February 2011

Buberry Prorsum studded leather jacket and Marc by Marc Jacobs striped sunglasess (Optik Melawai)

Pictures Via Style, Marc Jacobs
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BONDAGE BIKER - Hahahaha...during Men's Folio photoshoot is always fun for whole team..what??? OK for me ;D... this time is Spring/Summer Burberry Prorsum and this bi-monthly experinces opportunity, i have use to my guilty pleasure...why guilty??? because i can't buy it... Ok enough... BTW this exclusive leather jacket is so heavy, might be almost...hmmm i dont know,,,hahahaha but you will love this March/April editorial issue...

Picture and Video Via Style Caster

They are fashion designer, fashion editor, fashion stylist, photographer or even jewelry designer... Stylish people all around New York, they have sense of fashion, good fashion. i mean OK its NYC... i wish i would often to see the sights like this in Jakarta, at least in the fashion events...they are folded their pants, wearing boots shoes, blending material and love to see long-jacket...and perfect proportions of harem pants, that is what we called fashionable... more detail about this editorials interview, CHECK ===> Style Caster HS

RAOUL presented their Spring/Summer 2011 menswear and womenswear RTW collection in lively evening at Senayan City, 23 february 2011... this is some view from my spot... love that denim belt, shoes and i think maxi dress is beautiful :D...
That beautiful night, all alone in a cold...
But my heart, my soul and my mind is full with you...
Its make me warm...
That beautiful night, all alone in a crowd
I saw you, through the black window's glass
The greatest gift that i have ever recieved
That Beautiful night...
I am sad
I am safe
I am happy

Herdiana Surachman for his 22nd birthday, February 23, 2011

Thanks Allah and thank yo so much for those people who supporting me, loving me , carrying me, trusting me... all the positive and happy ing-ing me... thank you so all the reasons i live...

Photo Courtesy of Onik/Rebellionik
Edited by Kenneth Prahara

Endah N Resha, duo musicians from Indonesia that will make you get carried away with their music in positive way. Want to be HAPPY for what they have and they will do... they told us about their music, their fashion and their dreams... reach them on Character for Men's Folio March/April issue... for now an other their performance, cover song from Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back... Enjoy and play your imagination...

Video Courtesy of ghiankr

 Pictures Via Street Peeper

Found in Copenhagen, London, New York City and Paris... trend alert of this floral motifs will be easly eye-caught in this Spring, not only by women... some designers like Raf Simons, Jil Sander and of course colour player Paul Smith is making some space for men to wear their floral collection... Scarf, Shirt and even Totes... a bold alternative for you to make an other fashion statment... ;D HS

New fact, not all are new. a bracelet and necklace were found because of unloading the closet. The new ring is made of titanium-colored ornament comes with a black onyx stone. Seems mysterious, but that some impression that black can give. This save, classic and ever lasting... ;D HS

Burberry's Home at Senayan City, Jakarta

Marcell Siahaan, Ichwan Thoha & Marcello Tahitoe
Jakarta's Socialites

Models in Burberry SS2011
It is thursday night, when Burberry showed their SS2011 Women and Menswear in one night with hip music, guests and of course collection... forgot to cought myself on camera... i see some local celerbities, singers and some people who into indonesian fashion industry... what i love is studded leather jacket (indeed) and leather sandal...and what is a hip among socialite? still Hermes Birkin bags... that little made of Ostrich leather... BRAVO BURBERRY... ;D

PS: oh ya some outfits is in our fashion spread... keep looking for Men's Folio March/April Issue...we will bring Burberry to your deepest imagination ;D, so that you will be tempted to buy some hahahaha

Pictures Via F Tape

Using the quite colorful palletes, collection for Y3 by Yohji Yamamoto to label coloring enough to this fall. Still keep it simple and not excessive, the work of Yamamoto became one that pretty I liked for asian designer. but i have to admit that you have to more than this to bring it more elegan yet simple in fashion... it is so hard...i mean really hard :D... Love ya Yamamoto...
Pictures Via Street Peeper

Found in London, Paris, Seoul and New York City ... these four men brought diverse and freshness in men's fashion...I really wanted this one. Some labels like Gucci & Louis Vuitton showed their clutch collection for men in last Milan & Paris fashion week. Made of luxurious materials and high quality leather, clutch will make you look more powerful and different. By the way, where I can buy Clucth like this? hmmm - sounds cool if using it in the next Burberry show...hahahaha *wishing* ;D - HS

Last Wednesday me and co-workers have visited the one of hottest spot of coffee lovers in Jakarta... Anomali Coffee gives you purity and originality taste of indonesian coffee... Dark-choco Rum Latte(Double choco flavour with Rum syrup non alcohol) is the menu from Anomali Fushion that i ordered... in this case, im sorry to die that i just emptied directly the drink and forgot to take pictures hahaha.. yes indeed, all this to meet the needs of editorial... Add our knowledge about real Indonesian Coffee, wait for Men's Folio March - April Issue....

