Since I'm not-kinda-play-with-edit-person, I dedicate this post to birthday girl, Rachelle Veronica Kandou, very happy birthday doll...

So she is my co-worker as a lifestyle editor, her seat is exactly next to me and she is older than before now hahahahahaha *PLAK. I purposely made this photos post 60's because she like something classy classic or maybe 20's, how it is 60-ish enough? but no matter what, happy birthday to rachelle, wish all your deepest dreams come. First time i saw her, she was nice and reminds me a bit on Katy Perry face hahahaha, at least half a quarter of my conjecture is correct, European blood in her. Once i asked her to be impromptu model, but that's because I know she can and tadaaaaa her photo on magazine with Nikicio and Mikail Jasin, so girl keep fabulous. I always imagine that we, we yaaahahaha can walk around at Paris Fashion Week someday hihihihi, so sure that she will appear at least on the street style web hahaha and also her french accent is good, london accent too, so we are ready for 2012 hahahaha

So, by the way these pictures is when her birthday night at Potato Head Pacific Place, friends gathering, also with Ohjan and Tori, there is should be 4 extra guys, but they had gone ahead and suprisingly met with Jessica (third from right) from ETRO, and i just ask her about Milan fashion week hahahaha, gosh I really wanting to be there or NYFW for Diane Von Frustenberg, DIED. But that night was not for business, the place is cool but i am prefer Union at Plaza Senayan for intimacy, Pothead is too loud, we can't even talk, then we go to Kemang to have some Malayaaaaaaahahahaha, yakali di Kemang. We had outrageous laugh until nearly 3 hours, talk about life partner, greek pilot, vacation plan and a LOT --- then we go home, but not for me, i spent that night at Ohjan place, only able to sleep at 6 in the morning while people getting ready for Ied Adha pray. HS

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  1. Love that dress! Your friends are so attractive! :D


  2. yes, definitely Christmas mood.....