February 2014

BOOTS OF THE HOUR: JUUN J - Quick said that I need this in my life like right now at this hour, new manifest of Chelsea boots by Juun J. SSENSE come up to me with this email and I really want this shoes. The other choice of the shoes I want might be Saint Laurent boots but it could be more formal than Juun J, oh I still want this crazy Juun J, or  for you women you better going with this Rick Owens or Acne, like you know? in such a weather.

THE NEW DETAILS - Men's Folio Indonesia story starring model Jhonny Marcondes styled by Herdiana Surachman & Lonira Lolo for a shoot by Anton Jhonsen. Jhonny represented by VTM and Montevideo is clad in pieces from the likes of Raoul, Gucci, Etro, Comme Des Garcons and Givenchy.

After my first shoot Geek in Action, this spread must be my second work for Men's Folio Indonesia, time flies so fast, Happy anniversary Men's Folio Indonesia. I was joining this magazine since 2010 and re-join again in 2013. Of course there is a lot of space to improve, I am not perfect, I always develop and learn, and I hope everything is going to be alright. #Throwback

ANTI-AGING NOW - I learned something about how people use grooming products, there is no addiction happened when we talking about practicing 'beauty' ritual, such as washing, cleansing and put some night cream on your face, it's necessity, so when you changed your beauty or grooming products, as long as your skin type can adsorb the product without any problem and there is nothing happened but all the good impact, then go ahead.

That's why no wonder, I always change products, there is no big deal happened to my face, including this DDK product from Dermaster Indonesia (Crystal Clinic second line), available here in Jakarta. This is actually a range of anti-aging product, if you a 90's generation like me, you better start doing the same thing like me, feed your skin with nutrition, both from inside and outside, also do not forget sunscreen, it's might be annoying but it's very crucial. For you, younger generation, it's a good start to apply sunscreen and give natural nutrition from inside by eat healthy food.

In the meantime, I use nutritional cream and serum after I cleaned up my face, and the other liquid every night before I sleep. I couldn't give a before and after pic, but by the day when your age hit 40, I will be forever 21.

MILEY CYRUS FOR W MAGAZINE - Enough say that Deluxshionist LOVES this Miley Cyrus cover shoot for W Magazine March 2014, a bit Gaga a bit Stone, I don't mind if I have to do this kind of shoot because I just need two outfits and a bunch of accessories, really don't mind.