December 2011

This is only I can give for now, I wish for the best for us in 2012, has been so much experiences back to one year ago, when i have decided to reaching my passion in fashion, so much fun so much prays. Ahhhhh this is the last day but of course last but not least, i want bringing and giving you more fun to and in this Blog, so many thanks to those people who trust and support, thank you so much for the last minutes help with this style recap layout to @MohammadFiqih and @onlyonky wishing our goals is coming true (bae-bae 2012 jangan main gantung2an apalagi sampe jadi kering lagi, mari lanjutin ngayal babu demi menggalakkan #sehatsexy2012). Any feed back, suggestions, or anything, just simply email me to

And yes, i have a lot of plans in my head for 2012, since i just think that Google Friends Connect is not realy helping me to see your updated posts, so now i put more concern to BLOG-LOVIN-ME lollllllahahaha, its easy to access, easy to follow each others and really fast and awesomely comfortable to read, keep your present tracking, so keep in touch with me and do Follow DELUXSHIONIST Via Bloglovin (just simple click), and send me your link to, so i can enjoying your post which have been updated as well :)
But for now, i just to know your thought and opinion, which style do you most like? :)

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Last time i see the scarf with accordion texture is a scarf belong to my grandma hahahaha the another so wrong thing but is all about how the way you swiped it into another style, perfectly covered up your neck from the cold beside using fur. So im sure you guys are planning and preparing New Year's Eve party, so what is your plan? Click...

OMG i know this is so wrong hahahaha, see-through shirt which is showing a niple is an other obsession BAHAHAHAHAHA, blame Givenchy for this and i am officialy their victims, but i love Tisci's work, but now i crayyyahahahak because this post hihihi. This vintage and unbranded shirt save me from Givenchy obsession, it is far from G one but it is still see-through and floral.... Click for more

Just found this video on youtube, i know some of them are love too shows us weird poses, but it is rare to happen. I have some experiences with models, some of them are very quite and dis-flexible and the rest will make you rolling your eyes, but just like the most liking comment says that "This video makes girls pregnant O_O." hahaha superLOL

Beside Cartier an Hermes (yeeeeah of course if you can aforrd them), Calvin Klein Accessories is on my top list for jewelries, i love the way Ck appear in simple and futuristic way, lavish and bet it it will looking good even in next 20 years, oh my statment is making me happy hahaha. If you click Read More, you will know my Ck whistlist, make up my wrist and finger in a Ck way...

So, what i want to say here is just i have apply my casual plaid shirt with semi-formal blazer and voila..... OMG i am so layzyyyyy to write, i already feel Christmas and holidays, my brain in idle conditions right now. So might be i just will post the rest of the blogpost without text? is it good? but for sure i want my 2012 to come faster, let's counting down...

Dead Meat scarf available in LUISAVIAROMA is just like a perfect gift for Christmas, at least for me hahaha even tough i do not celebrate Christmas, but do yes for the gift hahahaha and you all already knew that i love silk scarf. The inspired Da Vinci painting (below: 1. The Adoration of the Christ Child and 2. Virgin of the Rock), ok but the painting is so amazing plus the disguised codes and symbols, OMG this will be mysterious scarf hahaha but in EDGY way :). Just LOVE IT, different but still European.

I just thinking that i am so addicting to silk scarf, and now I introducing you to my vintage Chanel, the base blue color scarf with double C over it. The fully motifs in silk scarf very helpful if you combining it with the head to toe in basic color, like what i did, i have been mixing it with black, oh well, who's does not? hahaha. Click read more for Drama ala ala... :)

Did you know my denim tote bag from Affairs? and when i see this Giorgi Fedon 1919 Mignon Denim collection, its just like a good companion for my tote. This Mignon actually a litlle case that is can be a protector for a hardware like mini Ipod, Flashdisk, even your jewelry such as simple rings, simple wristlet, and simple necklace or your softlenses. Italian hand made and orange as a frontline color which representing Giorgio Fedon 1919 just freaking fabulous. You want to know what is inside my Mignon? Click Click Click

Fed up more than 2 weeks for something basic is making me getting older - so fast, it's because i got angry all the way - all day long hahaha, but sometime we living in the drama, so just got angry and then get your night cream and Garnier face mask, but as if that was not enough, I finally instead did the crazy shopping, drain my ATM into half, i Died, is still 3rd December. CRAYYYYYYYYYING

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