December 2012

WHAT I WANT FROM THE PAPILION THIS FALL - Well, look at the little black and the pink one hahaha adorable, well I want them too, but my first love is this Dries Van Noten Mohair Slipper Shoes so classy and cute - classute lol and it's suit with the PS11 medium messenger bag, so it will be plus strong. A lot a new collections, clothing and accessories also fragrances, just like I reviewed earlier, Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris: The Amyris and the cute stuffs like this, I don't know, are they beans? larvas? ADOREEEE

Are you guys done with the Xmas shopping? or it's still running? planning to give me some? you know ;P

[FROM THE ARCHIVE] Helmut Lang Accessories Spring/Summer 2004 - Browsing through the Pinterest and always find a cool things over there, one of them just tonight I found this amazing dress shoes and very pointy but still have sense of masculine. What I see today and so many shoes featured a metallic pieces on their shoes, well Helmut Lang did it back to 2004 and it looks so amazing compared to other mettalish shoes collections of this season. Not a fan of patent leather, except the form is slipper, maybe? But it's 2004 and still look so good, I mean by good is up to date, not referring to timeless because it's patent leather, but this is one of the best and like no other black patent dress shirt. We need more dress shirt in unique way like this.  

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So the event was a couple weeks ago, but never to late to lists my favorite things from Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2012. As you already know that the ultimate theme and story for the Fall Winter collections is Sicilian's baroque. The sexiness all over runway collections honestly amazed me, but unfortunately you can not finds so many black with golden baroque, but this baroque hat be my absolute must buy from Dolce & Gabbana baroque collection.

And this is my favorite look from women's wear, they combining silk floral blouse with the sleeveless tweed dress, the lady lace leather bag also beautiful, floral prints is so dramatic, yes you can not see so many baroque here, but maybe it depends on your request, the other options is the white laces. color block printed, or something soft aqua turquoise with golden baroque and some of them came with gems stone detail. Oh and the headpiece, very classical Italian rich touch, whatever you want, you can play beautiful with it, so lovely.

FASHION FIGHTS CANCER - I am so happy to share this to my friends in around New York. proudly presents this event and if I just be there, I really want to attend this event. So for you my dearest NYC fashionistas or anyone who actually care about cancer, love, and would love to care about each other, take your spare time to come by on Monday, 10th December at The Out Hotel 520 West 42nd Street NYC. You may get reservation first, email to and I wish all good for the event.

I was looking at and found this super cute handbag with the big gold pin handle on it, I just see it's as a simple brilliant accessories to carry, so lovely. Fashion for some people is how to get people attentions, you buy a sexy clothes, statement this and that or something looks expensive but a simple touch of humor on fashion always be something special for me and it can be anything from head to toe, but my suggestion just a simple touch not make it as a full humor, noted it.

Back to maybe 2010 when this pin explosions were wherever; DIY, Fashion Designer, on the some clothes, accessories, now I just want that big pin. I remember that the first time I see the big pin is when I saw it was worn by Christina Aguilera back in her live performance of "Impossible" song, that was a collaboration with Alicia Keys, very impressive song. 

Men's fashion in beyond is always be one of my inspiration, it's something that really exists in my personal style idea. I even curated some pictures in my Pinterest called BEYOND - Men's Style, one thing I know it's absolutely fun way to dress up. If I could categorize men's style into some of different style, it would be The Young Free Style, The Mature Sartorialish (Sartorial Stylish), The Twisted Beyond one and most of the fashion disasters comes from the twisted beyond style lol, but it's ok, it's fun you know. I can named some of world famous bloggers such as Pelayo Diaz from Katelovesme, Jay Strut and so many other, and I just love to see them.

 From there also I found all these pictures, a men's fashion spread for Essential Homme's November/December 2012 Issue. I love them; The Versace, LV, Burberry (that's all that I can recognized), I mean how many men outside fashion who dare to look like this? maybe not so many, but a lot of people I'm sure loving fashion, whatever fashion it is.

Earlier today I tweeted "Mirror-mirror on the wall. When will Condé Nast adopt me?", I was like really hope that it will actually happened to me someday, but after that I just think that career as journalist in fashion especially here in Indonesia, well I still think it's not something comparable with job as fashion journalist in US, maybe (so that's why, the top reason I really want to move abroad) I still have no idea. But the thing for sure here, fashion journalist is not worth paid (literally compared with the lifestyle and other job), I saw someone tweeted about being fashion reporter or actually someone who working for magazine will not be able to buy Dolce and then someone replied that tweet said that you can buy Dolce but if your freelance works did amazing income and the meanest tweet that I have ever seen my on timeline which actually said that he paid his driver more than journalist salary per month OMG that's so cruel, he was kidding or what? but ya that's the truth by the way, although there are some publishers who will give well paid for you, but Dolce? Uuhh that so hard baby, and it's getting harder if your parents aren't super rich like mine, because as I always said that I come from a simple family.

I don't want to buy Dolce every season (well that's a lie) because it was not my top intention, I want to be a good fashion editor with appropriate style that represent today's style (wow what's that mean with today's style), with simple chic writing that blown mind away, I always trying to be a better writer and very vibe thrill breathtaking echoing styling and of course travelling, I really want that. So for everyone who need help in fashion life in New York, and you need someone who can assist you, take me, take me out, I am that person omg.

It's officially that I am no longer fashion editor for Men's Folio Indonesia, the magazine also no longer published, but I heard rumor it will publish again and this time with different publisher, I just hope they will you know be a better Maga, since I'm in love with the Maga so much, but thank god I have this blog, and oh imagining living in the US, I definitely see the bright future on my blog, different here in Indonesia (still cloudy here) that still not aware about this blog kinda thing, the industry is still not open their eyes or maybe they didn't see me? lol what was that thought. I see fashion industry in US is really appreciated with the works of blogger, isn't it? I have to say sorry every times people want to send me a sample to be featured on my blog because a shipping cost matters, while some local brand here is really hard to negotiate about it, I mean it was like, you want take over my homepage, or take over my blog without involving me on it, you know like, but it's up to them though and the rejection is on my hand.

But before Condé, there is a lots of works to do, to have been through, to improved, to to to too many to, yes it's perfections. While I'm sitting and writing in the nearest coffee shop, omg I feel like a mainstream writer, if only writing on my own could paid me a Dolce, I will be more than happy.

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