June 2012


Timepiece - Gc Watches | Shirt - Paul Smith | Cardigan - .Flair | Pants - Custom | Ring - Chatuchak Market Thailand

ANOTHER PATTERN - I am back on the first day of weekend and we are all hailing THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY and I presents to you my Outfit Post. I am totally understand that in this fashion slash style blogging world, outfit post is uber essential. I really want to express me as a fashion worker on it, pick a very good clothes, the best accessories, mix something that you have never seen before - put all the energy, time and all that shit MONEY to make everyone me happy as a living happy person ;p, because ya dressing up is just too much fun.

Oh well, this time I am wearing my favorite cardigan lately, it is Korean craftsmanship made, very simple but also a bit different on a collar. Its collar for winter but I am so into it, on the fabric side, no doubt it is a spring cardigan with no floral. The classic touch from the watch, the futuristic twist from its ring and the hair cut. We'll see we'll see we'll see, what kind of pattern that will hit my wardrobe???

Happy weekend guys, wish all the have fun coming to you this weekend ;) - See you very soon


Louis Vuitton might be your all time favorite, it is mine too, especially for their leather goods. Now, they are coming to us like this, the Louis Vuitton dream. its leather goods, sunnies, scarfs are very tempting in a form of artsy paper suits, absolutely smart way to products exposure. So there are five paper suit looks, deluxshionist's choices, come and take a look...


Borobudur trip was just awesome and amazing, so many thanks to my dear friends Ojan and Nicky who taking me in and having me, although only one day, we had a good time, very very nice 3 days off and for Okinice during the time, but there are some stories continue, i will share all to you include our #LuxuryVacation in Amanjiwo Resort, come back again for the story after a couple of posts. 

So this week is Men's Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2013 collection, I saw some collection from Zegna, Burberry, Versace, Prada, John Varvatos etc, and how was that? Shocking metallic trend brought to us by Burberry, and Versace with all the sensuality, and more colors and patterns in Ermenegildo Zegna, we are all happy???

FLYING LANTERNS, might be it is the most peaceful yet romantic moment of all this holy Vesak night, like me as a guest on this whole ritual, it is sure become very unforgetable and memorable time. We starts to enter the site at 5 PM, all the speeches and the wishes then all the monks was praying, spelling the Buddist mantras and walked around Borobudur temple, then spreading the lanterns soaring fast to the sky, nothing but beautiful...

Back in late May, when I went to Borobudur temple in Magelang, Central Java with my friends, just to be a living witnesses for a holy Vesak day. Yesss, I know, the Indonesian movie called Arisan influenced us a lot, but somehow it is more than worth to had an experienced and witnessed by your own eyes, your own soul, not only seeing this in the newspapers or magazines or movies - and my suggestion, wear white, it gives you dramatic feeling, I was quite sad and regret, why I didn't wearing white clothes :p.

It was extremely tired that day, because my fligth derpatured at 5 AM from Jakarta, and arrived at 7 AM at Adisucipto airport, check in at the Hotel, met with friends at his Hotel because the starting point at his hotel, and had Mie Aceh for breakfast (?) and then around 10 AM heading to Magelang, spent all day in Borobudur (if you don't want waiting that long, you can come after lunch actually.. or if you are staying in Yogya, come in the morning, get lunch in Amanjiwo Resort and chills, ready for Waisak at night). Looking around, taking pictures, eat, sleep and the night awaits - a night for a peaceful soul.


Thank God, currently I am working at the place with no requirements for their employees to wear any particular uniforms, so i can wear anything i want, but before this i did. For this look, they are mostly vintage or old collections, but do you think it is an old look for workwear? hmmm i don't think so. Although the brown jacket looks like a towel in your bathroom, but trust me it is better worn in a cold weather, ya I am imagining working when summer end.

In fact, in this look I am wearing...
Check check check... if you had enough with floral, this is the way out. Think about catch people attention, just don't be little too much. Kinda hard to kill it through the bag, but instead of showing failed shoes or over-act sunglasses, i really want to have this Kenzo tote bag. Canvas in check pattern and bold black leather is just so perfect, ya perfect, cheked all requirements of casual totes.

They said that some people see you from your shoes, i don't know but sometime we are man (*cailah), i mean there are not to many options in men's shoess. What all i can do is separate the formal one and the casual one, although i am still curious into high fashion shoes, but maybe not today. So my new in is brown lace up shoes from Pedro, quite in love with its lining detail, the sharpness of its poiting also perfect, and comfortable wearable. And again like people say, "Finding love is like finding shoes, people go for the good looking one, but end up choose the one they feel comfortable with" and for daily job too, comfortable is a must, kind of serious decision, but i tell you, getting angry more and more day by day because of what you are guys doing everyday is mulitple tired, it is absorbing and taking your soul the lowest level of humanity. Sometimes your heart is already open, but your head is think about another. So it is time to get a brand new shoes??? WORKING FOR SHOES #ShoeWhore

There you go again, such an exciting news from H&M. So curious to death that after collaborated with Marni, who will be the next guest designer for H&M Fall/Winter collection, and the answer is Maison Martin Margiela. While i keep wishing there will a chance and when time it comes for Alexander McQueen to collaborate with H&M. Never had a chance to have an item from Margiela, and I wishing this Avant Garde news can be others good news too. The other good news from H&M too is in fact that H&M will open their store here in Indonesia, based on their plan is this year. Hope so, and wish again the debut designer collection will available here too and the bloggers can take early advantages from it. I hope you guys are all agree *dijambak*

Porn Shirt - Vintage
Short - Wood
Sunglasses - Guess
Bracelet - Market in Yogyakarta

READY FOR ANOTHER BRIGHTSPOT PARTY - So based on schedule and invitation, i will attend 8th Brightspot market Grand Opening Party tonight at the new place this year, Gandaria City. So i have decided to wear this porn shirt, ya 90% possibility. At least it's time break for floral, we already have enough floral prints a couple seasons back, let's get a bit spontaneous with other graphics or prints, of course i still wear floral, but with light dosis. Really curious with printed pants, ahh we'll see what kind of surprises that we will find at this event. See you tonight Hipsters :)}

Just quick post for announce the winner of Clarins Joli Brilliant Giveaway. Full day meeting today, and a week ahead, i am so sorry. So based on result, congratulations to @nicetobeoki, who deserved one beautiful lipstick from Clarins - Joli Brilliant Giveaway. Thank you so much for those who support this little giveaway, this post hitting more than 2000 hits in holy one week although the contestant is below the number, i wish i can make another and bigger giveaway for you my readers, thanks for sharing via twitter and of course thanks to SEO :).

Once again, congratulation @nicetobeoki - i will contact you via DM twitter. Preparing something good for you all guys, please be patient :). HS