May 2012

Ahhhhaaaaa this is so funny, when I'm not talking about fashion then I am turning into travel blogger and now making giveaway with the beauty product, I am so versatile. No I'm kidding, so thanks for Clarins beauty center who gave me a gift, but untill now I have not comitted to use lipstick although i love the title of Joli Rouge Briliant but i will do a face treatment. In the name of sharing happiness with my female readers. So here it is #DeluxshionistBeautyGiveaway - Clarins Joli Rouge Briliant lipstick (Range US$25 - 40). Ok awkward, but from the deep of my heart, I am sure that my girls are all beauty and willing to look beautiful, and remember kamu cantik cantik *mendadak chibi*. Ok, so if you want this Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant, there are a simple favor;
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So, after welcome dinner at Sakala, we went to the Bidadari Cliffside Estate at Nusa Dua for Gc Smart Luxury Night event. Introduced five Gc personalities as faces of Gc collections, they are Sigi Wimala, Stella Rissa, Alvin Tjitrowirjo, Ponco Setyohadi and of course, the official photographer of Gc, Pino Gomez. They are coming from any background of occupations, ya such an inspiring person for what they do.

WELCOME DINNER AT SAKALA - Cute name of SAKALA, after arrived at the hotel, Gc team please us to get the dressed up with white dress code and feel the ambiance of sunset at Sakala Bali. About 20 minutes from Conrad, this place wide open for elegant fine dining and absolutely romantic. I had so nice conversation with others media, talking about Bali while having some marinated chicken breast as main course, thank you my dear "one-table" friends from Bali & Beyond, Female, The Jakarta Post,, Jakarta Globe - we are all happy and of course thank you for Gc Team for this Sakala experience.

I am back from my duty and extended days-off, thank you for Gc Watches and Conrad Hotel for the beautiful view, we all are were there for Gc Luxury Event. Kinda won't move on, but i have to be back to this big city, a lot of work and i have so much to care about, they all are await. Also, come back again with Blogging and make some layout refreshment, bigger picture, clean, i guess so? how do you think? - But let us start with the fresh views, that i have got from the journey, i hope you enjoy yaaaa. Click click click

OMG...... I am such a good voice lover, and this duet performance was one of them. it is started to popular again among singer celebrity in United State, when jessica shancez sang it in final hollywood performances, although it is only me or not, I just feel that christina not in 100% of her power, but by the way it is won't hurt you to listen up to them - very good. Such a busy month for me, I just got back from Bali and saw the Vesak ritual at Borobudur in Magelang, Central Java and felt the peacefulness spirit in Amanjiwo which is a very nice resort nearest Borobudur Temple, all experiences that is good to share to you guys, I can not wait to share. Oh I miss you all - HS