March 2013


WE NEED MORE HATS - This KENZO BLUE BRUSHSTROKE DOUBLE-BRIMMED CAP is part of the Spring/Summer 2013 Tiger Fever by Kenzo Paris, when I looked back that unconsciously I tend to buy something blue, so include this hat and the varsity jacket.. Kenzo successfully interpreted leopard print into something more 'wide', pop and contemporary. After its name rarely heard on public, Kenzo goods were pretty much seen on the Blogs recently, their sweater with KENZO bold logo, with the Tiger, Eiffel tower etc etc.

They are having collaboration with Van's for shoe and New Era for cap, with more affordable price to reaching wide audiences and new customers. Now when people giving their attention back to Kenzo, they showed up with unique design and most of them are lovable. But the road of fashion business is still a long way to go, keep it hot on the Internet and be good to the bloggers.

The sweaters and hats were showing everywhere, well, I am a sweaters and hats lover, I often wearing those items especially when sun exposing too much light but the wind blowing a fresh cold air, its Bandung like 10 years ago. I am not sure with Jakarta, because I am easily sweating, it will looks so 'ewww' if my hat sweat and wet, but this hat is so cool oh I can't help it and the jacket, this is the time for men to rock the leopard thingy :), well I still want the Givenchy's leopard... 

Textile baseball cap in tones of blue. Digital mock brushstroke pattern throughout. Zippered pockets at sides. Overlong brim at back. Tonal stitching. 54% cotton, 48% viscose available at SSENSE.

KENZO SPRING/SUMMER 2013 - Tiger Fever

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Would like to say thanks to Phoebe Philo from Celine, who brought a sexy minimalism back, and now we can see New York below latest messenger bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs. No matter which designer, as you may recognized it also in, well Hermes Birkin, but putting logos all over the place sometime is too old. Well yes classic is good, but clean with just a stamp well is not bad though, but perhaps it's must be something on its cutting. Black leather messenger bag from marc by marc jacobs featuring a buckle fastening shoulder strap, a front flap fastening, embossed branding to the front, a large external slit pocket, contrast fabric lining, internal zip fastening compartments and multiple slit pockets.

You can see other my new Men's Bag collection on my LYST.

SIKI IM SPRING/SUMMER 2013With a simple structure, colors, and all the things you can see, this collection need a short time to tainting our mind, well easy to absorb and memorable. As you know that black and white showed up often this season, such as several of striped, monochrome blocking, and printed graphics. Although the first time I saw it, kind of remind me to other great collections from Givenchy, Dior Homme, Rick Owens, Damir Doma, or even Yohji Yamamoto, but SIKI is SIKI, I love the previous season and this spring more.

Long wide skirt (as you might ever see on Sufi dancer), tunic and voluminous pants, definitely is a spiritual approach that SIKI trying to deliver in this collection. Titled Ghost Ranch, well after show might be you want your own “Ghost Ranch”, because all the male models were shirtless. But that’s could be a reason of the whole concept, something about softness, minimalism, simplicity, freedom and drama free.

Sisi lain dari apa yang orang-orang sebut dengan fashion. Mungkin ini yang disebut sebagai idealisme, artinya tidak semua orang akan dapat menerima dan menikmatinya, seperti Haute Couture namun ini bukan tentang kerumitan, teknologi material, atau bahkan glamor. Men Skirt panjang ala kaum sufi yang jujur saja sepertinya tidak susah membuatnya, namun ini bukan soal susah atau mudah, melainkan ini adalah alternatif dari fashion dan tren yang ditawarkan oleh label-label besar.

Dengan struktur sederhana dan tampilan warna yang hanya hitam putih saja (dan sedikit abu-abu), koleksi ini hanya butuh waktu sebentar untuk diserap sehingga mudah diingat. Warna hitam putih memang banyak muncul lagi di Musim Semi ini, dari berbagai motif garis-garis, bloking monokrom  hingga cetakan grafis. Walau sebenarnya cukup banyak koleksi yang berasa serupa, sebut saja Givenchy, Dior Homme, Rick Owens, Damir Doma, Yohji Yamamoto, namun koleksi ini memberi pilihan yang sederhana yang tidak diperumit oleh aksen-aksen yang sulit dimengerti.

Penentuan material dan proporsi pas bagi kaum adam. Bagaimana ‘pergerakan’ bahan dari koleksi yang dikenakan model diatas runway tidak berkesan terlalu dramatis seperti kebanyakan koleksi womenswear, tapi lebih ke harmoni tenang yang misterius. Seperti para ahli spiritual dengan tunik atau jubah, coba representasikan itu ke cara yang lebih muda, lebih bebas dan tidak menakut-nakuti.

MAGAZINE OH MAGAZINE - How I love a controversial magazine cover, recently I just made a board on pinterest, a board as a place to magazine cover that I love and of course curated by me, not only controversial in side of meaning but also creative in side of cropping angle and point of view. Vogue Hommes Japan, Dazed and Confused, L'Officiel, i-D, New York Magazine etc etc, moreover all the genius people behind all of this.