Hahaha lumayan lah, bisa ngusir penat pake kopi di sore hari... cuman bisa ngambil gambar segitu-gitu doang...abis keenakan nyeruput minum sih sama sibuk dengan wangi kopi yang enak banget... dan itu gambar terakhir jepretan Erwin Panjaitan... ya beda senjata sih sama fotografer mah -___-"... lebih lengkap tentang kopi... pastikan di Men's Folio edisi Maret-April...

Pictures Via Ftape

Well, watchout for this Swarovski Elements... they gives you strength of elegance and luxury charming... all of this shirts, LOVE for them... and this menswear collection that launched during milan fashion week last January, meet your desire to well dress-up... ;D

Brown & MarkerMotion

Farfetch, Topman & Zara

Hypbeast, Versace &
 Whichever you prefer? Galaxy printed t-shirt, People photos printed t-shirt or Luxury Logos printed t-shirt????

Video and Picture Courtesy of Vanity Fair

"For our 17th annual Hollywood Issue cover, Vanity Fair went back to the basics—no teenagers, no penguins, no (full-on) nudity, just the most exciting actors and actresses of the moment. Anchoring the front panel are Oscar co-hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco (himself a best-actor nominee), along with Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal, two of the most versatile, likable (and, yes, good-looking) leading men in Hollywood."

All the bowtie, tuxe, maxi or mini dress... they are ready to start the party...hmmm with that lion or leopard baby??? S for Stunning and F for Fokking Fabulous...
Pictures Via Modom & Fashionisto

Well, After Zara and Topman... This is time for Spanish fashion label MANGO to invade Jakarta fashion industry with their men's line HE (Homini Emerito)... Based on infos HE BY MANGO will be launched in this March with HE Spring/Summer 2011 Menswear Collection... you don't neet to envy women anymore because you can spend your money in Mango too... Happy Shopping...


Takeshi wears
Purple jacket Lanvin
Beige shirt (worn underneath) Diesel Black GoldScarf Salvatore Ferragamo
Red knit collar Issey Miyake
Leather shoulder piece, belt, necklace stylist’s own

On skin THROUGHOUT, Shu Uemura Painting Liner


Kentaro wears
Jacket Sand
scarf (his left) Diesel Black Gold
embellished strap (his right) Balmung
Belt Salvatore Ferragamo
Necklace Yoshiko Creation Paris

Sen wears
Striped vest Versace
jacket Comme des Garçons Homme Plus
zippered vest (worn under jacket) 3.1 Phillip Lim
gray scarf (HIS RIGHT) Sand
horn necklace Lanvin
Wallet chain (worn as choker) Y-3
Earring model’s own


Riku wears
Leather jacket (his left) Sand
shirt Salvatore Ferragamo
beaded top 3.1 Phillip Lim Scarf Pashma
Necklace QK9
Earring Yoshiko Creation Paris
Belt and rope stylist’s own


Yuusuke wears
Multi-Floral print shirt Jil Sander
Black-and-white print shirt (his right) Rag & Bone
Floral print Jacket (his left) Yohji Yamamoto
Scarf Mugendou
Necklaces and earrings stylist’s own


Kentaro wears
Beige jacket (his left) Hickey Freeman
Striped jacket, pants, brown horn necklace Lanvin
Gray cardigan (worn underneath) and brown-and-white scarf Z Zegna
printed Scarf Chichikaka
Belt Bottega Veneta
Cross choker and black horn necklace Floatin’

Photography Koichiro Doi - Styling Shun Watanabe

Pictures Via Kiteascat & Wikipedia

TRIBAL FASHION : FACE TATTOO - Tokyo Tribe, looks inspired by tribal people all over the word with their magnificent face art tattoos and also their outfits... the difference is they do not wear Versace or Yohji Yamamoto... very ethnic so exsotic... again japan did it... and for additional infos that the art of tatto-ing face, you can found it in every continent, except Eroupe maybe, Maori from Polynesia, Egypt and Niger from Africa, Indonesia (Borneo) Japan (Ainu people) Taiwan (Atayal) who live in Asia, Mayan and Ribaktsa from Peru and Brazil...