Wool-Leather Peacoat - Vintage | Top Turtle Neck - UNIQLO | Leopard Leather Purse - Dolce & Gabbana | Cat Eyes Shade - DSquared2

MISS IT, THIS & THAT - Hello October, and congratulation for every fashion workers around the world (who passed this January under the blessed of  fashion goddes) and good luck for all the assessments after fashion weeks, tired but fun? maybe, uhhh we'll see.

Another fall in balcony style for you, featuring all time bold black, wild leopard and cat eyes. I love the two tones (in material) pea-coat which is vintage, heavy wool and synthetic leather, and i still love the combination, although in the same color. 
I was wearing this pea-coat for the Freemagz Indonesia photo shoot last month, can't wait to see them, is out now but not in my hand yet, but you can check it everywhere, Starbucks or any leading coffee shops, and I will check it soon.

How are you pals? I feel so miss you, miss your comment on my blog lol, kidding, no actually I miss almost everything in my life, although that you've got an improvement on your quality of life, but sometimes or for me, I just miss the situations. I miss the feeling when I started to do blogging, I miss my work before fashion (ok actually the salary), I miss my life in college with my poni-lempar-senggol-bacok, I miss do Math -____-",  I miss Men's FolioI miss my managing editor Kenneth Prahara OMG, my editor's life under him was absolutely safe lol

Not that sure but that feeling sometimes like absorbing and decreasing of this moment excitement, it is just me or there are a dozen of invisible Dementors around me? hahaha. Maybe I just need shopping right? or ice cream? or someone next to me when I waking up every morning? french toast and morning coffee together? someone who care, someone who always standby if I need something? someone who do the cleaniang in every bed mess? No, I dont need a maid 


  1. stunning outfit! been experiencing the same thing with you here :)) i guess dementors are flying around much in this town

    Pudding Monster

  2. I think it would be great to see your "poni-lempar-senggol-bacok" on ur next posting hhaha.
    I like ur sunglasses,btw.


    Fahmy Haryandi, "The Whisperer"

  3. I like Your new design Jacket!! awesome and new product...
    brown leather jacket for men



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