July 2011

Blazer Balmain, Shirt Dior Homme, Trouser The Executive, Silk Scarf as Cummerbund Vintage, Shoes Yongki Komaladi
Hello Blogsphere, oh fucked up week, desperately in hell, better to write it up here than en up with rotten silly brain+heart, but still in July Excitements hahaha LABILISTIC, i have a lot to dooooooooooo this whole month GOD, my to do list is almost 20 points a day but im busy doing nothing, im not focus, full of anger and hunger, and for your consideration, "dont put hunger on the anger" is out of line DANGEROUS (bold, italic, underline and red that's mean chatastropic), the result is *look at my cheek, and look at my expression hahaha*, sometime i fell tired and bored, need vacation or doing something new, i dont know, i am 22 years old but i feel like 62 years old, so how pathetic is that, i am not move on since i lost my very blast $$$ income (oh come on, i still figure the way out) but the good news i loves what i do for my daily life, for now on keep on track, keep on what? hahah ya you know focus, smile, positive thinking, let the nature doing their bla bla, you can read all that on The Secret :D

Ok lets talk about fashion, back to the 2008 im not sure trends, with flexi-casual cummerbund, at that time ETRO is stolen my heart with their signature paisley and bohemian look. Black & white is good yet boring, so i play with my favorites vintage silk scarf, i am so sorry for the colors and i will catch that scarf better next time (read: i want better camera), oh at least you do not see me naked hahaha.

Little Story: Talk about fashion and Dior, i have a little story when i grab my lunch with all my officemates, it is ridiculous if you can buy a Dior but eat cheap food? what is a sin? lil-bit offended with this statement "You are so silly if you wearing Dior but eat junk food", so what should i eat? GOLD, or RUBY, what the hell you, tell me right now? unfortunately i just can smile and my wrath ingested along with my junk-cheapy food. After that, i tweeted about it, and tell the story to some friends, so that i can get other opinions on this matter. The conclusion is even Obama and Karl Lagerfeld eat junk food too, blahhh so for those close-mided-call-moron about this fashion and other, shut up your mouth and finish your food. But ok i received any input, but at least im not wearing Christian Dior Haute Couture while i eat Ketoprak.

That is my story with fashion with hunger and anger. I have to accept that all is still underdeveloped in Indonesia, including what these people think about fashion, but clearly, we need to appreciate ourselves, eat what you want to eat, and be a smart shopper.

T-shirt DIY, Short DIY, Outterwear Vintage, Outterwear as Shawl Vintage, Bowler Hat Unbranded, Shoes Doc.Martens, Sunnies Gian Marco Venturi

Hello blogsphere, another Monday with sleepy-sleepy hours and layzy-layzy hours, oh holy GOD i just sleep for less than 3 hours and must travel a distance of +/- 75 miles from Bandung to Jakarta on Mondayyyyyyyy, but keep it still exicited hahaha. So, I am a mobile person, love travelling, love to move from one place to another one and because of it i want a teleport ability hahaha and i think life will be easier but in the same time world in the state of chaos.

Another outfit post, this time the theme of street style and military at once. I combine a casual style with cream short, power on boots shoes, classic atmosphere on sunnies and edgy impression on outterwear and VOILA this is it, Military Street Style ala Deluxshionist #gampar but ya bowler hat is not for military hahahaha

Enjoy your whole week my lovely deluxshist :D

For the last 2 years, the biggest fan base for rising celebrity/singer/queen lady gaga in Indonesia, @ladygagaindonesia, who almost everyday tweeting about gaga and of course mentioning her, sending request to her to come to Indonesia in music concert for indonesian monsters. Two days ago she tweeted about her Born This Way Ball Tour plan, voilaaaaaaaaa Capital INDONESIA, but still don't know when she will come, the local promoters who will handle this, the ticket prices, venue (what i heard that gaga management has an own standard for this, should be able to accommodate 20.000 people). Based on info that gaga will do the BTWBall tour along February 2012 in Asia, so there is a time for extra saving, if in monster-ball ticket range between $100-$300, get ready for THIS HOLY FOOL Born This War Ball Tour in Indonesia, I'm afraid that the prices will be so bitchy.

Nah, menurut twitter sih gaga-nya emang ingin konser disini, plus para monster juga ingin dong dia dateng, tapi ada beberapa hal bangke yang bisa bikin jadi nyebelin; 1. FPI, 2. Promotor, 3. Bangke Thingy , kenapa? *buka halaman 2 *tentang penjabaran

1. FPI (Front Pembela Islam), ini sebenernya gue juga gak tau bakal berang atau gak mereka, cuman diliat dari selalu taunya mereka sama hal-hal yang mestinya mereka gak tau, mereka bisa menjadi ancaman yang cukup serius. Penyebaran melalui berbagai media mau gak mau pasti bakal kedengeran sampe ke telinga mereka, kalo udah begini harus gimana? masa iyah abis kita nonton gaga, terus kita dibacokin, ya ilah cuman nonton acara musik doang. Tapi kalo diliat dari suksesnya konser Kyle kemaren, harusnya sih ini bakal lancar-lancar aja yaaaa. amin

2. Promotor, ini emang agak bangke juga, kenapa? karena kan promotor Indonesia itu banyak, nah dasar-nya aja promotor biji suka ngerusak harga pasaran, ya terserah lah yah kalo mereka rugi, tapi awas aja kalo harga tiket diatas 5 juta *kecup pake setrikaan

