Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Nothing but HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 for all of us, wishing the blessed best year ahead. So how was your year? For me 2012, of course one step a head to reach my dreams, too many obsessions but I'm so glad I'm still survive. So much wishes and hopes for this 2013, but whatever it is I want everything I do is for the good for me, for you, for us and I want more accomplishment will come from what I do.

Beside all the things for my life, my brother going to graduate high school this year, I hope I can cover his tuition costs (amin) but the most important thing is he knows what he want for his future, so good luck for him, I will be here to see him chasing his dreams while I am chasing my dreams too :).

Sooooo wake up everyone, thank you for be there for me and Deluxshionist for whole 2012, I hope you still support me for 2013 :))) - HAPPY NEW YEAR & BE HAPPY

I spent a NYE with Ojan, Dira, Nick, Tia & Anam also Delano & Draco, I have no plan for any party so I was spending the night with Poker, Eating a lot, a bottle of white wine and snacking, we have tried to get closer with center of NYE party in Bundaran HI but it was impossible, so we go back to Tia's place and we saw a bunch of fireworks and we were yelling because it's make us happy lol. Poker time was awful for me, I had drunk 9 glass of mineral water (wooooooooo mineral wooooooo, of course mineral what do you expect?) because it's sort of rules for the loser and it works make me non-stop pee until 5 AM... Dafuq


  1. I know i'm running to late for saying Happy new year to you however it's already a new year, rite.

    happy new year herdiana! after your long hiatus, finally you posted something on your blog :) seems like i missed your blogpost (i'm not lying) :D
    havva a blast year ahead. and go get your dreams! "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." :)

    itu lucu banget pake binatang2 gitu :p and btw, paragraf keduanya bikin terharu (omg saya lebay :P) you're such a nice big brother!


  2. Your site is looking great! Happy New Year to you too!!!

  3. Happy New year!<3


  4. happy new year :)




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