January 2011

Pictures Via Vogue Hommes Japan & The Fashionisto

One of the most favorite editorial is Vouge Hommes Japan, shades of the black and white photo that is always compelling, but no less with a full color photo with a artistic editing. Even Lady Gaga, in Vogue Hommes Japan Vol.5 dressed up like real men... Salute for VHJ...but there is another fashion magazine that get my attention because their styling art and unique of course,, Dazed & Confused Japan ;D

Pictures Via Vogue Hommes Japan

Love the shoes, that fly stud and made of wood jewelry and kinda out of the box... and this for Phenomenon SS 2011 of fashion label in Japan, as we know that people in japan living with their own fashion, even in Shibuya, Harajuku and Tokyo you create your own fashion sometimes contrary to the hip trends, making Japan one of the world fashion mecca...its design is not as grand as Givenchy, Versace or even Lanvin... but the Japanese-born designers like Junya Watanabe, Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto brought japan to the next level with their authentic colors and it's called PHENOMENON.

Video Courtesy of UsherVEVO

What? is that Carerra? hmmm make your weekend with this shake your booty "DJ Got Us Fallin in Love" by Usher Ft. Pitbull...

CONGRATULATION for the GOODS DEPT. which already got their new home at Plaza Indonesia, saw a lot of stunning shoes, clothes, books, and Music CD... and of course their Goods Dept. Cafe, is a quite perfect spot to make some noise with friends...hahahaha... Friday night GD Grand Opening was fully of young fashionable with desire to shop till drop. I couldn't attend the party trough to midnight, wanted to spend my rest night in Bandung... from now on Happy Shopping everibadeah ;D


RIKO, 25

Topi bahan katun warna hitam

Setelan bahan katun warna hitam
Atasan bahan katun motif garis

Skinny jeans warna hitam

Sepatu bahan kulit warna hitam

Tas bahan kanvas warna hitam


Kardigan bahan katun motif garis, sepatu slip-on bahan kanvas

Atasan low crew neck bahan katun warna hitam

Skinny jeans

Belt bahan kulit

Tas tote bahan Kanvas


Jaket bahan parasut warna merah

Atasan low crew neck bahan katun warna abu-abu

Skinny jeans

Sepatu bahan kulit warna coklat

OK... Khusus Postingan yang satu ini gw pake bahasa Indonesia aja...hehe "MEN ON THE STREET GIVEAWAY CONTEST" ... gw coba jelasin dulu sedikit, majalah MEN'S FOLIO INDONESIA sekarang tampil dengan konsep yang lebih fresh, sebagai bentuk perubahan ke format yang baru, Men's Folio juga menawarkan rubrik-rubrik baru yang menarik.. Nah salah satunya adalah Men on the Street yang menampilkan style pria-pria Indonesia di "LUAR" sana.. yang lebih nyata tidak hanya sekedar di foto fashion atau di panggung runway. Program ini pun turut mendukung perkembangan fashion di Indonesia ;D... Caranya???

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  2. INDONESIA only ;D
  3. Siapkan gaya terbaik kalian dengan mendapatkan majalah Men's Folio terbaru edisi Januari - Februari "New Order" untuk mendapatkan inspirasi gaya yang pas... Tapi ini sepenuhnya bebas, sesuai dengan kreativitas dan gaya kalian sehari-hari.
  4. Cari spot yang bagus untuk kalian mengambil gambar, tapi yang pasti harus tempat umum ya... ketika kalian sedang jalan-jalan atau sedang kumpul makan malam di Cafe... pokoknya bebas.. paling tidak ini membuktikan bahwa kalian memang berani tampil bergaya.
  5. Agar terlihat lebih jelas, lebih baik contoh posenya seperti yang di atas dengan wajah menghadap kamera ;D
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  9. Bakal dipilih 2 atau 3 pemenang... yang hadiahnya, selain foto kalian akan dipasang di majalah Men's Folio edisi Maret - April kalian juga akan mendapatkan salah satu produk dari L'OCCITANE .
  10. Terakhir, Good Luck Guys... Men on the Street untuk Men's Folio edisi Maret - April ini dibuka dari sekarang dan ditutup tanggal 21 Februari 2011.

*NB : Kalo ada pertanyaan atau ada sesuatu yang kurang jelas, bisa lewat comment post ini aja ya semua.. Thanks all... Good Luck...