Being controversial not always in a sexual way or sex issue cliche, ok maybe not controversial but more to attractive magazine cover; meaningful, memorable, telling everything inside the magazine, telling people what's really going on and collectible. To see something beautiful, unimaginable, unpredictable, it's gonna be so refreshing. For some who love making a magazine, this is like a spiritual approach LMAO, you know idealism, satisfaction, personal touch etc etc.

I have heard that L'Officiel will come to Indonesia, L'Officiel Indonesia, well that was rumors since last year, but I am still looking for the true information, that's a good and powerful magazine, I love how their team make such a beautiful images and since 1921, it's really big. I hope so it will be here, I believe that we have enough talent to make an Indonesia's magazine industry so much better, or at least make a memorable creation through fashion images. Not only the magazine itself but also the local designers...

Talking about (new) local designers who produce ready to wear line. Do you ever think to make some samples and send them to a magazine? hahaha

Kalo menurut pandangan saya, sebuah majalah yang menjunjung statement kontroversial selain pada konten juga pada cover yang diusungnya adalah majalah dengan tingkat niatan yang tinggi untuk berkontribusi pada masyarakat, entah baik atau berdampak buruk, sebuah majalah dengan cover kontroversial selalu membuat saya penasaran sekaligus kagum, baik majalah idealis ataupun komersial, tapi memang sudah seharusnya seperti itulah sebuah majalah.

Atau tidak perlu jauh-jauh untuk memprovokasi, cover majalah sekiranya terlihat kreatif saja, sepertinya jarang ditemukan di negara ini, kalo covernya extraordinary atau bahkan extraterrestrial sepertinya lumayan juga untuk dikoleksi atau mungkin jadi pajangan di dinding. Tapi selain itu sebuah cover juga fungsinya kan untuk menarik perhatian orang-orang bahkan yang bukan pembaca setia, itu kenapa terkadang suka random atau terkesan berhalusinasi tapi artsy. Begitupun dengan penggunaan selebriti yang memang pada dasarnya meningkatkan pemasaran, tapi jika formulannya selebriti + artsy? Cover John Lennon dan sang istri Yoko Ono di majalah Rolling Stone Januari 1981 disinyalir menjadi majalah dengan cover paling populer selama 40 tahun terakhir.

Begitupun dengan isi, memberi informasi jelas, tapi informasi yang seperti apa? saya rasa mengapa majalah atau lebih luas lagi printed media yang butuh waktu untuk mengolahnya, sebaiknya isinya lebih dari hanya immediate release dan rubriknya beragam tapi satu benang merah, kalo difungsikan untuk informasi seperti itu, pilihannya kini adalah portal digital seperti blog, online magazine yang terintegrasi ke social media seperti facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, google+, linkedin dan semacamnya, duh banyak juga ya. Jadi kompetisinya sekarang di siapa yang paling up to date atau siapa yang paling menginspirasi, kalau majalah yang isinya sudah bisa kita liat dan cari di google, ya siap-siap saja untuk karam kaya kapal karatan membosankan, mana ada yang mau naik.

Wah rasanya jika satu proyek untuk cover power issue dan spread saja budget-nya bisa mencapai US$300.000, mungkin rela ya buat yang spektakuler (ini bicara fashion magazine ya), tapi kontroversial bukan berarti harus mahal, paling tidak memang ada modus dan arti terselubung dalam cover tersebut, bahkan jika hanya rentetan kata-kata, gesture tubuh atau bahkan properti yang dipakai, yang artinya foto bisa saja dilakukan hanya di dalam studio, lebih praktis tapi otak memang bekerja. Target market juga sepertinya tidak akan terlalu berpengaruh jika mereka sudah tau benar apa yang akan mereka dapatkan jika membaca sebuah majalah tertentu.

Tapi ngomong-ngomong kalian masih baca majalah gak sih?

Image via Thoughtscrawls
YSL Rubber Shoes

YSL RUBBER SHOES - And I was like...... this is a cool idea, while rain falling down and not in the mood for any leather shoes, because it is too precious to be dirty. This Yves Saint Laurent, yes it is 2012 collection by the way, with so many colors available and my choice is this blue or black, this is a major way out. With specific material using all over rubber as exterior and leather interior for comfortable matters, of course with more affordable price.

Talking about rubber shoes, it so reminds me when I was working in the field (hahaha again). Yes, safety boots for daily wear which is not stylish at all, when it comes to do my job such as preparing, executing and the most "rubber boot shoes" moment is after job, because you need to cleaning everything include cleaning a ship, big ship, an entire barge floor because so many chemical spills, sand, poison, foam etc etc oh such a memory.

Now, once again I want to wear a rubber shoes, but this time is Yves Saint Laurent (or Gucci or Vivienne Westwood - as seen on my LYST). Although in my opinion the YSL logo is better if made of metal, I just in love with the blue or black in the second place. Well, now we need a manual for "How to Caring Your Rubber Goods"

Shoe of the Day - YSL Rubber Shoes
Shoe of the Day - YSL Rubber Shoes

Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

PLAZA INDONESIA FASHION WEEK 2013 - This annual event of Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 will present you a Spring/Summer 2013 women'swear collections from their tenants. Although Plaza Indonesia's fashion brands is actually more than this, you may interested to see what is the latest fashion from each stores. Will be held from 20 to 27 in end of this month, let's guess that while fashion week running, there will be a lot of shopping discount, we wish right :)