enough to had this experience by tasted a master piece by Chef Florian Lamelot of ORIENT8 at Hotel Mulia Senayan Jakarta- Unfortunately I am totally forgot to take a pictures, why? First, because the food are extremely good and second it is a good moment for have a good conversation, busy with your own camera, oh i dont think so, but thank god there are still a pictures to shared to you.

So there are 3 Menu Package you can choose, at the moment, I have decided to have Dugeness Crab Salad with Granny Apple Gelee, Celery Roots Remoulade and Avocado Foam as an Appetiser - so fresh and absolutely stimulate your appetite, the crab meat was cooked so well done and blended with a some sweet and sour from the Apple Gelle plus the creamy sensation by an avovado cubes, though i expect a more firmer on the Avocado Foam, overall its freshly recommended. Then i got Braised Beef Stew in Red Wine "Bourgunion Style", Pearl Onions, Mushrooms and Carrots - while the others offers too much wine or moreover in the form of red wine sauce, this main dishes offers you a tender and juicy (from the mushrooms) with a twist of the right dose of Red Wine - or if you want to have some seafood, they have Grilled White Snapper with Ratatouille and "Sauce Vierge" like one above. Then the dessert...

If you are people who eat a lot, Hot Chocolate Cake with Pistachio Ice Cream is an appropriate final attack. The sweetness of a choco lava is offset by a cake and the ice cream, so you can have the hot and cold, the sweet and the bitter in perfecto a whole package.

Corious about the Chef behind this beautiful dishes? You will not recieve certificate, but you will impressed and proud enough to have all this cuisine dancing on your tongue. Chef Florian Lemont perfected his cooking skills in Biaritz, having already delighted the palates of world dignitaries such as President Barack Obama, Prince Charles, the ever enchanting Catherine Zeta-Jones and of course ME Herdiana Surachman, the chance to serve. So this good for your business, have a meeting here, talking about a billion contract with the simple, quick and affordable way, yes compared with your revenue, 120.000++ - 220.000++/Person is 100% inevitable.

I had a good time, good conversation, good gossip with my Bistrot Lunch fellas. I guess i will see them very soon in something BOB fashion show at Mulia next week, will see and oh thank you for the photo in a classic elegant frame - SUPERB.

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    1. yes Giorgio, it is so comfortable to having lunch here, comfortable to talk :)

  2. Oh my word! The food looks soooooooo good and the interior decor is just perfect!! Nice editorial, I'd definitly visit if I were there.


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