Fashion Direction: KENNETH PRAHARA


Hair & Grooming: BUN LAY


All men's precollection and accecories Spring/Summer 2011 (Cruise Collection 2011) by LOUIS VUITTON...This first issue of Men's Folio in 2011 features new look and fresh air to initiate the year, with our new rubrics like X10, MIcon, MLeisure, Men on the Street and More... Check out Men's Folio FACEBOOK fan page and TWITTER ... January - February Issue 'New Order" out now in store and make sure you get the copy :D ...Very proud to be involved directly into fashion industry...

Video Courtesy of Lady Gaga Official

The theme of darkness in men's fashion into something that might be common and normal. But the classy black color gives the impression remains deeply mysterious, elegant charismatic and of course ever lasting color. One who raised this theme for fall collection is Nicola Formichetti, further highlight the "black" darkness on the Mugler runway at paris. He also showed exceptional touch in styling to Vogue Hommes Japan with a dark and brooding editorial... Promising BLACK can conjure something becomes more remarkable...

Pictures Via Ni-Ki-Cio

This Ni Ki Cio Homme Resort 2011 is take back simplicity of classic fashion...not as complex as her Femme Collections which is more into detail and unique cutting, but still gives the color in the Indonesian fashion industry, especially in RTW menswear collections.... Good Luck Ni Ki Cio ;D
"Fusing modern British style with luxurious Italian craftsmanship, the Men’s debut footwear collection has a Mod aesthetic with a hint of a 1960s Mayfair playboy.A perfect balance between classicism and Rock ‘n Roll style, this versatile collection covers several moods of getting dressed with more formal styles such as lace-ups, loafers, slippers and rugged masculine boots. Trainers appear in both subtle and more eccentric materials.

“I am thrilled to introduce men’s shoes to the Jimmy Choo world. My vision of the Jimmy Choo man is one who exudes confidence and style whether he is an artist or an investment banker. The first thing I look at on a man is his shoes.” Tamara Mellon, OBE Founder and Chief Creative Officer.

Available online from June 2011."

Source from Jimmy Choo

Lace-up, Hi-top sneaker, boot or ankle boot... Ready to run with a touch of Jimmy Choo in your feet... touch it and make your day #Blahhhhh... ;D

When You Love Someone


I love you but it’s not so easy to make you here with me

I wanna touch and hold you forever but you’re still in my dream

And I can’t stand to wait your love is coming to my life

But I still have a time to break a silence

When you love someone just be brave to say

That you want him to be with you

When you hold your love don’t ever let him go

Or you will loose your chance to make your dream come true

I used to hide and watch you from a distance

And I knew you realized

I was looking for a time to get closer

At least to say “Hello”

And I can’t stand to wait ‘till night is coming to my life

When you love someone just be brave to say

That you want him to be with you

When you hold your love don’t ever let him go

Or you will loose your chance to make your dream come true

I never thought that Im so strong

I stuck on you and wait so long

But when love comes it can’t be wrong

Don’t ever give up, just try and try to get what you want

Cause love will find the way

Video Courtesy of Younameitprods
When listening to the strains of melodious, blending between vocal, guitar and bass presented by Endah N Resha. Comfortable feeling lost in every breath, the quality of music that they offer is quite different from most types of music in Indonesia. Curious about their music? Insya Allah, this week I am going to interview them ...hopefully it will happen because i have prepared some questions... ;D

20 January 2011, (picture1) Jean Paul Gaultier, Rick Owens, Viktor & Rolf, (picture 2) Alexis Mabille, Dries Van Noten, Yohji Yamamoto, (picture 3) Louis Vuitton, Issey Miyake, Louis Vuitton.

Got futuristic black, long pieces of cloth, and again higher waist from Louis Vuitton in kimono knit cardigan...Paris day 2, showed simple yet elegan in elegant stitching...:D 

Pictures Courtesy of Clayton

Beside Amiri, Clayton is one of my fav blogger, with his music and fashion, he has stolen my attention. Get his inspiration from extraordinary people, from the great king Napoleon to king of pop Michael Jackson...for me his existence in the music world as well as bringing his sense of fashion to the surface just like inspiring...lookin around, you might get an unexpected inspirations... ;D... Happy friday, smell of weekend is getting stronger...

Lookin around, you might get an unexpected inspirations
Bottega Veneta, Costume National, & Z Zegna
Etro, Costume National, & Versace
Alexander McQueen, Roberto Cavalli, & Iceberg
Salvatore Ferragamo, John Richmond, & D&G
Pictures Via Style/F20011 Menswear/Milan

So, what do you think? Stand out from the crowd with yellow mustard or blue, and protect your body from extreme cold with fur or oversize?? From every line i choose that Z Zegna Mustard jacket with high waist and Iceberg Dark blue overzise... ;D