October 2011


Who the heck in this world are not tired? who is not stressed? Ordinary things such as work load increases, not only you but also your friends around you; you cray, co-workers cray, superiors cray, your boyfriend girlfriend all is MAJOR CRAY. I know what you need hahaha. Because I am a massage person, so the answer is the massage :D. I get two products from L'Occitane Lavande series which is amazing, especially its Body and Massage Gel. I have used it three times, which I feel is a kind of relaxation fragrance, cool, when its completed easily rinsed and also facilitate the work of therapists. My therapist says that it makes every massage that he did just easier. So good to relax on the weekends with a Lavande massage, have a try. HS

Fashion week always makes me excited and be a place where I can wear anything that I want to wear. See firsthand for the work of visual art from a designer must provide a sense of its own, meet friends with similar interests, see interesting people with different and total look and there is even a feeling of "made it" if a reporter asks you to be willing to take you and your outfit photo. Some of the photos I show you below are when the Men's Fashion Week shows at Plaza Indonesia and Lookbook Night a few weeks ago.

I think, I do not need to show collections of Etro, Kenzo, Jean Paul Gaultier, Zara etc. Because I am sure you would've seen it or get to, yet you see here are a few photos with a high level of our narcissistic soul (i know it's flat, i should take an expression class lol). Front row, wall of fame, even everywhere, the key is you must be familiar and close with the photographer, as simple as asking for and click. Fashion Week KW 3 has been organized by a shopping mall, a fashion show created by the IPMI much closer to the actual fashion week, which I mean “actual” is a kind of Paris or Milan, yes it is indeed the goal for all fashion people.

Jakarta Fashion Week will be held next month, a lot and so something, I can hardly wait and so glad that JFW committee to consider fashion blogger to involving them to this festive fabulous event. Pray for me, pray for my seat, pray for my look, pray for my camera, praying all the way and start please :). I found an interesting article from Yahoo yesterday, written by Joanna Douglas, she shares her views on some facts about New York Fashion Week, check it out "20 Things You Didn't Know About New York Fashion Week". HS

PS: in the photos are me @HerdianaHS, @Kennethprahara, @RachelleSpier, @nicetobeoki, @nimasayu, @jayakabajay, @febrinahanisha, @intanmeilisa and @AldyJT

GALAU is when your name engraved with beautiful fonts for a fashion show of your favorite designer, but you can not come because of declining health and could not even get up from bed. Nevertheless, god bless people who made this video , so you can watch and feel of Nina and her team messages for this latest collection. Enjoy watching and it was not a snake skin print at all. HS

Came too late for Marc by Marc Jacobs reopening store at Plaza Indonesia and the other day for Versace, but it worse, everyone had dispersed when I came to Versace, blame all this to my crazy computer and don't talking about traffic jam, it was as tired as my computer problems plus tried to lick your own elbow buahahahaha. Anyway, this brand is under Club 21 and i amazed with the crowd and celebrities, but i just took the one who smile at me only hahaha, like Chico something and his girlfriend Laudya Chintya Bella who carrying BIG burgundy Hermes clucth, Hermes bag is always everywhere, for me Celine please. So now you can have a bit fitting here because before this if i'm not mistaken MBMJ only provides a bag collection, i tell you that the dresses are amazing but you still have to wear it with an attitudes :). Happy shopping. HS


We need healty skin, do you agree? give me your voice. it is come to my mind when i am writing for Men's Folio's grooming column that i guess it is really true. "Because men dont get to hide the fine lines, wrinkles and dark circle behind Make Up", maybe you can hide behind Burberry's cape or Hoddies by Joe Browns but not behind Burberry Beauty or Dior make up (I love Burberry Beauty, the soft color is so something) it is must to be clear that we don't do over make up or even Botox hahaha, just step by step improvement and regularly treatment. In addition to the suitability of the skin with skin care products, materials contained as one major concern in choosing a product that they will use for their daily face treatment. Like the L'Occitane range Verdon containing organic plant extracts of Sea Bucthorn, Genepi even the Mint will be very fresh at all if it is used to counteract the hot Jakarta's weather. Inspired by the stunning natural fresh, makes L'Occitane always creates innovation. Two recent Verdon products consisting of a facial moisturizer containing SPF30 well suited to your current exercise or swimming, and eye gel form of roll-on that gives you freshness is also beneficial to revitalize the area to remove eye bags and signs of premature aging.

  "Because men don’t get to hide the fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles behind make-up."

I have a ton of behind the scene photos, maybe it looks like another photo i take when i go to shop, but mostly i get this when i make an interview for my editorial business. One of them when i and my co-editor rachelle go to bandung for make a coverage and editorial interview for Sebastian Reza, founder of SEBA shoes, im so glad that in fact im from Bandung too hahahaha :), but i need free shoes so that i can be gladder, OK. Hanging there so many casual shoes, formal shoes, even Paul Smith green suede and Docmar and TOD'S, so ok forget it. It is quite interesting because you can say Bespoke but the existing designs are cool too :)
Pictures Via Mr.Porter

Everyone is craving for leather, even in spring-summer or here major tropical Indonesia, but for fall it is such a must have item. Even some of local designer here in Indonesia, created something like leather pants or leather legging, they ignore the tropical wheather, the important thing is to look stylish to the max. In the world of fashion mostly leather materials turned to be leather glove and leather jacket in a fall season. i came accross Mr. Porter site and shopping lust suddenly attacked, wish for money hurricane hahaha badai uang *apapula* (no it is destructive), flood of money (i can't handle it), someone to transfer all his money into my savings (something stupid to think) or wish my money having sex in my wallet and multyply (-______-)". Deluxshionist's choices are Yves Saint Laurent leather jacket, Bottega Veneta croco belt, Mulberry gloves, Bill Amberg tote bag, & Yves Saint Laurent leather patent moccasin. My choices are so preppy and dandy, but they are for party, office hour, special-show-off-occasion and so on, but if you describing yourself as adventurer, that is totally different thing. You need more than good quality leather, they must so strong. Outdoor boots and casual leather jacket is will fit to you saw one leather jackets from Superdry, made of suede, great color and suitable for your movement as people who loves adventure. *continuing dream for Celine bag*

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If you are looking for night nuance's scent but still have a fresh sensation that make it suitable for daytime, i suggest you for BVLGARI MAN. I see this very elegan and masculine, soft is the key. Different with Aqua and the Extreme one, but Bvlgari always bring their character of every and each scent with memorable touch. One thing for sure, this woodish will give you a strong feeling of freshness notes in the first hit and warmness notes in the end. HS