November 2011

A couple months ago, yes months hahaha, I was interviewed by Astriani and Annissa, the girls behind The Blanc Notes, that i know their image as an Indonesian fashion street style blog / more or less represent the face of fashion in Indonesia. So here's the interview >>> Talk of the Blog with Herdi

Hey you all, I know you missing me? Don't lieeeeeee hahaaha. So how was your weekend? I spent my weekend in Bandung as always and 2 days with rain, double freezes, that's why i love winter collection. Actualy, i'm not gonna write too much, but i'm gonna tell you that last week i went to Pacific Place to joined Jakarta Fashion Week, but there are some disappointments during this event; guess what? i could not use my SLR camera, so what? is it better to use Nokia 3310 or even Magicom by Miyako? so i only have the video (ok it probably i will struggle with youtube start from now) but only for Ina Thomas's show and the video is ugly, beautiful dresses by beatiful designer but the video is ugly, it is just because lighting, that's the an other disappointment - and my complaints, making this post become so excessive and TOO MUCH hahaha... Click Click Click for pictures description :)

Once again don't lie, i know that you all such a freebies bitches hahaha, ok dont be angry because a good news already hereeeeee my fellow bloggers. There is a blog competition held by Lomonesia and you will get a chance to win the latest La Sardina Pattern Edition camera. Whooootttt? yes pattern, but the coolest thing is an instant lomoish photos :), so if you were obsessed by good photographs, spread lomoloves. Looking for more details click HERE

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Since I'm not-kinda-play-with-edit-person, I dedicate this post to birthday girl, Rachelle Veronica Kandou, very happy birthday doll...

Before the 10th over, i want to say Selamat Hari Pahlawan Nasional, 10 November 2011, thanks for all the sacrifices and your struggles for this nation. And now my turn to fight in the fashion world hahahaha, so i think everyone have a muse, Fashion Hero, who would you choose? me? Milan Vukmirovic & Taylor Tomasi Hill. Here they are......

I can't stand over the knit,hahaha but i always interested of something about Winter, heavy and warm fabric like wool, tweed and of course knitwear. Not only because i was raised in the city which have colder weather rather than Jakarta but i just love winter collection if i have to choose one. Something i have found in market in Bandung, is reminded me to one of the most lovely symbol besides Versace, yes i found bangle which the pattern of its surface, just like Givenchy's one. Take a more tour click click click....

Long time no post and I'm back to give you some Luxperience. Why i can give you all the experience? Of course because this RONZARO box which made my day.