3. Bangke Thingy, hal-hal lain seperti kalo konsernya weekday di Sentul pula, mari siapkan izin kantor dari jauh-jauh hari, jaga kebugaran dengan senam SKJ yang energik kalo perlu aerobik rame2 di Monas sama Viky Burki atau salsa sama tante Vena Melinda, gak lucu soalnya nyanyi Judas sambil meriang LOL dan yang pasti kalian harus nabung, buat beli tiket dan awas ketipu sama tiket palsu, jgn ketipu sama muka abang-abangnya #ngenes

Akhir kata kita berdoa semoga semuanya lancar, aman dan terkendali

Images Via Fashionising & Men's Folio Indonesia

Oscar De La Renta in 2005 and spring 2008, Gucci and Dries Van Noten in spring 2010 through their women's ready-to-wear collection raised indonesia textile heritage Kain Ikat and Batik. Now they reappeared in Burberry spring/summer 2012 and this time menswear collection, the shirt and pants on blue ikat print. So many kinds of batik and ikat cloth, almost all provinces in Indonesia have the characteristic of each. Latest picture shows you little thing about making process of Kain Tenun Ikat Tanimbar in Moluccas.

I think something about navy blue Mega Mendung, hmmm we'll see <3

Video Courtesy of ELLETVFASHION

Again, i smell something so Indonesia on fashion world, and now PARIS Fashion Week for menswear spring/summer 2012 collection, when Yohji Yamamoto use "DANGDUT" (one of the most popular music genre in Indonesia) as backsound of his fashion show. When the others use electro-pop, our dearest oncle Yohji present you loose and flyaway collection complete with lilting classic dangdut and for your info, more or less this dangdut song tell about women who mourn her love story, she suffered for love and the other song tell about women who glad have a musician as her lover, oh god.
Wikipedia said that "Dangdut is a genre of Indonesian popular music that is partly derived from Malay, Arabic, and Hindustani music. It developed in the 1970s among working-class Muslim youth, but beginning in the late 1990s reached a broader following in low class Indonesians, Malaysia, and the southern Philippines.
A dangdut band typically consists of a lead singer, male or female, backed by four to eight musicians. Instruments usually include a tabla, mandolin, guitars, and synthesizers. The term has been expanded from the desert-style music to embrace other musical styles. Modern dangdut incorporates influences from Middle Eastern pop music, Western rock, house music, hip-hop music, contemporary R&B, and reggae."

So when i saw this video, honestly i want to give my all laugh, of course, who doesn't? try to typing "Dangdut" on youtube and you will know the reason, but im glad and thank to Yohji. Given so many dangdut singer who often show in Japan like Ike nurjanah, Iis Dahlia, Inul Daratista, and others, yes maybe Japanese loves dangdut.

This video, she is Inul Daratista, one of the most controversial dangdut singer, because she has soiled the good image of dangdut music due to her goyang ngebor performances. Even king of dangdut, Roma Irama, does not recognize her name in Dangdut Kingdom and wanted to expel her to go out from Indonesia. So cruel hahaha and ya they are so drama. Now who cares? she has become so rich now, great job Inul.

Video Courtesy of yhadie69

PS: Dont forget to typing some dangdut on Youtube and Wikipedia :D LOL

Hello Blogsphere, are you in a GOOD hype? i hope so, back with outfit post, where you may be felt like De Ja Vu, oh yes i used this blazer in Esmod graduation night, which is in previous post.

I am so into fly, swing and loose textile, i mean i always love if i walk on side of street, then my jacket or cardigan like drifting in the wind, its make me feel so dramatic hahahaha. This blazer not really fly, but in under collar area, as you see, its like hang and separated, so if there is wind blow come through you, watch out with that one OLOL. I have plan to make my own "flyaway" top or outterwear, at least i have an idea on design, but its only for my pleasure hahaha, but wait, i guess, im no longer on Catastrophic Shoes Crisis, i made custom, 2 pairs and we will see on my next post :D #excitement-no1

Spent 2 days of my weekend at Bandung, met with old friends and do some have fun moment with them, shop, lunch, shop and dinner @DoubleSteak is totally made my day. Hope do you all feel the same, and full of spirit during this week, oh for me and other muslims, 1 month before fasting month Hoirayyyyyy #exicitement-no2

and not only that it seems like July will be so many surprises and lots of excitements. Amin

PS: oh ya, today is July 4th, Happy US independence day to you all my friend in United States, keep it on spirit.

Here they are, other pictures also my favorite things on ESMOD graduation night which was captured by camera. DRESS, look at first picture, lady with wrinkle mini dress and knitted shawl, colour choices is perfect for end of summer and early of fall, when leaves begun to dry up and fall, and i see some Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana influnences on it. Long white dress defines purity and just love when its come up on runway. Every students collection rasied specific theme, and the last dress is "Archeology", look at hat pieces, and the shoes, sufficiently explained? and i thougt that the designer using polymer or something rubber material for its dress. The black one with the student, hmmmm i think she is best student and got some golden something award because her achievements after three year of study.

What the top fashion house such as Gucci, Lanvin and Versace doing lately? ? yes, CHILDRENSWEAR. That night maybe around 10 childrenswear collection showed up. and it just too cute ;P lol, but it still too much, like on parade, but cute, super cute. and of course US, my co-editor (rachelle), our graphic designer (febri) and her friend (intan) and the superbusy girl (ratuvictoria) but thanks for all to enjoy that night with me, wish next year better and we can sit in a one row. LOL

PS: We are all late, and the spot already full of humans, so we are separated, me alone, rachelle alone, ratuvictoria alone, and lucky febri and intan in second row -_____-", but thank to GOD although i were stranded in 5th row, i am not suffer overheating attack, because im next to Air Conditioner (look at the picture) hahahaha