Wednesday, July 02, 2014

DINNER AT KARMA BEACH - I was likeeee.... Karma Beach

"I'm tired but I want to swim, so that I will more tired and then will get dinner, we need that!"
"Maybe cocktail? or cocktails?"
"Okay :)"

This is the reason why I did diet before vacation, eat anything that you want to eat (anytime) without any restrictions during vacation is essentials, so clean eating, diet, detoxification before vacation, is a must. Even accidentally, we skipped our lunch so dinner will be fantastic then.

There is two place in Karma Kandara that you can choose to have your dinner, and I see some people already have their dinner at D'Mare Resto, so I was thinking to have my own dinner at Karma Beach, they said I can have my dinner there, so we went down there.

At first honestly, I thought It would be quite scary to use the "cliff-lift" at night, but I need an exotic dinner and some drinks, well you can have it at temple lounge but dinner at the beach?! I can't resist. I almost felt so exclusive when I see the fact that we the only guests that at the beach that night. So we pick the spot that they called the beach tower, someone greeted us and told me that we can have dinner here, although she said that the Karma Beach is designed to be a 'day spot', but we still can enjoy the night here, why not? In fact we were not alone, a bunch of people were having a beach dinner celebration, yessss another wedding party at Karma Kandara, it was not a wedding ceremony, but only dinner at the beach, even the guests felt that romantic energy already.

I strongly believe if you want the intimate night outside your villa, come down here at Karma Beach at night, that's all my suggest lol, don't forget to reserved the 'Tower', 5-6 people, you definitely can make your own noise, or even just-us-two... Oh God I just want go back here lol


  1. That looked amazing! the food taste must've like a heaven


    1. honestly I didn't expect these kind of foods, but indeed the taste, feels like home cooking, the best part, I was enjoying the food near the beach on the night, the best experience yess

  2. Lovely post, great photography and looks like a great trip !!!


    1. Yaa I had a great time staying at Karma Kandara for this time trip

  3. Baru tahu kalau da Karma Beach, salam kenal ya



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